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Making Cannabutter with Water

Using this method to make cannabutter will not only significantly mellow the taste of your cannabutter but will also allow you to make a Small Batch of infused butter even if you’re using a large Butter Machine like the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser or the Magical Butter Machine.

Give it a try and let us know how yours turned out!


RuffHouse Studios is a cannabis culture video production company dedicated to changing the stereotypes of cannabis enthusiasts by bucking negative stereotypes and promoting a positive representation of the growing community of cannabis consumers who are often maligned or marginalized in traditional media.

Matt Lamb founded RuffHouse Studios in 2009 to showcase the acting, directing and cinematography of a group of actors and movie extras who were friends due to their all being pot smokers. After getting attention on some videos about cannabis RuffHouse Studios shifted focus to the Cannabis Community and found their home and audience by taking a lifelong love of film and video and combining it with a lifelong love of cannabis. 




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