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Portable Pen Vaporizers

This is actually round two of our portable E-Cigarette tests, with profoundly different results.  In round one, we tested an E-Series e-cigarette using glycerin tinctures and subsequently with cannabis acetate oil.

Our E-Series was of insufficient watts to vaporize oil directly, and required a carrier menstruum like glycerin or propylene glycol.  We conducted our experiments using glycerin, which we directly extracted the cannabinoids with, as we were never able to directly mix glycerin and cannabis oil concentrates.

That limited the potency that we were able to achieve, and while the E-Series produced medicinal effect, it was not impressive, so we switched to cannabis acetate, suspended in enough ethanol to allow saturating the wick, which we then allowed to flash off.


Test panel members frequently used the word, "Wow" to describe their experience, because although the cannabis acetate is probably no more potent than the oil it was made from, it passes the blood brain barrier so much more quickly, that it just arrives, instead of the effects coming on.

We were pretty happy with the medicinal effects produced by the cannabis acetate, but as not many folks can produce it or lay hands on any, we decided to put the project on hold, until someone came up with something with enough wattage to vaporize straight cannabis oil extracts, or we had more time to devote to developing our own.

Recently we had a couple of cheeep Chinese battery packs donated to us in a joint R&D program, along with a pile of different carts to try out, and have been having our way with them.  Hee, hee, hee.........

We didn't do deep supplier research, but we were able to get inexpensive mix and match components on line at:

There was a wide selection, but the pens we selected were under $30 each and the 510 carts that we chose were only $1.60 apiece, plus he picked up some other carts cheeeep, which looked interesting.

There were a number of other 510 cart manufacturers available, but at this point are more focused on process than who makes the best cart.

The pens were labeled with different names, though they appeared identical.  The one that I ended up with is labeled Tornado-C and Joytech.  According to my meter, it is putting out 3.8 volts.

Let me start by announcing that there is no question that they have developed a system that is hot enough to vaporize straight oil, and deliver a full hit, so now we can move on to the nuances!!!

Thank ya'll folks who moved the ball this far and may the Great Spirit bless you!

We started our tests using a KR-510 stainless cartridge @ 1.9/2 ohm (brand ?) and decarboxylated Absolute Amber oil, as it was easiest to load by heating it up and injecting it into the carts with a glass syringe.

Alas, while the device delivered nice effective hits, not only did some of our carts leak out the bottom, but the oil was of low enough viscosity, that if you laid the pen down, the oil would eventually slump and run out all by itself.

What seemed to work best in the 510 carts was oil that was still in its carboxylic acid form and stiff at room temperature.

We started with some thin film vacuum purged Absolute Amber, which had the feel of dry lacquer to the touch, and chipped when we tried to scrape it from the Petri dishes.

Thin film vacuum purged Absolute Amber with no heat.

We warmed it over simmering hot water to soften it enough to scrape, and after wiping it off the razor blade with a .045" diameter 17-4PH stainless steel weld wire, we inserted the wire in the carts and heated it until the oil dropped off, using a small Bernzomatic pencil torch and then gently heated the cart to get it to evenly fill.

When it cooled down it was of a hard shatter consistency and the pen could be laid on its side with impunity.

Raw BHO Oleoresin Vacuum purged at 115F

We subsequently tested some C-99 vacuum purged raw BHO oleoresin extract, which brings us to the subject of taste and of wax.

The pen vaporizers as tested deliver a full potent hit, but most of the taste nuances are lost, as compared to a hit from a Titanium nail, skillet, or wand.  That doesn't mean that it tastes nasty, just that I couldn't tell the differences between strains with the pen, while I can with the other three systems.

What we did note comparing the raw oleoresin extract and the Absolute Amber using a Ti skillet or nail, is that we can taste the plant waxes, and note it in the aftertaste, as well as feel its coating effects on our teeth and mouths.  It is best described as a slight birthday candle taste.

I have popped the waxes from dried winterizing filters in my mouth and chewed them, to see what they tasted like, but they pretty much have no taste, and feel like candle wax between the teeth.

As a tongue in cheek thought, I was reminded of the occasional forum poster asking if any other heavy BHO smokers are experiencing congested lungs.

