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Opiate Withdrawal

In the course of providing oil potions to OMMP patients with various diseases, we've had some notable successes reported that we would like to share with you in the patients own words.

Opiate withdrawal is one of those areas of success, so here is a testimonial from one of our first major success, followed by a day to day log from our last successful withdrawal on cannabis oil reported to us.

The first is from a patient addicted for 8 years and using 270mg morphine sulfate a day, and the second addicted for 15 years to 60 mg Morphine sulfate per day and 4 mg Klonopin per night.

The second made his decision to withdraw from the opiates, after switching medical providers and being told that they would not prescribe pain medications for him, as long as he used cannabis, unless it was a terminal condition.

Successful withdrawal after 8 years!

Successful withdrawal after 8 years of heavy opiate dosage over a 90 day period on QWET oil , to become opiate free.

He initially tried reflux extracted oil, but the concentrated chlorophyll turned his digestive tract inside out. We extracted his first QWET oil and it worked well for pain, so he attended one of our skunk pharm classes and learned to make his own so that he was self supporting.

Here is his thank you letter to us from Ronnie B, aka Southpaww, and may I note that he stayed opiate free and subsequently successfully withdrew himself from the oil as well? _________________________________________

I want to thank the people whom taught me to be healthier today.

Graywolf, Eloquentsolution, Joe, Growgeek, you are just awesome.

You taught me to make the oil in Nov. and as of then, I was able to reduce the Morphine intake from three, to one 60mg a day by months end.

In Dec. I returned the script for 90- 60mg. Morphine and asked for 30′s instead. The Dr. does know of my oil intake.

I used 24 of the 90 pills 30mg. this month, and for the last 10 days I have been RX free.

I had my Dr. appt. today and was able for the first time in over 8 years, to not get a refill.

I am for the new year FREE of the Morphine.

Thank You: The 4 Amigos


Successful withdrawal after 15 years!

Eddie Kirk is another associate of both ours and Ronnie B's, whom successfully withdrew from both Morphine and Klonopin using cannabis oil.  At his request, we supplied enough of our Holy Shit potion to supports his efforts.

Sent 26 August 2012 - 09:26 AM by Eddie Kirk

Hi you two Graywolf and Eloquentsolution. I have used the medicine as you have written. And I believe I am almost done. It's been a long 14 days and I can see an end to this. I have kept a journal of the withdrawal process. And will be finishing it in the next day or 7 days. I want to be off the Morphine. I am off the Klonopin.

Find below the journal. When it is finished. (say another 7 days) I will submit it to you for your web site. I will not use it here. It will be yours.

Thank you both, Kirk

15 milligram Morphine sulfate extended relief. Two every 24 hours 2-2Mg Klonopin per night.


So Hi

I wanted to be able to thank you in a proper and unobtrusive way. Lol This will be un-edited journal of withdrawal……

I have already shared almost everything that happened to me today including today's doctor visit with Dale and he is a pretty smart guy, he thanked you for helping me both with the cancer meds and a chance to come off all the narcotics I am on, ((which should not be hard) I have done it before. It mostly effects my attitude not much body chills or changes in eating, I always notice I have more energy and able to do more. And with the meds you gave me and because Providence found THC in my blood or urine. Yeah so we saw that coming, so no big deal. I have been on 2-4 mils of klonopin for over ten years, and Morphine extended relief (well today 30 mils) in the morning lasts me till about noon the next day.


Day 2 felt like dropping down to 15 mils for 24 hours so waited till 4 pm, felt terrible by then, had a great appetite slept with 2 mils of K.

Day 3 no cannabis by lungs, except two “vape” hits of A-flame. Woke at 7:30am went back to sleep until 8:30 then laid in one place contemplating the day and the pain I had not felt in a long time in my back Lets say 4th or 5th thoracic, a very deep pain.

An hour later I made my move and sat up, (day two no bowl movement)

Let’s see by noon I was taking my first dose of the day. No breakfast as usual 1:30 began to feel withdrawal took half a15 mil morphine and another dose.

(Figured to take the second half sometime during the late afternoon)

By four thirty felt slight withdrawal decided to take 2nd half and another dose.

6:30 first toke off pipe in three days decided to type this, Have chat tonight. Going to try and make it and Carla’s party tomorrow.

Day four spent most of three hours in bathroom, Essh. Day four woke feeling good. Best day yet woke with no pain, called friend. 10 am going to a party today. 10:30 need dose woke to Daughter’s Boyfriend in the house. Surprise!

Be back later.

The day started much better. No pain in my back lots in my right leg. I have had it for a long time but now I really feel it. Definitely livable?

1:30 still nothing to report down south, too bad. Oh boy. Need to take maybe a half a pill here in a bit so thought I’d write a quick update. Lets see had once stronger dose this morning. I am Feeling good. It’s a very hot day here and on my way to a party at EloquentSolution’s home.

Our Son gave me oil to vaporize.

Day five I think I lost a day. Chills and nausea No appetite Spent morning on “Pot” Titration

Day five woke at 7:30am went back to bed until 9am. Have to meet someone today to hand out seeds, spent most of the day in bathroom, I feel like crap. 12 noon. Still having to go to the bathroom, sweats, took half a 15 mil Morphine. And smoked a bowl of some fresh herb we just cured.

My Wife is spending the day sleeping. I feel like there is an end. Man this has been a long five days.


