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Pharmer's Market is Now Open!

A lot has happened over the last six months.  Some good and some bad (more on that later), but the site keeps marching along thanks to ya’ll’s support.  The only reason we do this is for you brothers and sisters out there.
Since we launched the new site in early July 2017, we have gotten nothing but compliments from our followers.  They like the look, they like the feel, and it is easier to use.  As promised, we have been developing our own marketplace that Pharmers can now use to better interact with each other.  The new feature is called, “Pharmers Market”  (see button across the top).  We envision the Pharmers Market will be a place where like-minded individuals can assist each other through selling new or used equipment and/or a marketplace to offer consulting services or even request services.  Just a few of the most common requests SPR gets is for consulting services, where can I buy this piece of equipment, and where can I sell this piece of equipment?  Additionally, we get requests for legal assistance, marketing, insurance, etc… Now for the very first time, ya’ll have a place that is specific to our industry to help you make your own medicine for yourself or a loved one in addition to being a place to help you start an extraction business (teehehehe).  All the tools and resources are at your fingertips, so use ‘em well!
However, please read the terms and conditions carefully.  We will NOT allow cannabis based products (such as flower, concentrates, or edibles) to be sold on this site. We will allow equipment and services to be posted.  Any illegal activity will be removed and reported to the authorities immediately.   Lastly, SPR doesn’t get involved with any of the financial transaction, all meet ups and exchanges of money are to be arranged and handled by the parties involved.



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