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Removing Butane Mystery Oil using a Terpenator.

Hee, hee, hee..............................

With the discovery of a Mystery Oil in canned butane,  comes yet another good reason to build a Terpenator, as they easily fractionally distill the butane and propane from the heavier Mystery Oil elements, leaving the mixture of oil and waxes the lower collection tank, where they are easily removed using an alcohol wash.

See /bho-mystery-oil/ for more information about the Mystery Oil itself.

Of course you can also simply use a cold trap, instead of a Terpenator, but after purchasing all the same ancillaries, the incremental cost is small and if you are already a proud owner, you are in tall cotton.

Soooo, as most Terpenators are Mk III's, how do we go about fractional distillation using that unit?

Start by heating the hot water pot to 85F and setting the cleaned and empty Mk IIIA in it.

Pull a hard vacuum on it using the vacuum pump and then close vacuum pump valve 1, before turning off the vacuum pump.

If the recovery tank is empty, pull a vacuum on it as well, before closing the valves to hold the vacuum in place.

Assemble the Mk IIIA system, as if you were preparing to do an extraction.

Open the blue valve on the 50# refrigerant recovery tank, but leave red valve closed.  Open the #3 dump valve and #5 recovery pump valves, closing column vent valve #2 on the Mk IIIA.

Disconnect the red hose from the recovery tank and attach to the can tapper.

Start recovery pump and tap can, using can tapper, open butane supply valve #4 to allow the recovery pump to pull the butane from the can.

When the pressure gauge reads zero pressure, close the #4 valve and tap a new can, before opening it again to allow the butane to load.

Continue that cycle until you have loaded about 10# total or about two cases of 300 ml cans into an empty 50# tank.

When the last can is loaded, and the pressure again reaches zero pressure, close all Terpenator valves and turn off the recovery pump.

Bleed air into the system by removing the pressure gauge hose, and open it up for inspection.

The Mystery Oil will be coating the walls and bottom of the Mk IIIA recovery tank, where it is easily removed by alcohol wash.

The next simple Alkane after Butane, is Pentane, which boils at  36.1C/96.98F, so it is important to not raise the hot pot temperature above 85F and to not pull a vacuum below 0"Hg, so that it is cold boiled away.

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  1. Brian cassidy

    I would love to have a conversation with one of your employees I use a closed loop system and wondering if you had any testing done.looking forward to hearing from you ............ Brian cassidy

    Reply       Edit
  2. joey conn

    Inuse a closed loop system, i have seen this mz12 used many ways but it always pops and comes out like green poop. So can you tell me how this is better then the clear clean shatter or waxes made other ways

    Reply       Edit
  3. screwtape

    I ordered zgas to do some testing,given the chatter about zgas online so I thought I would share my experience with you guys for general far the first odd issue is that I see over and over again that zgas is non flamable and even saw a video of a demonstration in which the zgas rep did an open extraction and kept exposing it to flame while it was extracting and purging.that being said the first thing I see on the box "extremely flamable" second thing I see is the hazmat class 2 flamable marking.the other red flag was that being a class 2 this should have probably been shipped with an msds and by the appropriate hazmat reality what happened was the regular old fed ex truck showed up with a package in a clearly pristine never before used box marked "herbal hair conditioner" all over the outside box.....I'm not saying that this product isn't low flame risk,or whatever else they are claiming.I will test those claims out shortly.what I am saying is that I did a test order and right away I'm slapped in the face with some less than honest practices.maybe it is low fire risk,but if it's legally hazmat than that's what it is.claiming non flamable and putting other people in unsafe conditions by shipping this product improperly just seems off in my book based on my first 36hours dealing with this company/product.I'll try to pass on some info about how the testing comes out both on the chemical and with the extractions with it.

    Reply       Edit
  4. JoAnna

    MZ12 X is a priority product for trichome extractors. The main ingredient of MZ12 X is a product scientifically called Dimethyl Either (DME). DME is an organic compound with the chemical formula C2H6O. There are no carbon bonds and no carcinogens. It is used extensively as the new safer propellant replacing Freon in aerosol cans in products as diverse as “tan in a can” sunscreen, perfumes, body deodorants and air fresheners. It has been described by a testing lab as the ultimate extraction solvent. It is non-toxic, sulfur free and has a low acute toxicity rating. Purge time is reduced to hours not days. The reason purge time is greatly reduced is because of the low boiling temperature (-23 C). The scent would be described as light, delicate, slightly sweet smell. Our tests conducted revealed you can use 20-35% less MZ12 X than butane. The color of the finished product is a beautiful golden yellow. MZ12 X should be only used in a well-ventilated area or a closed loop system. Just released, MZ12 X used by Kushy Punch, won Best Edible at Kush Con 2014!

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  5. anonomono

    Chronic Effects on Humans: CARCINOGENIC EFFECTS: Classified + (Proven.) by OSHA. Classified 2B (Possible for human.) by IARC. Causes damage to the following organs: lungs, the nervous system, liver, mucous membranes, central nervous system (CNS). Fun

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  6. Greg

    Sorry GW, you can combine these or not at all :D I'm also curious. The ZHO MSDS sheet doesnt match up very well. To me it appears to be a combination MSDS sheet for Dimethyl Ether and something else. The listed formula, specific gravity and technical information match that of dimethyl ether. What is it you think these guys are selling?

    Reply       Edit
  7. skunkpharmresearch

    If the oil didn't enter the chamber, it shouldn't be in the butane. You might consider rinsing out your hose with butane. If you had mineral oil in the butane and cycled it through a Mk III, the mineral oil would end up in the collection tank, just like mystery oil.

    1. skunkpharmresearch

      Ostensibly, if you transfer the oil from the storage tank to the Tamisium or Lil Terp collection tank, and then set the lower tank 90F water, and the storage tank in an ice bath, the Mystery Oil should be left behind in the collection tank. It will take awhile at 90F, but you might speed it along by using an alcohol and dry ice bath for storage tank.

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