Day 7 am titrated went back to bed. Fell out at around 2 am (no klonopin for 5 days now). Son gave us the morning wake and bake (with oil) 1 am feeling much better today slight headache. Yesterday was the hardest day. I felt sick most of the morning and did get some rest after taking some kind of nausea pill.


I have been irritable all day (not too much). Just wanted to let you all know too expect this. I am keeping my mind busy laughing with the kids.


Morning. I thought I was almost done and find out I am not. I did not sleep last night. I did try around 4:30 just shutting off TV and laying in the dark till day light. I turned the computer on to see what was going on here at the sites. I did pass out from about 8 something to 10AM then the kids came in and here I am.

Bowel movements are not right yet. One large admittance of my wrongness to alls those kicking drugs “This is not easy!”. I hope I am almost over this! I am down to one half of a 15 mil tablet twice a day every 24 hours, And HAOH


Last night I called an “audible irritable” (meaning: Beware I did not feel good). I feel sick today it’s 3:50pm and I went to bed sometime around two and woke at 9. So I think this was my first nights rest in a few days. Much “to do” in the bathroom. Take a bath and get ready for the day. I took a quarter of 15 mils of morphine at noon. Titrated. I feel the nausea now today, I am really happy I am maybe almost over this.


I did not go to sleep until day light, woke to Cheri rising at 8 am to leave for her Doctor Appointment. I had the runs this morning. I did make it through the night on that ¼ pill. It’s almost 10am now.

3pm shakes and chills sweating, and all that crap. Lol Titrated after doing dishes. And hear I thought it was over. Hmm…..


went to sleep sometime around 3 or 4am. I woke at 7:30am. I did not take morphine (¼ of a 15 mil. Extended relief) until 12 noon. The bathroom affairs seem to be coming to a closing. (Thank goodness)

Cachexia (Pronounced Kuh-Kek-See-Uh) is one of the symptoms I am showing now. I notice that it rolls around my body affecting the different quadrants. It’s very scary and I suppose shock will participate in this.


4:30pm usually need morphine at 4 going to go as long as I can with none. Seem much more clearly headed today.  I am allowing myself the second half of a half if needed.

6pm feeling fine. (Well as much as one would expect.) I can’t wait for this to be over.

9 pm still on the ¼ 15 milligram dose of morphine from earlier. I feel a shocking sensation rolling around through my hands feet shoulders. This is very weird. My Liver is burning in my side. I spoke with Brother Vinny for a bit the other night in chat. I caught him up with what I was up to. He too wanted to express his gratitude to the Skunk Pharm Research Llc. Team. 10pm I am out doing the dishes. I have chills again and sweat. 11pm. Sh%*. Going to go ahead and take the other half of ¼ 15 milligram Morphine knowing that if I don’t I wont sleep and if I take it to late I won’t be able to sleep. I have not taken any more of the Klonopin since I first started writing this journal. My belly hurts. I hope that these electrical shocks I feel in the palms of my hands and stomach are related to the morphine withdrawal. They shoot down the arm and sit there spinning and then travel to the hands. Oddly enough one of the side effects I see of long term klonopin use is tremors and seizures.


Hi all. I went to sleep last night sometime between 2 and 3 am. I woke at 7:30 or 8am. It is now 10am and I have not had any morphine for about 12 or 13 hours now I think. I will here in a bit maybe take that ¼ dose of 15 milligrams.

It’s 10 am now. I count 13 days. Essh…. I‘ll wait as long as I can before taking any morphine. I would like to get down to a ¼ of one of those 15 milligram pills soon. This is going to be a bit. Honestly I thought this would be easier. I realize now that these drugs were very strong. Using the ………..

What is Klonopin (Clonazepam)?

Clonazepam is in a group of drugs called benzodiazepines (ben-zoe-dye-AZE-eh-peens). Clonazepam affects chemicals in the brain that may become unbalanced and cause anxiety. Clonazepam is used to treat seizure disorders or panic disorder. 

Sent 26 August 2012 - 11:17 AM  From Dudz

Awesome to see your journal, Kirk. I am really impressed with how well you are doing. I can't imagine how difficult it must be, but rest assured it will get easier. Keep your head up buddy.

One thing to keep in mind about the morphine: When you break an extended relief (slow-release) pill, you lose some/a lot/most of the slow-release feature of the pill. How much loss depends completely on the process they used to make that particular pill slow-release (there are several methods). In plain English, this means that the broken pill will not last nearly as long as it is supposed to and you're going to spike and then plummet and feel like utter shit in between doses. I assume you are experiencing this already. If so, you might consider taking even fewer milligrams more often, to smooth it out. 

Sent 26 August 2012 - 11:27 AM by Eddie Kirk

I can't explain how crappy I feel. So yeah.... Thanks Dale. I know nothing about this stuff obviously. I thought I could breeze through this. I have kept my diet and BM's are almost normal. It is much harder than I anticipated. My attitude has been Okay. I have the kids here. So Anyway my stomach hurts and liver is on fire. But other than that.

Hey so yeah I do have sweats and chills now. Darn. I'll be here. Sorry. BBS 

Sent 26 August 2012 - 11:30 AM by Dudz

P.S. I have told Kirk how happy I was that you guys were helping him out like this, and now I will take the opportunity to tell you directly.

Thank you. You guys kick all kinds of ass! What you do for  other people is selfless and humbling. I was going to say "this community", but that is far too narrow of a view. 

Sent 26 August 2012 - 12:59 PM by Ronnie B aka Southpaww

bro why are you not taking enough RSO to NOT feel any of these withdrawlz your going through???????????????

