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1 Comment

  1. Nell H

    It may be not covered by FDA because it is easier to remove than hexane or other larger hydrocarbons with higher boiling points. It also is not a very common solvent used in pharmaceutical manufacturing since it's more difficult to work with.

  2. Tom

    Hi Kate, I am a retired Pharmact in the Deep South. I hope Medical Cannabis will be legal here during my lifetime. Has anyone tried to make time released patch with Cannabis? I respect your efforts in Cannabis research.

  3. walterwart

    I've got no interest at all in extracting cannabis, but I do work with other botanicals - aromatics like jasmine which can't take significant heat, resins from woody plants that don't distill very well. It's not a full-time business, so investing thousands of dollars in a full supercritical CO2 extraction setup would be hard to justify. Are there any outfits here in Oregon that could do small jobs once in a while - no more than a pound or two?

  4. Todd

    Hi Kate! Welcome to our community I have had the pleasure of watching you carry and articulate yourself personally. You are an asset & thank you. .

  5. Robert Eley

    Welcome Kate. This blog has been a huge resource for this emerging industry, and we need more knowledges to do this right. This blog is getting better and better. Graywolf is adding to our scope of knowledge with you and I welcome it. This will continue to be the premiere resource for this emerging industry, especially for me. I'm a fan.

  6. SpaceshipNelson

    Why is there no listing for N-Butane included? I find it very difficult to get credible information on this subject in the food industry, yet every can of spray-oil is using it as a propellent! they demonize it in public forum, and continually keep useful scientific research and information out of our hands. . .(not that I'm surprised)..

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