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Anna the dog and Alzheimer's

Anna and Alzheimer’s

A dog’s dignified demise using cannabis

In the spring of 2008 I received a call from my friend and an Australian Shepherd breeder and trainer. He had just returned from the vet with oldest (13 yrs) bitch Anna, and sadly the diagnosis was Alzheimer’s.

The classic symptoms included:

1. Incontinence.

2. Inability to find her way out of a corner.

3. Loss of desire to go for walks.

4. Loss of desire to socialize with the other four dogs.

The vet's Aricept prescription was expensive and had only diminishing benefits, so he called me; the most knowledgeable person he knew on alternative methods of treatment for the disease.

I am not a doctor, but am primary care giver for my Stage 7 Alzheimer's mother using cannabis therapy, which was Richard's primary area of interest.  He is also the breeder from whom I got my current 12 year old red Aussie Maggie, an accomplished lover and one of the greatest joys in my life.

I had previously supplied him with my sedative July 4th cannabis formulation for noise sensitive dogs, and he was more than pleased with its effectiveness, while being more gentle and less discombobulating than the alternatives.

I shared my insight into the medical benefits of coconut oil, cinnamon, and cannabis for Alzheimer’s with him, and formulated a more dilute version of our Holy Shit version for Anna to try, which I dubbed Holy Puppy Oil.

He began dosing Anna in daily meals with the amazing results that follow:

1. Anna regained control of her bladder, although they diapered her at night and no longer allowed her to sleep on their bed.

2. She no longer got lost in corners.

3. She regained her excitement for daily walks, even occasionally  begging for extended lengths.

4. She resumed her rightful pack position, and both her bossy matriarchal and playful attitude toward the other dogs returned.

In the fall of that year I received a call from my friend telling me that the previous night Anna had problems breathing and did not want to climb the stairs to their room. So he made a bed for himself on the floor curled up with her, his first of many Auzzies.

He held her in his arms while they slept together, and in that peaceful closeness with her human friend, Anna slipped away peacefully.

Cannabis didn't save sweet Anna from death, but it provided her with another six months of quality life and a kinder closure for both her and her best friend.

For further documentation of our use of cannabis with Alzheimer’s, see:


Some more pictures of Sweet Anna Windbiter aka Anna:

Carrying on the tradition!  Some pictures of Heaven's Sweet Magnolia, aka Maggie aka Magoo, Anna's great grand daughter!

By Eloquentsolution

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  1. Blake

    Ok an update is in order for Harley: The Cannapet caps seemed to indicate a positive trend. I was not happy with the lack of actual ingredients listed with the product. Upon questioning the company they did not give any info on actual ingredients. Also it did not mix well with the honey oil as it was composed of granular plant material. We located a US company (CBDplus) that would ship to Canada and the stuff just arrived. It mixes well and the % CBD (25%) is listed which helps when figuring dosage. We have maintained Harley's RX drugs at 25mgsPB/twice/day plus 1.0mls Liquid Pot. Bro. He is still having seizures but we are pleased with increased length of time between fits and intensity levels which have lessened as well. With the CBD mixing well with honey oil here's hoping the synergy will create the right balance for Harley. It has been a moving target up until now. We get a mix that seems to work for a while and then Harley has a cluster of seizures on a daily basis, sometimes as many as three one hour seizes/day. This type of seizure activity weakens Harley as you can imagine. Fortunately on a positive trend right now. In Dr. Kate's section she has an excellent post on how the oils work and some methods of application for pets. Good info there. We will be administering ~ ten drops/four times/day sometimes five if he is really active. If my mixing is correct he will be imbibing ~ 20mgs of CBD/day mixed with the same ratio of Petzoil as before (1 1/2 mls lasts about 7 days once diluted, not sure of THC/CBD ratio). I dilute the oil with vegetable oil or olive oil. I did one batch with coconut oil but it solidifies at room temperature which makes it impractical for use with the droppers. Further update in a few weeks once this new mix of oil has a chance to work.

    Reply       Edit
  2. Blake Pearce

    Harley's update. At present we are down to 25mgs/meal/twice/day with 150mls liquid Pot.Bro. with breakfast. He gets the five Petzoil drops four times/day and more often if he is being really active. Harley still has seizures which all seem to progress to Gran Mal status now. He is under the influence of the seizure for approx. 45 minutes from onset but the Gran Mals are usually only for a few minutes. We rectally inject Harley with 150mls of Pot. Bro. when the seizures begin. A brief history. Harley presented his first seizure two days after we got him. The seizures occurred sporadically at first, the longest gap was three months during his second year. The seizures began to get more intense and frequent into the latter part of his second year. We considered putting him down as the combination of meds and seizure recovery were becoming his whole life. Our vet is open minded and we started looking for alternate methods as conventional ones were not cutting it. We started with the protocol mentioned in my previous post. Recently Harley went through a cluster of seizures which is always a frightening experience. Not sure what is the cause of this epilepsy but it is not going away. One change since the last post is all the seizures now progress to the full body seizure state whereas we had a period when giving him drops seemed to forgo this stage. I have just received some Cannapet capsules which are legal over the counter CBD. My concern is the CBD/THC ratio of the Petzoil favours THC. From online research on the epileptic webpages there is speculation that THC, being psychoactive, may trigger some forms of seizures. As CBD mitigates the psychoactive properties of THC my theory is increasing the CBD content of the honey oil will reduce the possibility of any THC induced seizures. A lot of guesswork on my part here and so much room for proper research to be done on the various synergies involved with the many medicinally active properties. I would love to get my hands on a GLC to do chemical analysis of the the medicine we are trying to concoct for Harley. The cluster seems to be in the past now, always a frightening experience watching your little buddy go through seizures; never sure if there will be permanent damage. So far everything is moving in a positive direction. I will get back to you once the CBD infusion into Harley's meds. has been established and any positive discernable patterns are detected.

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