I used enough to feel nuttin and it took me about 30 daz, I wish I did a journal memory is not that good.

I wish you well and a fast recovery 

Sent 26 August 2012 - 01:10 PM by Eddie Kirk 

Well the dosage of RSO is a cancer dosage. The first few days (say four) I was pretty good. Then you can see it went bad. lol I fine right now. I took that piece of morphine at noon. I am going to go all night on just that.

I'll wait to see what ES and JD say. I have been laughing the whole time. No one has been hurt during these proceedings. You helped my Son Ronnie. And I wanted you know I took some of that advice you gave me for him and used it myself keeping plenty hydrated. And fresh fruit. My Daughter Jessica has been here taking care of me and mom. Making us food. I could not have done this without all this love.  

Ronnie B, on 26 August 2012 - 12:59 PM, said:

I did a comma dose when i got off the stuff that way no morph and when i might hurt I hit the RSO vape pipe but no morph I will pray for you and mama plus god bless yer daughter for being there for you.soon bro the bad will be gone.

God Bless Ronnie 

Okay Ronnie. I will work on finishing up the journal for Skunk Pharm.

I will not take anymore Morphine. I want this over. Yuck. Okay I feel fine now, I may not tomorrow. I have not done much for this site except bring views.

I'll have something to write about. lol

Jessie made me and Mama crook neck squash tonight. Yummy.

I love you Ronnie God Bless you.


Sent 26 August 2012 - 05:47 PM By Cheri, Eddie Kirks wife

I have never known a group that made me prouder to be friends with than u all i am truly humbled....lost half my post..arrrg new board anyway..i luv u all..may you be blessed with the same kindness u have given to others..AMEN........♥ 

Sent 28 August 2012 - 08:18 AM by Eloquent Solution

Very nice posts. thank you all for the great information. ronnie on kicking the monkey, jessie for loving food, mag for the vapes, cheri for the love and kirk for the work. bless you all!....but especially kirk. 

Sent 28 August 2012 - 09:48 AM by Ronnie B

God Bless anyone willing to go the mile to a new life. The journey is not fun. I guess someone had to do the kicking, so others would know there is a way off the pharma drugs.

By way of this miracle oil that the Skunk Pharm taught me to make. YOU are the ones I want to thank for my new life.

This place ROKZ ASS when it come to helping others. 

Sent 30 August 2012 - 06:32 PM  by Cheri, EK's wife

It isnt over yet..he moods swings are still the cat broke his bubbler...the only thing he smokes out of...ever.when he smokes...uggg i will never hear the end of this...arrrrrrggggg.....apparently my fault..was asleep at the time but..go figure...feel free to delete this tidbit 

Sent 30 August 2012 - 07:35 PM by Eddie Kirk

R u stalking me? Lol

Go back to bed.


Sent 30 August 2012 - 07:47 PM by Dudz


Sent 30 August 2012 - 08:51 PM by Eloquentsolution

Eye roll 

Sent 30 August 2012 - 08:57 PM by Ronnie B

Aint withdrawl grand LOL

be nice it is only glass bro 

Sent 30 August 2012 - 10:11 PM by Cheri

ty ronnie i iz good girl,lol..AND..ITS JUST A PIECE OF 

Sent 31 August 2012 - 09:18 AM by Eloquentsolution

ty, ronnie. just thought i'd mention, the meds kirk is using are made from the material you donated. so, a big thanks to your generousity, ronnie!  

Sent 31 August 2012 - 12:14 PM by Ronnie B

AAHHHH!!!!!!!! you know all my trim belongs to the Pharm love ya sista and kool tell me Kirk howz it taste never sampled it yet.

Peace to ya bro keep up the good recovery, THIS is NOT a 12 STEP lozer program either {from persoanal experiance} IMO WE never go back to the RX killer chit........... 

Sent 31 August 2012 - 12:50 PM by Eddie Kirk

Kool tell me Kirk howz it taste never sampled it yet.

Very Cinnamon like structure. Smooth oil tasting. As the Cinnamon saturates the mouth leaving a hint of myrrh followed by a warming sensation throughout the body. Lastly after about 30 min. the cinnamon and myrrh is gone leaving only a slight oily texture coating the mouth. I LOVE IT.!!

TY Ronnie. 

Sent 31 August 2012 - 01:23 PM by Ronnie B

sounds yummy

I used the vape oil in a pea size ball 3/4X a day talk about a comma LOL love ya all keep on keepin on 

Sent 02 September 2012 - 02:34 AM by Graywolf

Thank ya'll brothers and sisters for the good thoughts!

Thanks for making the withdrawal journal for us Kirk and thanks for your ongoing supply of trim Ronnie, which when it is all said and done, is the magic ingredient.

As long as you continue to supply your trim for free, we will continue to extract and formulate it for free.

Thanks for both your good humor and good thoughts Cheri! What would Kirk do without you, even if you do break his glass pieces in your sleep? 

Sent 02 September 2012 - 09:35 AM by Eddie Kirk

Yep I can only take one or two hits max of the oil in a vape and I am toast. lol Love you Brother. ♥   

Sent 02 September 2012 - 02:07 PM by Eddie Kirk

I am still going to the bathroom twice or three times a day. Essh got a burning in my stomach muscles and liver and still have those rapid vibrations in my lower extremities. Something like ALS . I will make a DOC app. this week and get another look at.  

