Booming BHOtards The Explosion of Explosions

In I shared a few tips on how to extract using flammable solvents like butane, without immolating yourself.

A thread that was shared on half a dozen forums, and even made a Sticky on PIF and IC Mag , and sanctified by the serious professionals as being both common sense and good advice, but leave us not forget about the ignorant, and the pathology in the populous.

We are all ignorant on some subjects, and this thread, like the previous one, is directed at education for those with ears, but just like repeat drunk drivers plague society, the same mental pathology plagues our cannabis movement in the form of BHOtards.

Case in point, the explosions of explosions from brothers and sisters doing open butane extraction indoors, in the face of good advice to the contrary, and even involving not only fellow sociopaths, but innocent infants and pets.

Note that no indoor blasting was the first point made in my butane safety thread and I didn’t leave any wiggle room, yet it is being ignored:

“For starters, I never personally do a butane extraction indoors or any confined space! None at all, zero, zip, forget about it! It is important to keep it below explosive limits!

I do it all outdoors, with a non sparking plastic fan blowing, not sucking, the butane evaporation away! Butane loves self abuse and will clump together and pool, being that it is heavier than air.

I use three fans to keep any free butane dispersed below ignition limits of 1.86% and from it pooling and accumulating in low spots like through my basement window to my basement, chock full of ignition sources.

The central point is that concentration of the butane boiling off can be kept diluted below combustion limits, by blowing the accumulating vapors away using a fan.”

For those whom question just how bad is it, check out the 19 page IC Mag thread starting at

A personal salute to IC Mag and the brothers and sisters who have taken the time to search out and record the contents of the thread so as to spread the awareness. Thank all of ya’ll who’ve posted data on it, and saved me hours of effort.

Sooooooooooo, enough is enough, this thread is call to arms against BHOtardisim, to stop the insanity and proactively avoid a wide pendulum swing reaction to the growing carnage, from our detractors and the general public in the form of draconian laws that we won’t like.

BHOtardisim is hereafter to be defined as follows:

WIKI: BHOtardisim.

Archaic: An epithet coined by BHO detractors as a taunt.

Current: A mental deficiency leading the afflicted narcissistic sociopath to discount all input from others and open extract using butane indoors, or in a hap hazard manner, so as to endanger themselves, other life, and property.

So incompetent as to be unaware of how incompetent they are, they have no compassion for other life, and actually believe themselves uniquely insightful and smarter than the gods whom taunt them.

They are the repeat offender “drunken drivers” in the cannabis extraction netherworld.

The call to arms is three fold:

Educate, educate, educate the noobes; in this we are our brothers keeper. They will listen to us before the general authority figures, because those same authority figures already told them that if they played with them selves they would go blind and crazy, not have sexual intercourse outside marriage, and that marijuana was a Class III drug, with no medical benefits. You can see how that has played out…………

Educate the public, so that they realize that we are all not pariah outlaw cowboys, indiscriminately blowing people and property up.

Educate both groups that BHO is also extracted using safer and more environmentally friendly closed circuit extraction and recycle systems.

My thoughts are that if we don’t somehow educate both our members and the general public, and do all that we can to bring this thing under some semblance of control, that the control option will be exercised by others and we won’t like the new laws that they come up with.

A perfect example of the few, wrecking things for the masses and a problem that mankind will always face as long as there is pathology in the populous.

Us’ns aren’t likely to have much effect on the pathology, but we can educate and save the ignorant ones, and maybe not be painted with the same brush by as large a portion of the rest of our brothers and sisters.

12 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by john davis on August 24, 2016 at 11:52 AM

    I am Indra who posted the original BHO post in 1999. People are still killing them selves over this and doing it outside is no grantee of being safe. if its not in a powerful fume-hood venting outdoors, your a fool. see how many have burnt because they fooled themselves into think it is safe and easy. worked 3 or 6 times? beware, the more relaxed you become, the closer you edge to danger.


  2. Posted by 650baquet on May 18, 2014 at 5:49 AM

    Thanks SPR for posting this, i’m a little late reading it but and honestly didn’t read the who article in detail. People do need to become completely aware of the dangers! Someone in Hamilton, MT was just recently sent to the ER with bad burns(not sure how bad or how many) and was slapped with 3 felony charges I believe.
    I honestly didn’t feel safe enough performing Butane extractions until I read this site 1yr ago, I finally felt like I had legit information on the dangers and safety measures.


    Thanks again SPR for making me aware of the dangers and at the same time giving me the knowledge to be confident.


  3. We’re seeing more and more of this in the NW, which is why I am grateful for your contributions to the industry. Affordable closed loop systems are helping to change things, and your instructions provide the education necessary to safely operate them.


    • Posted by 650baquet on May 18, 2014 at 5:51 AM

      can’t wait til I can afford a closed system, also so I can reclaim butane to cut down on the cost of production so patients can have cheaper meds.