Of course smoking anything is a bad thing for your lungs, not to mention the carcinogenic byproducts of pyrolysis.  If you light cannabis essential oils, you will note that it puts off a black sooty smoke, but even vaporizing oil with wax in it, may be leaving wax deposits behind in their lungs, instead of black soot.

Perhaps an argument for vaporizing absolutes, instead of raw oleoresins or concretes!

We also tested a couple of larger carts, with plastic tanks for the oil, and they worked with decarboxylated Absolute Amber, but they also had to be kept vertical to keep from leaking, so we will be concentrating our efforts around the 510 type cartridge and oil in the carboxylic acid Absolute Amber form.

Even using the 510 cartridge is not without its learning curve and problems.  It will also clog so that you can't draw through it, if you don't keep drawing though it until it cools down each time.

When it did clog, it usually eventually cleared by holding the heat button down, while simultaneously pulling a hard vacuum on the stem with our lips and tongue.  When it warmed enough, it popped free, and we released the button while continuing to draw.

Now that we have working models, we will add the vapor pen to our next vaporization test panel, as well as continue to look for the ultimate cartridge made in heaven.  Until we learn more and try out more systems, we have no opinions on who makes the best thangs!

While field testing this pen in public to gauge the reaction, in one incident an usher came to investigate the smell, though left puzzled.

That revived one of my original thoughts about public vaporizers, and that was to make one like a drinking mug with a straw that you sucked on for vapors and blew on to exhale through an activated charcoal scrubber.   Plenty of room for batteries and more discrete than even a pen vaporizer.

On the design list, but not at the top and I'm running out of hands and hours.  Bless anyone who runs with the idea and produces a viable product before we get around to building one!

TKR-510 cart with cover removed. Inserting mouthpiece

Tank cart with cover removed.  Cover on and ready.

Tank of decarboxylated Absolute Amber.

We liked this style of charger connection, which can charge from a computer, as well as my auto and home cell phone charger.


E-Pen Evolution

Hee, hee, hee, things just keep getting better with the evolution of the e-pen, so that now there is a panoply of electronic pen skillets, made specifically for oil.

We've been testing pens donated for that purpose, and have been favorably impressed with the progress in this arena.

To my discredit, I failed to record which student donated two of the pens for test, but here are five pens donated by Headie Designs at, which all found favor with different testers.  They also offer a discount to SPR readers, so you might check out their offerings.

One of the best parts, is that they also are now making skillets for one or two hits, which cuts through the issue with the pool becoming more phenolic tasting, as it is vaporized away.

While e-pens have yet to evolve to the point of making conventional nails and skillets obsolete, they fill a much needed slot of medicating in public, without creating the same panic and outrage that a propane torch and bong with skillet or nail would bring.

Here are the ones that we tested with impunity in public.

Vape pen tests-1-1

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  1. robertlowson

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  2. Piper

    Just curious as to your thoughts, it seems like most of these portable vape pens are not producing vapor. Some may be low enough temperatures I'm not certain, but I do know there is a fine line between vaporizing and smoking. Wether it be flower or oil it doesn't matter, temperature is key if you're going for maximum possible health benefits.

  3. bsems1000

    Can i use the frozen each method to create vaporizing oil? Correct me where needed 1. Freeze (non broken down) bud. 2. Put everclear in freezer.. 3. Perform 3 min (max) rinse. Bud in ziploc bag, pour in everclear, shake for a max of 3 mins.. Pour into seive and through filter (coffee or layered cheese cloth). Squeeze out oil absorbed into the cloth/filter. 4. Take liquid and slow double boil out the everclear in well ventilated area. 5. Slowed Boiling rate indicates higher percentage of oil present and most alcohol has slow boiled off. 6. Add about 20ml of propylene glycol to my approx. 5ml concentrate. This is if i use 1/4 lb Of bud. My question is tho, how to you freeze flush twice? Wouldnt the bud alrrady be wet from the previous flush? I thought the whole idea was to freeze the water soluble components and allow the oil to be extracted?

  4. Mr. Honest

    If you remove enough of the ethanol the decarbed absolute won't leak. I had the same problem but testing revealed several thousand ppm of residual ethanol. Get it below 300-400ppm and your good to go, no leaks. It also helps the oil flow better if the terpenes are over 10%.

  5. Stacey

    Hello I was wondering how I could become a tester with you. I have just been diagnosed with cancer and at this point willing to try anything! You can contact me at or by text at 4175999807 I am willing to pay to test I live on social security so it cant be outrageous but I am still willing. Merry Christmas!