Sent 02 September 2012 - 02:08 PM by Eddie Kirk

eloquentsolution, on 02 September 2012 - 01:52 PM, said:

this is just so interesting to watch. thanks for including us.

We love you .See ya tomorrow ES. ♥  

Sent 02 September 2012 - 08:04 PM by Ronnie B

the quiver will stop but when you get dehidrated it will be back so keep hydrated bro love ya and keep up keepin up 

Sent 02 September 2012 - 08:05 PM By Ronnie B

even today I have the quiver and know I need H2 O 

Sent 02 September 2012 - 08:32 PM by Eddie Kirk

This is surprising. I am shocked that you say you have quivering also. None of the doctors have ever mentioned that the morphine /might /may/IS/ causing the shaking and or misfiring of nerves in my calf.

I need to drink more clear water instead of just coffee. Ronnie I should have done this years ago. I think I may have messed myself up permanently; But you know this. lmao.

Man I don't know how many days its been, but today the bathroom "Crap" was none stop. I don't feel like I am being effected by the Klonopin and or Morphine. But I must be. I feel stupid doing drugs I know nothing about. 

Sent 02 September 2012 - 08:33 PM by Eddie Kirk

(Ronnie B, on 02 September 2012 - 08:05 PM, said:

even today I have the quiver and know I need H2 O) Is it in your legs? 

Sent 03 September 2012 - 03:30 AM by Ronnie B

yes it is the legs, like restless leg syndrom, and the calves will cramp up real bad makes me leap from a deep sleep to flyin out of bed. But as soon as i drink a big glass or 2 of water it will stop within a few min. and coffee will but not enough to hydrate you drink at least a gallon of water a day

Soon bro it will be over sounds like you are on the down hill slide of it now.

Ronnie B 

Sent 03 September 2012 - 05:47 AM by Eddie Kirk

I seen you here on PIF earlier. I had another sleepless night. Thanks for sharing with me.

Can I ask you how long you had the cramping in your legs? I really have never been through this. I just did what my doctor said. Really I was ordered to take up to 120 mg of Oxycontin and refused it years ago after taking it for a few years for degenerative disc disease. Now I have this undulations happening in my right calf. (I have had them for about a solid year now.) It started with my right leg weighing(feeling) like 100lbs. I had terrible cramps in that leg when sleeping which would wake me from a klonopin induced sleep. I had to use a walker. Doctors did those tests on me looking for the back damage and found cancerous nodes on my liver spleen and kidneys. They stopped messing with the back and concentrated on the liver. All the while knowing I had had Hep-C for over thirty years.

So I left Kaiser and went to providence. Of course they don't like THC so they said they would help me detox off the morphine. I did it myself. Or I should say I am doing it now. I really expected to be through this like weekend homework. lol

Okay I will go get water.

Been off the RX for I think Five days. Still having weird hours in the bathroom. Blah.

Okay i woke mom up making coffee. I guess I will walk over to the store grab some smokes. Take a bath. And get over to ES about 12 noon,

See ya later Ronnie.

BBL Kirk

See you later today ES. ♥

Sent 03 September 2012 - 09:37 AM by Ronnie B

I still have it on ocassion but no where as bad. BUT you need to drink water white grapefruit juice and cranberry juice I went through a gallon plus of water every day and half gallon of each juice daily. the quivers and discomfort is mostly nerves refiring naturally instead of DRUG induced muscle coma.

and 5 days is a good start give it anouther 40 dayz. Remember when I got off the RX it only took a few days then a month of nerve refiring.

I know you can get through this. You have a supporting family this helps big time.

Walking and lots of streatching will help with the muscles

Have fun today tellem all hello for me


Sent Yesterday, 05:22 AM by Graywolf

Good journal, thanks! I think I will add an opiate withdrawal page for both yours and Ronnie's experiences.

How much longer do you estimate until you are stable and comfortable enough to announce a success?


 PS: Did Providence give you any ultimatums when they found cannabis in your system? 

Sent Yesterday, 09:21 AM by Eddie Kirk 

Hey Graywolf.

Good questions.

I left the Kaiser Medical group after 15 years of continual care. I had seen those doctors at least 6 times a year I finally got fed up with there ignoring my symptoms and left that Medical group and moved to Providence.

I was honest with Providence about the MMJ use, and they said they would not prescribe pain medication to "people who had THC in there system, " Or "If and Only if they had a terminal condition".

At the time of that first and second visit to Providence they did not have my years of records in front of them.

I asked if I could see the pain management specialist and was offered an outside provider other than Providence, Rather than jump those whoops and take their offer I decided to stop taking the klonopin and the Morphine on my own. I have several full bottles of both here.

Next question.

I have been clean from both the drugs now for about 30 days. I did not sleep last night again.

I have a sleeping disorder. My mind does not shut down to easily. It took years to build up to the level of Klonopin I was taking. All the while the drug stopped and rebuilt those brain pathways leaving me no natural melatonin . So I suspect the lack of sleep will prevail for sometime.

I would say that I am clean at this time and have no desire to take the medication here at hand. I started detoxifying that first day. So anytime you post will be fine. I am ready.

Thanks for your time and energy.

Like I said i have lots of medicine here if I wanted it. So I would say I am done.


