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5 Essentials Every Stoner Needs

If you light up regularly, either for medical or for recreational reasons, then you probably have a few items that you deem ‘essential’ for every stoner. While such a list may be left up to preference, there are some things that no self-respecting connoisseur of marijuana would ever be caught without.

So, if you are the pot consumer or are just looking for an idea of what to get your stoner-savvy friend, we’ve got you covered. There are gift ideas here for any budget – and if you’re putting together an ‘essentials kit’ then this is a list that you can take with you as a guide for when you shop.

1. A Grinder

The days of breaking apart your buds by hand are over. Besides, some things on our list later, like the vape pen, require a very fine grind of your buds. Grinders come in all sizes, so you can take your pick, but stainless steel or titanium is probably your best bet for a long-lasting grinder. You also want one that has a kief collector at the bottom – this is the pollen that contains many of the cannabinoids you want. Add the kief to the top of your bowls for a better hit.

2. A Hygiene Kit

A small travel case with hand sanitizer, eye drops, deodorizer, breath mints, chap stick and perfume/cologne is another must have for every stoner. Passing bongs, bowls, and joints around can also pass nasty germs – so clean your hands. Getting the red out of your eyes and the odor off your clothes can help avoid detection – so can a good room deodorizer. Breath mints help with cotton mouth and chap stick helps keep your lips moist, but not so moist that you drool on that joint – no one likes that.

3. A Vape Pen

Vaping is where it’s at in the cannabis industry, especially the easily concealed vape pens. These cut down on odors that can make your smoking session conspicuous. Modern day vaporizers come in many styles and colors and ensure you are getting more cannabinoids with every hit versus combustion methods. Be sure that you get one that works with your preferred product – there are some that only work with oils and concentrates and vapes that work with dry herbs.

4. One Hitter with A Dugout

A one hitter with a dugout is not as inconspicuous as a vape pen, but it’s handy to have when you are on the go and need a hit between one club and the next. The dugout allows you to store pre-ground bud and the one-hitter, which is usually disguised as a cigarette. These are available at about any head shop or smoke shop in your city. Easily concealed in a pocket or purse, you don’t have to worry about being caught with a joint or a pipe. This is an essential every cannabis smoker should have.

5. A Reliable Delivery Service

Remember that movie “Half Baked?” Well, marijuana delivery services do actually exist and they do so in states where medicinal and recreational marijuana has been legalized. Make sure that the delivery service you choose is licensed and reputable. Searching for user reviews is an excellent way to avoid a bad experience. 

While there are certainly other ‘essentials’ – rolling papers, a glass pipe, and a lighter – these five items are sure to keep the cannabis smoker in your life happy. And if you are that smoker, well, you probably have most of the things listed here. Still, it never hurts to create a kit that has all your cannabis needs in one place – preferably one that is odor- proof and waterproof. You can’t go wrong by giving one of the above things as a gift and if you have one of those hard-to- buy-for friends or relatives, then this list will give you an idea of what to get them for birthdays or other special occasions. If they already have these, you can look for upgraded versions, or order additional accessories they might appreciate. You could get them a Volcano vaporizer or that special pack of edibles they’ve had their eye on for a while.


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