      1. Harry

        Hey skunk pharm we want to send you a couple of our new products. Would you be interested in trying it? Please give us a call at 707-800-9955 thank you! Harry

  6. david sauvageau

    My glass premium vaping Pen dropt on the ground and wen I picked it up the wiring touch together and melted the wiringI am trying to fix it because it cost a lot of money

  7. Shawn

    Why are you guys decarbing the absolute oil before adding it to your pens? Shouldn't the heat from the coil be enough to decarb, like any other vaporizer?

    1. JojoAZMed

      What many people don't realize is the consistency of your extract is based off the amount of intact thc-a vs decarboxylated thc. The more thc-a you convert into thc the more liquidy and oil like your extract will be at room temperature. In order to make oil that has a liquid enough constancy to be ran through e-tanks(were talking about e-liquid tanks not a bho atmomizer/cartomizer). You can use vg or pg as a solvent and dissolve your non-decarbed bho into it but decarbing the extract is the only way you will get full dose oil running through your tank!

  8. HerbMonitor

    I have used coconut oil @ 175 degrees to mix with hard shatter to make vape oil. Leave it thick, in a 510 atomizer, variable voltage battery, starting out at lowest setting and pulsing it for a full lungfull. Works great! Thanks a million for y'all's dedication and sharing of information!

    1. JojoAZMed

      I would suggest using either VG or PG for this purpose instead. Yes thc is fat soluable but there are plenty of solvents it dissolves into and you shouldn't be vaporizing all that fat. you can buy either of them on amazon very cheep thanks to the whole ecig revolution!

  9. Glenn

    I'd like to step in another direction with the pens. Everybody seems to use the ego style pens (small diameter) with 510 connection. What about using the newer technology like mechanical mods or VV mods (large diameter). That use the IMR batteries like sony 18650. The atomizers they use are rebuildable atomizers like RBA (rebuildable atomizer) or RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer), they work the same using a coil to heat up a wick. In my research RDA would be better suited for our use. I feel like using a mech mod with a RDA would give us what we want. Or am I just trying to reinvent the wheel?

  10. social media management in hertfordshire

    We're a group of volunteers and starting a neww scheme in oour community. Your site offered uus witth valuable info to wrk on. You have done an impressive job and our whole community will be thankful to you.

  11. Johnnyrex7

    Hey Graywolf question if you heat up the stainless steel wire with the torch doesn't the wire melt also? I have no idea I tried to locate .045 diameter 17-4ph stainless steel weld wire at my local Airweld and they told me they don't make it any more. I got my hands on some wickless dual coil tanks that I want to try to put bho in carboxylic acid form. To see if i like it better. The tanks that I bought don't leak I put the oil in decarbox form and even if I lay it down the oil runs but it doesn't leak good shit but I have to some a lot to get medicated

    1. skunkpharmresearch

      Hi Johnny! 17-4 Stainless has a higher melting point that achieved by a propane or butane torch without an attendant oxygen supply. Did they say that they had it in other wire diameters? 17-4 is an extremely common alloy in aerospace, so if the Airco rep said that it was discontinued as an alloy, he is grossly uniformed, or blowing smoke.

  12. Curtis

    Hey, very interesting reading. I actually design and manufacture high end e-cig/Mods. Been slowly experimenting with different processes to extract THC to be used easily and effectively in an e-cig. The problem with my process is I need to keep the smell down as much as possible. I'm using everclear and heating light bulb in my desk lamp. The end result is "ok", not the best but it does work. I'm able to fill my tank and vape as I normally do. When I need that extra perk I just scrape some of my mixture onto the wick, gives me about 3-5 "good" hits before it's gone. After it's gone it just continue vaping my nicotine liquid. I also mix my own nicotine liquids from time to time. I'm looking forward to mixing some glycerin extract with my flavors to see what I can eventually come up with!! Again thank you for the post

    1. brodeykei

      hey i am starting my own vape pen company. will be using solventless resin. do you have any suggestions as far as which way to go with the pens specs.