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    1. Chris

      hopefully by now your recovering nicely. It can be done if you want your life back bad enough. I kicked 240 mg original oxycontins, broke back got me 10mg twice a day and with 24 month I was at 80mg x's 3 a day ten years of methadone and now im on half a milligram bupe or call it suboxone but its the bupe sublingual crumbly pill that tastes like a bicycle tire lol Hang in there 29 year old guy and I promise by this time next year you can be and feel way better than you can remeber All good stuff is hard to accuire, including your freedom from opiods and piece of mind. Hang in there like the kitten with one nail hanging from the string

  12. jb

    I was first given pain meds by my Dr about ten years ago. I loved the way they made me feel and was instantly in love. Needless to say my dr cut me off about two years ago after a MRI that showed i was healed . I went to the streets. as a lot of people have done.. I have about a 120 mg a day habit now. I am done with this ..i want to stop..i have spent a lot of money on them and have lost my. wife and about to lose. my house. Does this oil really work..have spet many night in withdrawals and am now..i have access to a lot of do i find out how to make it or hell i just want my life back!

    1. Eddie Kirk

      First, I am sorry your in pain this evening, The oil does work. You;ll need access to about 1/2 a gram a day, The oil will put you to sleep. during your hours of being awake you will still have the "runs" you may even feel like "puking" but honestly if you have desire you must not try and cut down, It only prolongs the withdraws, In order to make the oil you;ll need to either read up on how to do it yourself. (safely) or buy it at a local club. If you are an OMMP member it will be easy to find, If your not a licensed Patient in some state or another then you will be on your own in finding a maker . There are a number of websites that teach people how to make the oil safely. Feel free to contact me in Oregon (if you live here) for more support. I work along side of eloquent solution, co founder of skunk Pharm Research, (specialized Formulations )

      1. jb

        I will check into was hell and tonight is not looking better.I so want to be done with the pills! I have smoked some very very good stuff that we have on the east coast here and it helps me for a bit. I need something that last longer ..i also xant go to work smelling like a joint...i have hid being high for so long that no one even knows that i am or suspects ...i will keep posting my results for everyone to read...i am doing it this time!!!! Two days in and i am prepared to stick it outno matter how long. it takes....thank you...any websites on how to make the oil is appreciated ..the pot here in the mtns of the east coast is very good and the oil i hope to get from it will help pull me thru...until then i will continue to smoke it and persevere ....thank you guys...jb

  13. Silversouth

    Those who suffer with severe opiate (or any drug) dependence and have had no success using any other method to break free from the grip of the substance ahould take a look at rapid detox. It is an expensive process to go through but one that has a very high success rate and a MUCH less painful path to freedom than traditional methods. The detox process takes 3-6 days and on the short side of that for opiate only dependents. It is also less expensive for a single type of substance dependence. Any person interested in more information is free to leave a message and I will be happy to relate my experience.

  14. gooddeedfortheday

    So much unnecessary suffering in that diary. There is a humane, virtually pain free way to withdraw off heavy opiate addiction: 30 day subuxone taper 30-90 day gabapentin course concentrates & oil throughout, but especially important after the 30 days of suboxone, when you are completely off opiates and the post-acute withdrawal syndrome starts. Cannabis is an amazing healing medicine, and is very supportive during withdrawal but will not make someone just not feel withdrawal, unless they have a very light habit. Someone with a $500 a day heroin habit is just going to go through hell no matter how much oil they consume, and that is if they can even stand taking oil when they are actually experiencing a level of anxiety approaching panic attack levels continuously for 5 days. A 30 day subuxone taper can provide an extremely smooth exit from opiate addiction. Gabapentin is another miracle that will make one feel normal when stopping the subuxone, because otherwise a person will just not feel normal, themselves or good for a few months following a heavy addiction. The road is long after the acute withdrawal is over. Besides this being the most humane way to detox someone off opiates, its also key to keeping them from relapsing. People relapse because they feel awful for months after quitting. Its physical, and not a moral failing. If they can feel normal & good, they are much more likely to not go back to opiates to "be able to work again" or "be able to handle life again". Please share this info with anyone that wants off opiates. 30 day suboxone taper, gabapentin course and concentrates, concentrates, concentrates. Mankind has solved the problem of opiate withdrawal, it doesn't have to be agony anymore.

    1. R.Salinetro

      I'm sry but I'm a person who has to disagree with you about the suboxone.I started taking suboxone approximately 6yrs ago in hopes that I would be able to get away from narcotics.much to my surprise here I am still taking suboxone today.mind you I only have to take roughly a quarter of a strip(about 2mg/day)just to be able to get through each day.for some reason when I try not to take it I actually feel worse than I would feel from opiate with drawl.bowl movements are nonstop not to mention I get so irritable that the simplest of chores become daunting as well as frustrating.oh,and how can I forget the fact that I literally cannot sleep no matter what I do mainly due to the restless leg syndrome feeling I get that is just intense to the point where I'm actually pushing off my bedframe with my feet just so I can keep my legs from moving.I do know a few other people that experience the exact same problems as myself that have also been taking suboxone for yrs now and I in all honesty can't speak for them but I am so tired of this life and just want it to end.hate to say but I'm a person who gets them from others so not there's problem number one,illegal.second is that they are becoming harder to find as well as getting too expensive and third is the fact that I've lost soo much in the past years from this and I know I'll never be able to get them back nor makeup for anything or anyone I've hurt in those years but I would very much love to get my life back and at least have a chance at being happy again.any info regarding this and anything anyone could recommend for this problem would greatly be appreciated.

  15. Victoria

    Hi I'm in desperate need of help here. My 54 year old mother has been using vicodon and klonopin in large doses daily for many years to treat chronic pain caused by degenerative disk disease, osteo perosis, bulging disks, and torn rotator cuffs in both arms, all conditions that will only worsen with age. At this point her opioid tolerance is high despite her best efforts to maintain a healthy dose, and her pain so severe it barely puts a dent in it. She's also started having very negative side affects from the vicodon, constipation, trouble urinating, etc. We do not live in a medical marijuana state but I do have some resources at my disposal. I myself have smoked marijuana for several years but know nothing about extracts or the best methods for treating pain, and while smoking a joint with me seems to make her medicine more effective I know it's not a solution. What if anything do you suggest?

  16. kim

    Hello all I just wanted to mention what a great thing it is just be able to decrease the amount of Opioid.Many people also need opioid pain medication, Studies show a decreased amount of opioids when Cannabis is used simultaneously to treat same amount of pain. By the way How do I get the opportunities to meet you fine folks. would love to see what I might be able to help with on a volunteer basis? Thank you Kim A.

  17. Kim Brolutti

    What was recommended to me when FUC.... Permanente of Kaiser Perm withdraw me off of 110 mg ms and ms. one week. Paul Stanford of THCF told me to take one gram concentrate qd(daily) in any fashion. AS I mentioned in an earlier post on this subject My wife and I are or were R.,N.s . Three days in we would look at each other and laugh "Whens it going to start"Knowing I would already be sick as shit especially since my first pain contract was in 1994 without cecastion Needless to say it worked Good luck K

  18. johnny immaculate

    I'm interested in how much oil was consumed. Both in the total all together and in the dose each time and how often during each 24 hour period. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  19. Kim Brolutti

    Probably Dealing with Kaiser Permanente.Those are the folks that decided that if I use cannabis I can't be treated for pain.After a two year long battle the decided In there great wisdom(BS) thaI should be taken off 100 mg Ms and breakthrough meds in one week. Called Paul Stanford Pres. THCH Recommended one Gm. Concentrat by mouth daily,Which I did Three days later may wife and I just look at each other and and nsay when are ther withdrawal going to start.THEY NEVER DID! It is a Park-Davis medication from the thirties Good luck all. K

  20. Holly

    I found your site by 'accident' if there is such a thing. I am a [young] 53 yr old Woman who is now 10 years on opiates for cervical spine issues. While searching the problem they [Drs] discovered 'other problems' - namely a Spinal Hemangioma in C7. Supposedly the majority are seen in lower or mid-back...NOT cervical bones. It is a type of Benign Tumor inside the bone. The vertebrae goes into a "honeycomb' appearance and x-rays & MRI's can see them as white or clear -- and can almost see right through it. It can go eggshell thin and rupture is always the issue. My body then to 'support it' created a horrible Bone Spur that pushes right onto the Spinal Cord and several MRI's show NO SPINAL FLUID at that spot. This came from years of accidents by car and industrial, being thrown through the windshield...etc.....but I never had to resort to pain meds till this past decade. In researching this one day, I was able to get into 'back door' of one the top MRI Teaching University websites in which I found white papers talking of the excruciating pain associated with such tumors......Yea, tell me @ it!! So my Dr began Hydrocodone w/Tylenol [ of which I quickly had to go from 5 mg to 10 to 15 mg. ] I have always had high tolerance for drugs and fast dispersion in the body [ or low absorption???}...Even in Dentist's office, I have to ask for more Novocaine as it wears off so fast....though they do not believe it. I could eat 3-4 of the 15 mg just to ' take the edge off'....but not rid me of pain. I was on 2 scripts [Don't Ask!!!] and taking 240 per month--- but Guess what? They did NOT last me a month -- but always about 2-3 weeks. Try as I could I could not get 30 days relief out of them.Plus I was worried about Liver issues. Life was also tough with much going on [ that I will not burden you here about] but suffice it to say after many years, my Dr called me " an addict' [ not pain dependent] and I sought other Dr. The new guy still gave me 120 of 15 mg Hydro's until seeing a new MRI with the Spinal Tumor. I was then switched to 10 mg Oxycodone [ straight - no Tylenol] and that went quickly to 15mg and then 30 mg in less than a week or two. I thought this would be good-- but nothing seemed to truly numb the pain. Going through separation and physical abuse [w/ 3 kids @ home] did not help me either. So I was on 180 pills @ 30 mg each PLUS Ten 75 mcg Fentanyl patches per month. I AM STILL ON THESE AND DRUGS ONLY LAST 2-3 I am basically am in detox & withdrawal once a month!!!! EVERY MONTH NOW FOR 3 & 1/2 years. It is killing me! I can easily eat 90-120 mgs of Oxy's and feel NOTHING. I do not mean I am high or pain free.... I mean as if I only just ate a mint--- No effect [ except constipation to kill ya~} But the drug gave me [temporary] ability to work, get stuff done,... but at a great cost. I lost all ability to wake up aNd move or even get up for days. If I did work, I had to trade 1 day's work for 2-3 days off to rest up. If I do get up, I cannot do mornings and it can take me anywhere from 4-8 hours to feel " normal or well". Depression has hit me big and I have basically stayed in bed for the last 3+ years [ kids feed themselves off of?...junk in kitchen.......Have not even cooked in years -- house is in utter chaos...Feel real bad at this] The oxy's made me lose all appetite and for 3+ years I did not eat but once a week, if that... cuz with food I would get no effect for the pain. An empty stomach is best for me. But knew to hydrate -- so I do drink lots of water...still do. Dr then thought perhaps that ' other drugs' would help the brain not feel the I am also on 900-1500 mg daily of Neurontin [ Gabapentin] and also Cymbalta....cannot remember how much mg. Had to drop Cymbalta cuz during my "down week'- the Cymbalta [ I think] made me have side effects where I swore a kept hearing ' doors banging shut-- but could also feel it IN MY HEAD.......It was like someone shut a cabinet door fast & hard....Plus I had other weird crap go on in the periphery of my vision. Plus I swore I could actually feel the synapses or something in my head actually snapping open and close looking for the drugs.......and other bad sh*t in the body. First time on one pill of Neurontin [ years ago w/ 1st Dr] I felt as if EVERY THOUGHT I ever had rushed through my head in nano seconds... though it lasted for hours and hours to get over it. Not sure what that was.... but taking same drug now did NOTHING. So in my monthly detox week...[or 2 weeks each month]...I did not know what was worse..the detox or the pain... I remember soooooooo many times being out of my mind-- laying in bed on one side for hours...sometimes awake, in pain, in detox and not sleeping for 12-16 hours...Trying to not think or feel anything.....some months I did not get out of bed for 3-4 days except to pee [ as so much Oxy in my body did not allow Bowel Movement yet...that would take a while and then go from " rocks' to bile-filled diarrhea. ] WORSE YET, THIS IS HOW MY KIDS WILL SEE ME, TOO..... AND DID~ I knew that lying down so much was not good and I have lost alot of strength, muscle tone.... and TIME. Though I do not have monies enough to just ' waste away'. I would still have to get to the few freelance jobs I have to feed the kids and pay bills. MANY TIMES my kids did my work while I wretched over & over. I CANNOT LIVE LIKE THIS!!!! NO GOOD!!! IT MUST STOP!! I was a Pot Smoker when young, [ and other drugs] but found that as I got older it seemed that if I did smoke, it jut went right into the spinal area I was trying to forget about and made the pain worse....though the 'Head' was ok with the high-- the "Body' was not. And I would have to take something else to numb the pain. One Pain Mgt guy told me that it was real bad & sad how these drugs " remodel the brain"...In other words, your brain has to work in new way now. He thought that there was no getting off them... and I hope I don't agree....but hard to say as I am not off yet~ YET.........such a big word. But I have found YOU good folks and do not know what to do next... Can you help me? How do I go about that? I am in NY state.

  21. Making RSO need help

    […] lose the opiates, using the BHO or QWET process, and have had some notable successes in doing so. Consider trying Holy Anointing Oil or Holy Shit concentrate, made per the recipe at […]

  22. Gemstone

    The oil works exceptionally well for the post acute withdrawal syndrome that can last for years after withdrawing from opiates. There are undoubtedly various effective dosing regimens. To avoid feeling high during the day, taking ¼ gram of oil nightly works and ensures a beautiful night's sleep!

  23. Jim

    God bless anyone who is trying to get off. Using as much loperamide. quinine and advil, along with coffee and good oil really takes the edge out of the first two days. Something about the quinine bonding to the loperamide or immodium allows it to pass blood brain barrier and dull the dopamine receptors from firing like mad. Also I don't suggest to over do it with benzos and sleep meds, but the more relaxed and rested you are the better. Always be titrating down and by the end of week 1 you'll be at 60%. 75% at week two. I've also found using buprenorphine as a step down therapy before you stop everything opiate related is incredibly easier. I would suggest taking as many as 3 for a 500 mg dependency to oxy, and then drop by 1/4 pill per day (of the 8mg sublingual tabs). The last day you should be fine on less than 1/10th of a pill. The first 3 days off will suck, but not nearly as bad as the opiate version. Caution, I know people who've been on bupes for years and they can't get off no matter how hard they try, even with Ayahuasca, Ibogaine, you name it. Its a potent molecule, so have to do a definite step down therapy. Little vodka in the tonic won't hurt when you really struggle. Last resort, try Mick Jagger's suggestion from Sister Morphine. Just don't trade one devil for another. You'll be working again in a week on this regimen, I've seen it work enough to recommend to anyone. Last thing, hot showers as often as you can stand them! Water conducts heat better than air. Good luck guys, and stay strong! Its the hardest thing I've ever had to do so I really hope this helps you. Peace and strength to all

