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Calling all Pharmers

We regularly get emails with all kinds of interesting and fun topics.  The new and improved Skunk Pharm Research will be sharing some of these emails to ask for input and support from the Pharmer’s community.  We know a lot of stuff but we aren’t all knowing; this industry changes way to fast!  However, we are confident that collectively the Pharmer’s are stronger than any one single individual’s knowledge. 


Help a Pharmer out, and read and respond below:


Hey guys,

I've been thinking about possibilities to consume weed orally. I know a bit about decarboxylation to activate thc for edibles but what boggles me is the question if I can somehow make it orally available to consume it like dip or snus. I guess thc doesn't really get absorbed orally (tried to chew on an activated bud lately), or does it? Can buds be modified (eg. Raising pH level, adding spices, somehow cook it) to be absorbed orally?

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  1. atesgodman

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  2. SPR-Team

    I can't say I have ever tried cannabis in the form of snuf or chew. That is an interesting thought, and I can see the potential health benefits, but I do question the efficiency of the delivery method. But if that doesn't matter to you, chew away! There are products in the market place, such as one in Vancouver WA,, like you pointed out. Looks like they want to expand, maybe you should give them a call and see when they will be in your area. In the meantime, try it and let us know your experience. We are curious.

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