      1. Sam

        Ok! So I decided to buy an EPen, my luck I found eBay! I got a non branded brand new 1100mah Atmos RX aka Ago G5. It was $25 free shipping. And 2 vivi nova tanks for 7.50. I was determined to create a potent enough thc-e-juice, I've got crohns, and have had a hang mans break. I searched forums high n low here first. So 1st I just bought USP Glycerol thinking my BHO would mix n bam, I was wrong, so I kept looking, to no avail. I decided that I was going to try, after reading up on regular e-juice it clicked! So first I make my absolute amber. I decarb the oil not material.And winterize with the good everclear(sisters in Navy it's for sale at the BX (closed AFBase) for 17.35 a 5th no tax, I also got the best connect on COLIBRI. I blast through a filled coloumn into a jar with fresh material, I find I get much high saturation of oils. Once butane is evaded purged I use hot water(crock pot) thanks for that tip) I also take the material already butane soaked and do a QWISO. The butane and material stay sealed in the freezer, every so often I release pressure to promote boiling. Once the QWISO n BHO are dry I disolve in ethanol, winterize and purge here my developed juice part. I buy USP propylene glycol cheap on eBay, so il take a gram of amber and disolve it in just enough ethanol to keep it more liquid( bottle in microwave is quick) after the hot ethanol and amber fuse I then ad 40-30% propylene glycol. And 5% Glycerol. This will be about 6ml total give or take. I use a microwave safe bottle n nuke for 5 seconds. The mixture is perfect it doesn't seperate with temp and is potent! I also heat the PG with vanilla beans for flavor. My tank is 3.5ml a full one lasts for ever and it's a different high, more sedative. I vouch that from hours and hours of rollitup, ICBM, cannabis etc, no one has had any juice close to this. I highly recommend it. I'd only use natural vanilla bean for flavor. I have pics to. It's great! I hit it on public transportation, school, I asked a gangster dude if he wanted a hit n he thought it was nicotine so I'm very happy! I hope you try it!

        1. Sam

          Sounds confusing! Use decarbed essential canna oils. For general measuring use a shot glass(make it personal)! Other than decarbed oil, you will need grain alcohol, USP propylene glycol, USP Glycerin. In shot glass add 1/2-1 Gram of oil(decarbed), on top add a few ml of everclear or what grain alky you are using. Put shot glass with oil, and everclear in microwave for 5 seconds, this should facilitate the speed of oil into alky solubility, the end solution should be pourable, but thick enough to leave a trail similar to maple syrup. To this I usually add 1x oil solution to 1x 70/30 pg/VG that has been infused with vanilla, best taste, no smell, beats any flavored juice w/o nicotines to mix with.

  13. motooil

    The Diamond Vapez wax/oil e pen works nice, vaps sooner than the micro g's. Also the charge lasted thing the atomizer is removable for easy cleaning.

  14. GrowGoddess Michigan

    That is all I use now is my pen vaporizers, no more combustion for me. The taste is great, the effects are great, and the convenience cannot be beat. Not to mention odor. It is a must for many people, especially for those in federal housing programs. You can't have your neighbors smelling marijuana, whether it be the smell of the buds or the smell from smoking. With concentrated oil and a pen vaporizer properly used, that solves many problems for many people. My favorite is the eGo C Twist variable voltage with an iClear16 dual heating element rebuildable for less than $3. My other favorite is the innokin SVD with an iClear30. This one delivers the best hit for me. I take my premium RSO, melt it in a small pan, stir in some Propylene Glycol USP, and it works great! It is hard for me to picture it being any better. I prefer that over vaporizing the oil straight for sure.

  15. Mark Lee

    Thank you for your wonderful resources you are sharing for all to learn! Excuse my ignorance, I have been studying BHO extraction for about 3 months now but I have never heard of "winterizing" or "winterizing filters" before; could you please enlighten me? My friend is completing our first extractor soon and eel have been preparing for our first extraction carefully to achieve high quality results and I don't want to leave anything out after all of this hard work. I have just purchased a Flash/Column Chromatography system from an online auction in the hopes that it will complement these efforts. I have also invented a new type of heating element for "vaping pen" technology that will last virtually "forever" with the capability to handle the thickest of oils and waxes, without any wick or resistance coil wire heating elements, retrofittable to 510-type batteries - and will clean up in 5 minutes with alcohol. I hope to share this with the community within two months. Regards, Mark the Aardvark New England

