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CO2 Extraction Secrets Revealed???

Maybe not.  But we thought we would try.


SPR understands the fact that each processor has their own proprietary formulation for extraction. CO2 extraction is no different. SPR is planning on developing calculators for processors to use for the various extractions methods, so this is as great a place to start as any.


Your input could be valuable for the rest of the community, so please act now and share what you know. Reaching into the depths of our mail bag we found a gem of a question from a West Coast Pharmer in the Golden State. We may need to ask some clarifying questions, but please be kind:



Skunk Pharm Research,


I would really need to figure out general input and output of co2 Extraction and fractional distillation. I know this is a general question to specifics but I'm hoping to get guidance on where to find this info. Do you guys have a spreadsheet or link?  For instance, Co2 extraction has a lot of other compounds with the extraction like terpenes, lipids, etc...  Fractional distillation for the most part fractions out all the compounds to individuals. So the mass of the extracted product will be larger than the distillate. So to reiterate my question what is the general mass and potency with the obvious window of variability due to the product going into the machine?

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