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Topical Pain Relief Recipe Without the High

I'm sure you all remember us singing the praises of our HAO (Holy Annointing Oil) and HS (Holy Shit) oil when we learned of it, and made batches for ourselves. Well, we've come across a new recipe for a NEW TOPICAL pain management ointment for all y'all to try. This new concoction has just about completely different ingredients and is wonderful for muscle pain, joint pain, and arthritis pain. Watch the video and give it a try for yourselves! 

NOTE: Hells Bells Flower is a main ingredient in this recipe, and it is very poisionous, DO NOT eat this or get it in your eyes!!!




You Will Need:

99% Isopropyl Alcohol (about 1250 ML)

Fresh cannabis flowers (about 50 grams)

Fresh datura flower (aka Hell's Bells) (about 2 medium flowers)

Fresh ruda flowers (about 15 grams)

Camphor tablets (6 - 1/4 oz. squares or 1.5 blocks)


Mortar and Pestle

Mason Jar with Lid (64 oz. wide mouth)

Spray or Roll-on applicator bottle 


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