  16. donmekka

    Ok i am determined to get this to work lol.tell me if this will work please. I have some dry sift that i am going to make bho with after i purge it to get absolute i need to winterize right ? to do that i desolve in everclear freeze and filter and decarb and evaporate the alcohol right ? I am really lost after i make the bho...Thanks for all your help

  17. Steve Weglein

    It is certainly still a WIP, but, I have 2 kangertechs ... protank, and a miniprotank (the one I had when I was at the Alcohol Extraction class last month). While admittedly when the clearomizer is unscrewed from the battery there is some leakage from the center hole, and once in a while this leakage is enough to interrupt the electrical connection between the clearomizer, and the battery ... but not that often, and a cotton cuetip with ethanol fixes that in a jiffy, .... I have experienced no leakage to the outside of the unit, and the internal leakage is not large either. I decarboxylate less than the 70% to maintain greater 'stiffness' in the oil, and also, I don't know if this makes a difference, but I only use Absolute Amber, or QWET from kif in my pens. Whatever, I load and charge my 2 pens on average once a week, and leave them in my car til the next weeks recharge ...... without external leakage, and only rarely an electrical connection issue. Having said all that, there is still plenty of room for improvement!!! Btw, I have been using a higher resistance kangertech atomizer than the original ... 2.2 ohms rather than the standard 1.8 ohms. The higher resistance has the effect of lowering the coil temperature a bit, but, still more than hot enough for vaporization, making for a cooler puff.

  18. Steve Weglein

    Taste .... the final frontier in pen vaporizers. Although I suppose taste isn't critical to medicinal value (but I'm not even sure about that) it sure makes the experience more enjoyable. Up until very recently, despite the fact that an e-pen with a loaded 'cart' is a clean and very easy way to medicate, and is always within reach, several times a day, I would still make the effort to load up my oil-well, and 'vape' the 'old-fashioned' way.... It was that much more enjoyable. Not any more, however .... its not worth the effort. I finally got my e-pen .... hummin'. I use a KangerTech cartomizer with a bottom heated atomizer, and heat tempered glass body. The 'cart' is sold as 'wickless', since the heating element is on the bottom, gravity feeds the atomizer. On close inspection of the atomizer (the 'cart' completely disassembles - all parts replaceable), I noticed a small piece of wick circumnavigating the atomizer opening. With that tiny wick in place, the taste was still mediocre - at best. I removed the wick from a replacement atomizer, and used it in the original 'cart'............ Bingo ..... the sweet taste of absolute amber ..... in an e-pen. Not only does it taste good, but, a full sized 'hit' is no problem. The e-pen even gurgles and hisses just like the e-cigs do with nicotine laced 'juice', when the power button is pushed (I am using fully decarboxylated absolute amber, and it still has a delightful fore-taste as well as after taste). Needless to say, my oil-well is in retirement, ready for emergency duty only. If I successfully arrive in Portland tomorrow night with my medicine intact (I am flying on Southwest), my 'tasty cart' will be available for sampling at class on Friday. Cya then Steve

    1. skunkpharmresearch

      Good points bro, and we have finished testing a gaggle of e-pens with oil skillets instead of modified 510 carts, that I need to get summarized and posted. In a word, advancement continues to be swift and the products just keep getting better. Looking forward to checking out yours! GW

    2. Justin

      Heavy BHO or ISO will begin to leak from any bottom coil clearomizer, whether Kanger Mini Protank ( glass) , Mini Kanger T3S, or GS-H2. If you fill roughly 100 clearomizers with 1 gram each slowly over the course of a few days they will begin to leak from center hole. ( all clearomizers were checked for defects prior to filling ).( care was taken not to over tighten ).

  19. Steve Weglein

    btw, I forgot to ask in the previous post .... and things may be somewhat different down here in SoCal, but ...... I am having no success, either locally, or, on the net in my quest to buy a glass syringe. Tiny plastic syringes are easy (the kind junkies use) mostly made for diabetics, but a big old fashioned glass syringe ..... wherever I ask for them I get looked at like I'm a junkie ... its quite intimidating .... and on the net I find syringes but they end up being plastic ..... where can I get a glass (possibly even heat tempered glass) syringe with a large bore needle (mostly to refill carts)? TIA Steve