  24. motooil

    Awesome courage to those who want to change their life and health ! I've been treating my Son for about 4-5 months now (vet with PTSD) and is on morphine, oxycodone & prozac. I made him some concentrated oil (blue dream & Harlequin blend 50/50) for day time use and some Martian OG for nite. I used the Rick Simpson method of dosing (huge difference between this method and ingesting) and even though he didn't really try to cut back his meds the concentrate made a HUGE difference in side affects. While on the concentrate his slurring stopped, he got on a schedule, the day time oil got him motivated during the day (lost 30 some lbs) and slept like a baby @ nite. His severe back pain went completely away with the concentrate as the morphine and oxycodone wouldn't touch. He isn't ready yet to give up his addictions...sadly. He knows though there is the BEST option out there. I noticed a few times he would just ingest the concentrate (not dosing properly) and when he became euphoric all his symptoms got worst, anxiety attacks, sweats, his pain got worst, etc.When he dosed correctly he was a completely different and in complete control. Reading these post it seems like the dosing procedure was digesting the concentrate without the proper technique. I'm assuming this of course, but, the withdrawals seem extreme and dosing properly would not be as severe and makes it much easier to withdraw. For the correct application method wax, CO2, shattered glass does not work. Just the good old 'hash oil', honey oil'. I really don't like using the 'Rick Simpson' term, I was smoking concentrated oil back in the late 60's & 70's before he thought about it. What I am referring to is the method he uses to dose...and that is vague to say the least. Dosing properly lets one take larger amounts (depending what use, i.e. cancer, etc.) without becoming euphoric. This method works like a cpu..once in your receptors (upstairs) controls what you digest to your lower receptors. If anyone is interested in the proper dose method I'd be glad to share. I've been using daily for over 11/2 yrs and have tried taking a lot, a little and everything in between, learning how why it would work on some and not others. It took a while but now, it works on everyone (some folks would saliva much more than others, especially one friend with Parkinsons). guys courage to get off the 'crap' is amazing !!! You guys @ Skunk Pharm supplying the meds is an act of kindness that will come back two fold. TY

  25. Steve

    iF YOU NEED ANOTHER TESTAMONIAL AT YOR CLASS i WOULD LOVE TO HELP EDUCAE THE PUBLIC ON THIS ONE WasAn R.N. fo 30+years. Had Multiple tramas as teen and young adult. been on pain medication since lat 1980s.When I retired they (medical providers)talked me into long lasting opiods . ( moths ago Kaiser decided for me to put me on a 3 week ween Ya 3 weeks. Thalked with paul at THCF and was recommended one gram per day.Following his instructions Idid. Every day for two weeks my wife and I would look at each othere and say...When are the withdrawls goiung to start.Ther adose I was on when Kaiser decided for me that I was goiung to quit was 30mg MScontin with 120 oxycodone 5 mg Break tyhrough pain.Not only Knowing the medical side of thing and the first hand experience Might help out everyone including myself.Thanks fell free to contact me if I may fit some of your needs

    1. skunkpharmresearch

      Thanks for sharing Steve! It is always refreshing to see another brother or sister break free of opiate addiction and as you may have noticed reading Eddie Kirks thread, his withdrawal was aided by support from Southpaw, who withdrew first. Sometimes a hand to hold or an understanding ear makes all the difference.

    2. Ommp Payit Forward

      You can find others like yourself on our Oregon Cannabis website. ommp pay it forward. Join me (Eddie kirk) and the others, Thank you Skunk Pharm Research for allowing this venue.

  26. Rahul Gupta

    Round Vacuum Ovens are double walled.Inside Chamber is made of thick stainless steel 304 Quality. Outside chamber is made of mild steel sheet pre greased, pretreated for rust proofing and powder coated material.High grade glass wool insulation between the chambers is made to avoid heat loss. There is uniform drying under Vacuum. for more Please visit: Thank you...........

  27. Jo Funk Spencer

    lordy lou well I pray for good days for all my situations a bit different just got busted growing marijuana in Idaho I'm a disabled man on opioid meds having to go through withdrwal in jail pure torture luckily got bailed then put on subutex for pain and addiction want to cut back on the subutex may have long jail term for growing med marijuana in a concervative state praying to god for an advocate. jail time is absolute torture would rather be dead than live in that kind of pain for days on end please pray if you know of a marijuana advocate or pro bono lawyer please contact best wishes

    1. skunkpharmresearch

      Sorry for your pain bro! Alas, we use Lee Berger in Portland as our cannabis attorney, and highly recommend him, but he's not pro bono or even cheap. If you can find a pro bono attorney there, Lee would most likely help as an expert resource.

  28. ommp pay it forward

    Be sure to check out this and more advanced DIY by the Skunk Pharm Research,LLC on Facebook,

  29. mike

    i seriously feel ya all i was force feed oxy and percocet for 8 years 3 emergancy surgerys later and alot of ommp meds im clean and take a toke for my pain

  30. Vicki B

    I am inspired and motivated by reading this. I suffer from chronic dis-ease and am looking to change type of treatment I get. Thank you all for sharing'.

  31. buy Valium

    Your report provides proven beneficial to us. It’s very educational and you really are obviously extremely well-informed in this field. You have exposed my personal sight to different opinion of this particular subject along with intriguing and strong articles.

  32. Resinpro

    Having recovered from heavy opiate use after a near life ending car accident, as well as having helped many folks in my area with detox, my heart goes out to you both and your success stories are great! Cannabis works wonders for this. I feel bad reading over your diary of trying to live a normal with detox. What I have found is that time frame can be cut significantly, and without most of the withdrawal symptoms you experienced with a few simple steps. I have seen success from folks suffering anywhere from 100-300 mg/day dependencies. Aside from the increasing cannabinoids into your body while you cut back opiates for a week or two(there's a science to that as well), depending on the levels you are taking, absolutely designate those 4 days detox OFF. No work, no family stuff, your in bed. Be ready to be knocked out, get your hydration/diet in order, and a loved one to help monitor. You literally should be ingesting enough quality oil to sleep through most of everything, with few pains if you do wake up. Sleep, nutrition, and oil. Dragging the detox through months of slowly cutting back pills and teasing the brain just makes your body want it all the more. That is also the worst part of the roller coaster ride opiates induce; Too many and your fine, none and your relatively fine shortly after detox, but too few consistently and the mind/body is forced to sit in that emotional limbo. Be serious to be off them, plan to sleep, and get good oil.

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