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OMMP Card Renewal

That time of year again, but changes for me this time.  Being an old geezer on medicare, I have twice been dumped by my personal care physician because medicare doesn’t pay but about 53% of market rates, and my newest one won’t sign my physician’s statement for cannabis.

Soooo I decided to follow my own advice and had my medical records sent to Portland Alternative Clinic, where they reviewed my records, performed an exam, and signed the statement for $120.

The goodest news, is that they pointed out to me that by including proof of military service, I got my card for only $20, vis a vis $200.

I’ve sent a number of patients there over the last decade, but my first time around and I was impressed with how efficiently I was processed.  If any of ya’ll ever need that service, here is the contact info:

Portland Alternative Clinic, Inc.

9045 SW Barbur Blvd Suite #106

Portland, OR 97219

Phone: (503) 477-5643       Fax: 503-200-1147

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  1. Ima Fishman

    Yay GW! ~ Keep fightin the good fight!! Things here in Humboldt Nation r gettin hinkey too! I dropped off the social boards, but still read your postings merci beaucoup 4 your pioneering efforts!

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