    1. Steve Weglein

      Thank you .... I saw them there, but found what I needed on Amazon. The glass syringe that I would have liked is called a control syringe ... It has 3 finger/thumb rings to allow one handed syringe operation ... but at $3-500 apiece, I settled for a conventional heat resistant glass 10 ml syringe for $20. I found the perfect cartomizer (clearomizer), finally. KangerTech Mini Pro-Tank II. It has a heat resistant glass body, and comes with both a 1.8 and 2.4 ohm atomizer. These are bottom heating elements, so no wick. There is (was) a tiny wick at the bottom which I removed easily ... I am using the 2.4 ohm atomizer at the moment. I am using fully decarboxylated absolute amber, which is just 'mushy' enough to keep feeding the bottom heating element. The draw is better as well because the tube is a larger bore. Besides working on demand, with a standard 3.7 volt base, ... it actually tastes good. Still not as much flavor as my oilwell ... but the same good flavor, at least. The syringe made filling the 'cart', much easier, btw Cya Friday Steve

  20. Steve Weglein

    I am fairly new to portable vaporizers They have obviously improved them, and this is probably why I have not encountered the leak problems mentioned earlier. I have access to a variety of carts and battery cases, and have a few observations. The standard 510 battery and case is where I began my 'journey. There appears to be 2 basic cart types. The standard one is clear with 2 wicks. There is also a 'better' quality variety, also clear, with no visible wicks (they are inside the center column, I think). My experience (quite limited) was that the cart without exposed wicks was a nonstarter .... no vapor with a standard battery (the only type I was aware of at the time). As I had encountered no leakage problems, and had a hard time believing that my units would work reliably with absolute amber in the shatter form, to continuously give me a vapor hit ..... I concentrated on producing a decarboxylated pristine absolute amber ..... boiling off the alcohol almost completely, and then in a stainless steel ramekin, I quickly boil off the remaining ethanol, and decarboxylate as quickly as possible (to preserve as much THC as possible). I then inject this (goo) in the cart when it has cooled somewhat, but, still 'liquidy'. I can lay my 'pen' down, or store it in any position without leaks, though the decarboxylated oil definitely flows (very slowly) within the cart. At first, the standard battery gives a fairly adequate vape ( I believe the fact that some oil gets in the center hole on filling helps the initial puffs ). After a bit, the vaped 'doses' get smaller however ..... it becomes more and more difficult to bet more than a 'maintenance' dose ..... another reason probably is that the lighter portions of the oil get used up earlier nd the remaining heavier oils need more temp to vape. This led me an excellent solution ..... the variable voltage battery. There are quite a few these days .... I have been using the 'Fluid Raptor' brand unit. What I've found is that at about 3.8 volts, I get a full 'dose' initially, with a cart full (to the line) of decarboxylate. After some time the doses get smaller ..... time to bump up the voltage ... a tenth of a volt at a time. At about 4.3 volts the heaviest of remaining oil will vaporize satisfactorily. It is amazing how long a filled cart will last, btw. I have been medicating for over 45 years, quite heavily for the most part ... I would think my tolerance is just about as high as it could be ..... (smoking a couple of ounces of top quality bud a week). Until I made my 1st batch of 'Holy Shit', nothing I had eaten had more than almost unnoticeable effect, in amounts that immobilized others, because I had so much THC already in my system. An eyedropperful of 'holy shit' however, is very effective for me. I have not done a scientific study, by any means, but, 2 ounces of Skywalker OG (what I grow) will easily give me 6 grams of Absolute Amber (more actually, but for simplicity sake). Using my oilwell, that will easily last more than a week ... much more. Lately, I only use my Fluid e-cig (not even the oil-well) .... It keeps me satisfied, and I quite casually use it wherever I am .... restaurants, bowling alleys, smoke free downtowns like Burbank or Calabasas, as well as home ..... I will be flying up to Portland for the extraction class ..... I checked, and unfortunately, Southwest has an explicit ban on e-cigs ...... thank goodness for 'holy shit' !!!! The portable vape pens appear to be very efficient/economical....... it seems like a 2 ml cart lasts me a week or more ... astounding really .... my consumption is down by 2/3s..... and my lungs are so much clearer, as well...... thanks to the great information on this site Looking forward to meeting you all on Friday the 13th for the Alcohol Extraction Class Thanks again Steve

  21. Marc

    J.D. Great day to you, I was at the July class too, and wondering if waters@headydesign is the same guy with the mini G pens?

