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Plant Turnover and Dipping Fixture

 Ever want to miticide dip a healthy sized vegging lady, planted in a 10 gallon pot prior to flower?

An associate wanted to, because she has a compromised immune system and didn't want to spray, plus wanted the better coverage and penetration obtained by dipping.

Here are some pictures of a device that I built out of available scrap, that allows one person to dip large ladies, planted in big pots!

By pivoting on the neutral center of gravity of the assembly, the plant is easily rotated and controlled with one hand while the other controls the hoist pendant.

The spreader bar above the fixture, allows the plant to freely rotate 360 degrees under the hoist.

Size it to fit what ever size pot you like to use!

Have fun!


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  1. Liam Morgan

    I cannot thank you enough for throwing this up almost right after my asking for a help resource on exactly this, skunkpharm rules!

  2. 650baquet

    Lol just happened to be looking at the QWET page and noticed the last post was about vacuuming and if you knew a good DIY vac chamber page. Then BAMB!!!! the next day you've got a DIY page up! GREAT WORK GUYS KEEP IT UP!

  3. ballsagnaftw

    So now having built a lil terp with 2x36" column purging seems to be a bottleneck for me. I came up with an idea. I have a commercial conveyor pizza oven at my disposal that has a low temp of 50c. The oven is around 48x36", and I was thinking I could find a stainless tray about 3" deep and put a sheet of whayever the best material is beneath it, line it with parchment paper and leave it hanging out a couple inches to accommodate flare fitting and vacuum hose... just want to hear your thoughts on it, I plan on purging after recovery to cut down on bubbles blowing up too hugh, but really want a vessel that can purge 12-15oz at a time and prefer the layer to be paper thin during purging, also equipped with a walk in fridge and pondering cooling oil then flipping it to throw back in oven and free up anything that may be trapped in the lower layer under the less viscous topside. Also, if you may know of a stainless tray that fits the bill, please let me know. Im going to start looking at what is available in the food servce industry, though I may have to make 3-4 smaller vessels, which wouldnt be a problem, I could just Daisy chain them on one pump.

    1. skunkpharmresearch

      I'm not visualizing how you are vacuum purging using a open tray? Could you elaborate? We do a full thin film purge in one shot, so there is no need for a freezer. It might be handy to cool it down faster afterwards, if you were running volume.

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