  4. Wolf you sure have a knack for words. At the classes I was amazed at the amount of safety meetings and no matter what everything you said made perfect sense and all of my questions were answered. You have a bit of comedian in your penmanship too! Exellent post, some dummies are going to ruin this for all of us if we aren’t proactive. Thanks, and I’ll do my part.


  5. Posted by Mike W on March 29, 2014 at 10:48 AM

    Of course this was predictable and tragic, not into BHO myself, not into any petroleum product for extraction because, as we all know, the extracted product is never completely free of the solvent used to extract it. The two uses of cannabis is getting high and getting well, cancer is at epidemic proportions and comes mostly from our environment, from being inundated with petrochemicals in our food water and air so why have it in my meds. No thanks.
    As far as getting high, just twist up a fat one for chrissakes, all you really need is a little something to kick open the doors of perception… Take it from an old fart, this whole thing has been blown way out of shape by infantile idiots, who needs all these genetically spun varieties and their cute little names and all their special fertilizers and other growing aids, all the different potentially dangerous extraction methods, most of which mess up the taste and smell. Back in the day all we had was smuggled in from some other part of the world and the best I ever grew was from those seeds.


    • Posted by tony espinoza on July 9, 2014 at 8:15 AM

      Hello Mike,just read your comment and all though I am late in writing I hope you have a chance to read it. You posed the question of who needs all these different strains and concentrates. The quick answer is me. To be a little more in depth I must qualify my response. I am a forty year old man with m.s. and a plethora of permanent damage to parts of my nervous system due to a large Arnold Chiari malformation that went unknown and untreated for thirty years. Before my health took a serious life changing dive I smoked recreationaly and to treat chronic insomnia. Even back then I had an appreciation for variety and the range of effects one could achieve. Since the decline in my health began the doctors that treated me kept prescribing me more and more drugs. One day I looked into some of the processes that were used to create these drugs. What I found kind of horrified me in the sense of cost to the environment in order to produce these drugs,even more so when I lightly calculated how much of some of these drugs are being made. My next thought was how bad can these drugs be for my mind ,body and spirit. I became very interested in medical marijuana. I am currently taking daily onehundredfifty mcg an hour fentanyl, two hundred and forty milligrams oxycontin,six milligrams clonopin,sixty mills lorazepam,one hundred milligram promethazine,ten milligrams macular,fifteen milligrams methimazol,two point five mills androderm testosterone. And I having even touched my m.s. meds. My point is this,these drugs exact an awesome toll on the patient,are very hard to quit,lose effect when used long term and do a lot of damage physically and psychologically as well as create some nasty byproducts. I was extremely excited when I tried my first good concentrate as I tried it for recreation but quickly realised that my nausea which is an all most constant companion was all most completely gone for several hours. This surprised me a great deal as I had tried smoking for releif so many times with results that did not meet my needs. As I did some research I found that different source material would obviously create different effects. As I tried different products I kept records regarding the type of material and process used as well as the effects I experienced. This allowed me too tailor my medicine to my needs and start reducing several medications with the hope that I may be able to stop many of them alltogether. As a result my quality of life is better beyond description as is the life of my wonderfull wife of twenty years. Believe it or not the medication list I wrote had been much more substantial before I found this wonderfull therapy. Even my doctor had to admit off the record of course that this endeavor has helped a great deal and in fact prescribed me marinol pills because insurance companies do not want patients like myself to imbibe marijuana while on so many narcotic medications,this way I could get all the blood tests I need on a regular basis without causing problems. My most trusted doctor admitted to me that had I not started with marijuana medicine she believes I would have had to move to a care facility in the near future. So who needs concentrates? I and those like me need it as it is a miracle plant that keeps life worth living. Sorry for the ramble. Sincerely tony wan kinobi


      • Posted by Mike W on July 9, 2014 at 9:42 AM

        Thanks for responding Tony Espinoza, but my point was that I discourage using petroleum products in making concentrates because petroleum products are why many of us are sick. I use organic 190 proof alcohol to make a cannabis oil concentrate that I take every day as a prevention as well as a sleep aid. It seems Cannabis works very well for MS. The lady/ friend who takes it says it gets rid of headache and tremors and helps her sleep like a bear. She just called to say she just got back from her doctor and her tests (MRI?) showed a 50% decrease in lesions (?) what ever that is, and all she takes is a six week infusion made with cannabis in organic sesame oil during her work day and the high power cannabis oil in the evening.

        Wishing health and good fortune to you Tony, and please be careful and remember we are at the very beginning of something quite new and in my mind quite awesome, but there are fools who unknowing will make errors in judgement and practice, not to mention those who do this for profit. Peace out..
        Mike W…


  6. Posted by ron on March 29, 2014 at 6:52 AM

    Should start leaving comments on YouTube pointing out the danger of explosion and what the aftermath will be with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. The inside of a butane fireball reaches over 3000 degree F and that is enough to melt steel and the skin off of faces, arms and etc. and its not uncommon to have the house blown off of its foundation and have to be demolished. Over 25 explosions this month alone.


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