  22. ahinshaw

    Was present at the July bho class where we got to see several vape pens. One in particular was glass and offered a dosage that primed and seen through the site glass. This particular vape functioned quite well but I didn't catch its name. Do you recall?

  23. Vapor review

    Excellent weblog right here! Also your site loads up very fast! What web host are you the usage of? Can I get your associate hyperlink in your host? I want my site loaded up as fast as yours lol

  24. S

    I am wondering if Ryan ever sent you one of his I-CON Pro vaporizers and, if yes, if you are testing it yet. My ultimate goal is making my own extract for use in one of these pen vaporizers (That and to use in edibles.) but it's hard to find good reviews and I'm not willing to spend a Benjamin to find out if it works or not. p.s. - I'm drooling over your classes and am trying to justify spending the airfare from AZ to attend a BHO class.

  25. digigold

    I would not recommend using an e-go battery (3.7-3.8V) for this. You are way better off getting VV/VW mod PV. I got a Vamo that can go up to 6V or 15W depending on addy resistence. The Vision STV Nova Tank Clearomizer addys I have work well for me. You can get the Vamo for about $40, and the addy for $12 (There are cheaper addys out there like the Kanger MT3 shown in this article for $6, but IMHO going chep on your addy is never a good idea.) **Prices from I have use a STV Nova w/ a Vamo to vape regularly. I usually purchase ((haven't tried making my own yet.) some VG cannabis extract tincand mix 4 parts of this VG with 1 part plain PG (super cheap). I sometimes add some flavoring as well. This combo vapes well at 9-10W. Cutting the VG with PG reduces clogs and the necessary wattage, so if you used 30% PG instead of 20% like me, It will vape even better and you can turn the power down on the VAMO, but you sacrifice on taste and potency. Happy Vaping!

    1. skunkpharmresearch

      Thanks for the input DG! Not sure why we would need more battery capacity, when we are able to vaporize straight oil with what we have. Have you tried any vapor pens using straight oil yet?

    2. endora

      I''m curious about how to thin some good winterized bho with straight propylene glycol. Any thoughts on this, or links to further discussions? Grams of dabs are everywhere in clubs and also easy and fast to make; I want to learn this final last step for pen vaporizers.

        1. endora

          I did some testing last night. It is very easy to thin bho to the desired consistency by submerging a small beaker in a 140 degree water bath. You add the propylene glycol and then dissolve the winterized bho into it. Takes about 10 minutes. A syringe is then used to add the oil to the cartridge. Worked flawlessly! Ratios run from 1 part pg to 1 part bho to maybe 1 part pg to 4 parts bho for a much thicker oil. Altus Optimus pen vapes need a really thick oil; other types need a more fluid consistency. It's important to use the best propylene glycol you can get. Available on Amazon and eBay for cheap. Yay!

  26. max peselev

    How would one go about finding parts and components necessary to design and build a portable vaporizer pen of there own... I know that may seem like a elementary question but I am interested in the idea of toying around with making my own but have no idea where to find the parts to do so.. any tips or places you ould point me to? thanks!!!

  27. Ryan Boyle

    I am the owner of I-Con Vape an Arizona based, pen style vaporixor company. We have what i believe to be the best cartridge to use for concentrates, as ell as one for flowers and one for tinctures. Our conentrate tank( the I-CON Pro) is a ceramic chamber with heating element, no wick system what so ever. I would be honored to send you one. It is the least I could do for the wealth of knowledge you have bestowed upon us all. Let me know where to send one for you guys!---Thanks again for this site!

  28. Genki

    I use my Smoktech Redux (clearomizer) cut the metal tube low profile exposing the heating element and wick. Trimmed the wicks and you have a small dabbing well. Place your Wax or Budder (do NOT use natural Concentrates) onto the heating element and fire a few times to melt (can also be done using a lighter).

  29. Nicki

    I recently stumbled over a new pen company in southwest CO called the Trill Pen. So far it is a dependable pen without leaky cartridges or battery issues (since early December)... They offer options for carts (flowers, oil, etc) and the guys who sell them went out of their way to make sure I knew how to use my pen and have even followed up with me to make sure im happy!! The price was fair compared to the Gpen and Atmos... but their customer service is what is really winning me over!

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