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Los Angeles Votes to Shut Down Canna-Businesses

Los Angeles Wants to Close our Businesses: City Votes for Shutdown During Application Period. 


The City of Los Angeles Rules Committee votes to close marijuana businesses during the application period.

Last week, the Rules, Elections, and Intergovernmental Relations (REIG) Committee heard public comment on and voted to PASS the proposed regulatory recommendations that will close down non-retail cannabis businesses though the application process. That means businesses open today will have to close their doors for months, many workers will lose their jobs, and patients will lose access to their medicine.

The City effectively put into motion a recommendation that will mean:

- LA dispensaries will not be able to secure local products for sale. Legal licensed suppliers from outside Los Angeles may become the main beneficiaries, as local growers and producers looking to become regulated will not be able to continue operations during the application period.

- All other license types will have to close their doors for months.

- Workers will lose their jobs and/or face massive pay cuts.

- Patients will not have the access guaranteed by MCRSA, Prop 64 and Measure M, as a result of a bottleneck in supplies and/or shortages.

- The illicit market will thrive in LA. The threat of business interruption will act as a disincentive to some companies looking to transition into the regulated market through the application process. Patients who can't find supplies in stores will continue to support the illicit market.

However, there seems to be an understanding that something needs to be done to fairly and responsibly regulate the local LA cannabis industry. The Rules Committee’s proposals will be voted on by the entire Los Angeles Council, and provisional licenses might be recommended. It's imperative for the entire Los Angeles marijuana business community to remain on the alert for updates, and to get involved.

As businesses that may be affected by the threatened shutdown, you can voice your concerns by following up with your Council Member. Please find your Council Member using this link. Call and/or email their office to voice your support for creating a transition to a legal marijuana industry that will not destroy Los Angeles businesses in the process, to the benefit of the illicit market. If your business is looking for a path to become licensed and legal, you need to make certain there will be no interruption to your business throughout the application process.

You can also get involved with the LA Cannabis Task Force in it's efforts to engage the City Council. As Members of the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force, Marijuana Media supports the Task Force's efforts to bring meaningful change for the benefit of the industry. To contact the LACTF, please visit:

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