Centuria Foods and Phasex CBDA Decarboxylation Research

The folks over at Centuria foods, in conjunction with Phasex Labs, have been generous enough to share their data on process scale CBDA decarboxylation. They used our article on THCA decarboxylation as a starting place and were nice enough to send us the data they recorded on CBD to share with our readers!

The data is of 90 kg batches in a open 200 liter mixing tank at different time points and temperature parameters.

CenturiaFoods_Update (4).xls – Decarboxylation


Dissolving Acidic Cannabinoids for a THCA Tincture by CAT Scientific

Check this out!

Dissolving Acidic Cannabinoids for a THCA Tincture by Steve Gold


Wowza!  Check out what Dr Kate has been up to!

Introduction to a cold extraction method for hash oil that preserves carboxylic acid form of cannabinoids THC and CBD

By Kate Welch, Pharm.D


Emulsifying BHO and Vegetable Glycerine for E-Juice

For those coveting detailed instruction on how to emulsify BHO and Vegetable Glycerin for E-Juice, check out the report put out by CAT Scientific at:

Emulsifying Vegetable Glycerin and BHO for E-juice by CAT Scientific

Potential Fire Hazard Emulsifying Alcohol

Whooop, whoooooop, heads up for potential hazard!!!

The following caveat from the folks at CAT Scientific:

Hi JD!

I’m getting quite a few reports of folks using our Homogenizers to dissolve Absolute Oil in Ethanol. Our homogenizer drive units have brushed motors and the device is positioned right over the Ethanol. Given the temperature of the Ethanol while dissolving/homogenizing, 65°C, I think there is a possibility of a flash fire.

Our R20 Overhead stirrer http://www.catscientific.com/overhead-stirrers/overhead-stirrer-r20/ which has a brushless motor, is a safer device for dissolving.

Bob and I we’re wondering if you could post something on the Skunk Pharm Web Site letting folks know the potential dangers of using a brushed motor homogenizer and the benefits of an overhead stirrer, the R20, with a brushless motor for this application?


Rebuilding the Haskel 59025-3 and EXT-420

Hee, hee, hee, this should gladden the heart of all ya’ll Haskel fans!  How about a video of Haskels Western Region Account Manager demonstrating how to service and totally rebuild a Haskel EXT-420??

Check this out:


Rotary Evaporators

Rotary evaporators are one of the ways that fractional components can be distilled out of a solvent mixture, while minimizing heat input.

In is simplest form, rotary evaporation is a boiling flask of solution is rotated on its side in a hot bath, while under vacuum, with the vapors being condensed and collected using a chilled heat exchanger.

The rotation coats the inside of the boiling flask with a thin film, greatly enhancing film surface area and evaporation rates.

Using vacuum instead of heat also allows fractionally distilling fragile substances sensitive to heat, such as carboxylic acids.

By controlling the heat and vacuum level, individual fractions may be distilled off and collected at their different boiling points.

There is more than one company manufacturing lab size rotary evaporators, and the cheapest is not inexpensive, sooo we’uns decided to attempt a comparison of available offerings, to share with ya’ll.

Not just what is available, and what does it cost, but what is the utility at the margin, aka bang for the buck, because they also range in price.

One out of three success from our first round of importuning central suppliers for the loan of a test unit for impartial-pari-passu (IPP) (even, same/same, side by side) comparison with their competition, to share with our readership.

Hee, hee, hee, snicker, snark, snort, I’m pleased to report that Heidolph is proud and confident enough of their Hei-VAP Precision ML G3, to supply it and a chiller for our trials and sooooo, we’uns have been having our way with her at the Pharm.

She is a gaugus piece of precision equipment from zee fatherland, who gets extra points for being purdy to gaze longingly upon, but more importantly, she has been reliable and a joy to operate. A admirable quality that lingers in mah heart, after the honeymoon is over and the joy of her good looks wanes!!

More fractional distillation experiments underway, but check out Jules report on ethanol removal using the Heidolph Hei-VAP Precision ML G3 at:    https://skunkpharmresearch.com/evaluation-of-heidolph-instruments-hei-vap-precision-ml-g3/

Thank you Jules from Specialized Formulation’s for conducting the tests, as well as Rick from Botanical Analytics for lab space, and support.

Thank you Heidolph for sharing the ML G3’s charms with us’ns and readership! We admire manufacturers who are confident enough in their equipment to belly up to the bar for unbiased IPP comparison

We also still have offers out to other manufacturers, and if any more decide to join us at the bar to strut their stuff, we will share that as well.

Lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu, let the fun begin!!


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