Haskel EXT-420 and 59025-3 Maintenance and Rebuild

For those of ya’ll brothers and sisters loving every minute running your Haskel recovery pump, except the hours are mounting, or indeed it has started to discharge out the fail-safe port, and you would like to learn how to rebuild them yourself, your ship has come in!

Dave Gordon of Haskel fame and glory, was kind enough to rebuild a EXT-420 that one of our customers exchanged, and Haskels distributor, HIS in Hillsboro, hosted us in one of their nice conference rooms.

Dashing Michell Ross was our video cameraman and did the editing, while this tattered old gray wolf did my part by eating the donuts Joe supplied, while periodically uttering encouragements, and commemorating the occasion with still camera shots that thus far we haven’t needed.

Hope ya’ll enjoy all these slick tricks as much as I did!  Pull up a chair, lean back, and enjoy this:  https://vimeo.com/150546479


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