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Spam Not

Skunk Pharm Research blog site, is intended as a public information forum, devoid of brand bias, beyond what we develop ourselves through empirical testing.

It is not a platform for readers to market their proprietary products and denigrate their competition in article comment columns, but that issue has started rearing its ugly head.

I’ve started sending those direct marketing posts to the spam locker, and want to make sure everyone is clear on ground rules.

Ground rule one, is that no illegal cannabis products may be offered.  We don’t wish to be charged as part of any interstate “federal conspiracies.”

Rule two is that if your product is the goodest product ever, it is so for specific reasons beyond personal opinions, and it is those reasons that you are welcome to post.  You are not welcome to personally attack your competition or use demeaning epithets.

Rule three is that talk is cheap and truth is shorter than fiction, soooo don’t make claims that you are not prepared to substantiate with empirical data.

Rule three point one is that if it is  consumable, be prepared to supply the MSDS sheets as required by law, and any applicable certifications.  You don’t have to divulge proprietary formulas, but you do have to reveal what it contains.


How to Purge Ethanol from Cannabis Oil Using the CAT MCS78 Hotplate Stirrer by CAT Scientific

Well now, here’s a technique for removing ethanol using a hotplate stirrer, rather than a rotovape, which was developed and shared by CAT Scientific!  Hee, hee, hee, bon appetite!

Tattered Old Graywolf Retires Again????

Ah came to believe that you should retire as soon and often and possible, at a relatively early age, but it wasn’t until age 62 that I was able to comfortably retire from my professional career in industry.

Medical cannabis processing became a hobby, which blossomed into Graywolf, followed by Skunk Pharm Research with kindred spirits Carla and Joe.

Alas, next came time  creating WolfWurx with my son, then Pharmgold with partners to market WolfWurx designs, but ah’m happy to announce my 9-9-2016 second retirement from Pharmgold at age 73.

Hee, hee, hee, so far the time has been absorbed by Mom’s funeral, time with family over the hill and far away, and a vacation in WA DC marveling at the museums, as well as resuming mah dawg training and photography hobbies.

The best news is that it should afford me more time to play with Skunk Pharm Research projects and this site.

Watch this space for good things to come:

Royal Jelly

Hee, hee, hee, snicker, snark, snort………..!  Enter Royal Jelly!

A mixture of Clear concentrate and purified THCa crystals, stirred, not shaken, and left to clarify overnight.

Check it out at:

The Bad Boy is in Town

The essential oil extraction market using LPG solvents, has grown up around recovery pumps that get the job done, but are actually designed for refrigerant recovery, which is typically a much higher pressure process, so consequently the available pumps are designed for higher pressure than is required, which limits their volume out put at any given horsepower.

Many of ya’ll know the king of the hill, which is the Haskel EXT-420 pneumatic, which competes with 550 psi pumps like the TRS-21, 600, and CMP-OL electric pumps, but will recover up to 1145 psi and is rated at NEMA 7, Class 1, Div 1.

For larger, or multiple pot systems, the Class 1, Div II, 2 Hp CMP-OL-6000 is available at 2.9 cfm free air, and capable of 550 psi.

Soooo what about something seriously bad ass and more directly focused on our application??????????

Hee, hee, hee, enter the bad boy in town!  Pharmgold has coupled a Welch V-Twin BRP-1 hydrocarbon recovery pump, with a 2 horsepower NEMA 7 motor and control switch, to produce a NEMA 7 Class 1, Div 2, 6 cfm free air pump, which they protect with an inlet cyclone filter drier as part of the package.

Whoa, twice as big as the$12,000 CMEP-OL and about $2,000 cheaper, aside from the consideration that the Welch pump is built in the US of A, as is the motor and Swagelok fittings!!

If’n you’re running multiple pots, and have a system designed to run under 60 psi (100 psi max), check out these bad boys by Pharmgold at vaporhawg-at-assemblyvaporhawg2016-10-03-21-14-47

New Salk Institute study on the effects of Cannabis on Alzheimer

Lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu! Check out the latest Salk Institute study on the effects of cannabis on Alzheimer’s.

D Gold, author of Cannabis Alchemy

How many of ya’ll remember this?


When I professionally retired in 2005 and started my research into Medical Cannabis as a hobby, one of the best books I found on cannabis alchemy, was Cannabis Alchemy, by D. Gold.

It was the basis for much of my experimentation, so imagine my joy and amazement more than a decade later, when the books author, D. Gold contact us’ns at the Pharm to share amenities and chit chat.

Hee, hee, hee, it gets better!  After exchanging secret handshakes, and comparing secret decoder rings, D Gold agreed to share his observations with us, regarding the changes he’s witnessed since he became involved with cannabis.

Given that he published Cannabis Alchemy in 1971, we may infer that he did previous research before writing it, sooooo his experience ostensibly dates to before a large percent of this forum’s readership was born (present company excluded) .

To put it in perspective, even his book was published more than thirty years before I was doing anything more more technical with cannabis than making tricky little sneaker pipes or rolling joints.

Check out: