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Certification with a Smile






3P Certz is a third-party engineering company specializing in services to certify cannabis extraction units and the room in which they reside. We work with manufacturers to ensure safe equipment and facility sites for all cannabis extraction processes.  When equipment or facilities are ready for inspection, our 3P Certz team goes to the location and works with the client to check the processing equipment, ventilation systems, gas detection system and additional safety measures put in place. We certify cannabis extractors of all types including –but not limited to- hydrocarbon extraction, ethanol extraction and super critical CO2.  Our philosophy is to offer clients a peace of mind that their room and equipment is safe to use, and in compliance with the International Fire Code (IFC).  Following the site inspection, the team provides a technical hard copy report in submission to IFC guidelines.  The hard copy report to every customer is a laminated, spiral bound report with wet stamps and signatures.  A serial tag and certificate of conformance is given for each equipment to physically tie in the equipment to the report. The report aides in obtaining approval from the Authority Having Jurisdiction for proper use of the processing equipment to produce cannabis oil and concentrates.  3P Certz’ goal is to offer the highest quality certifications for equipment and facilities and to help implement safety in the cannabis extraction industry.



The company was founded by CEO, Brian Kester, and co-founders Craig Beaver and Tyler Fritsch.  Brian graduated from Purdue University and spent his first 10 years as an engineer designing manufacturing equipment in the construction and aerospace industries.  He resides in Snohomish, Washington where he started 3P Certz.  He is a hard worker who enjoys meeting with customers, client interaction and facilitating the high standards of quality assurance for extractor equipment certification and production.  As a certified Professional Engineer for 3P Certz, he preforms physical room and equipment inspections, proof reads reports and gives final seal of approval.


Craig is a designer for 3P Certz. He is a self-driven professional with over 20 years of experience in industrial settings. Over the course of his career he has demonstrated proficiency in the fields of welding, CNC machining, process documentation, industrial maintenance, fluid power system design and mechanical/tooling design using CAD. Currently he designs facility layouts, performs stress analyses, gathers information and provides thorough reviews of equipment and facility reports. He is an excellent problem solver and teammate to have at your side.


Tyler Fritsch is a vital engineer with 3P Certz. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Clemson University and ventured out west to Colorado where he worked as a field engineer.  He later moved to Washington state to explore a career in aerospace engineering.  Tyler is the youngest in the group and best fills the role of engineering support.  He wears many hats within the company – from stress analysis to modeling to binding up reports, whatever must be done in order to get a report complete and sent out to the customer.  Tyler commutes via ferry and motorcycle from his home on the peninsula for work daily.


Both Tyler and Craig worked at engineering firms before branching off with Brian to start the entrepreneur life.  Since then the three have enjoyed learning more about the cannabis industry and meeting the people that reside within it.  They love the outdoors and when they are not working, they are enjoying the mountainous beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

If you are a Processing Facility or Manufacturer that needs your equipment or facility certified, contact 3P Certz today for a quote!


Phone: 206-604-7523

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