The DIY Rotary Evaporator by Siskiyou Sam

Hee, hee, hee, don’t you just love synergism?

I posted  a rotary evaporator design based on available sanitary spools at the time, but didn’t build it because better options were becoming available, and Siskiyou Sam took the challenge and built one of his own design.

He has consented to share, so here tis:


Several lifetimes ago, your wizardly host, Greywolf, posted a challenge @

He said and I quote, “Here is my conceptual of the purdy thang!  For those of ya’ll who understand it at a glance and are off to do it one better, ah hope you will share.“ Inspired by the thought of doing “one better” I headed off to the shop to see if I could pay it forward.

Well here it is folks, took me over a year and now I’m sharing with the hope that…1. All you tinkers out there will build your own, enjoy it’s use, improve on the design and share. 2. I can crowd source a manufacturing partner. (Contact:

The Rotovap Maximus is a thin film evaporator that will currently remove and recapture (when used with a cold trap) 1 liter of alcohol in 4 hours. The entire process can be viewed through the polycarbonate lid. From cold start to 110 F. in less than 60 seconds. Variable rotation speed to 40 RMP. Thermocouple controlled.

I picked up the provisional patent, so it’s “Patent Pending” at the moment. While this thing works very well for removing and recapturing alcohol it also can be used by chefs and bartenders for low temperature flavor capture, extractions, reductions, infusions and who knows what else.
Siskiyou Sam


SS Rotory evaporatorSS Rotory evaporator-2SS Rotory evaporator-3SS Rotory evaporator-4

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jesse on August 29, 2016 at 11:33 AM

    That’s rad I like it have you ran product through it yet?


  2. Posted by JJ on January 28, 2015 at 9:16 AM

    I contacted y’all about a year ago about how I have a rotovap. I was curious if you knew if you did a high proof alcohol extraction and ran through rotovap, if the end product that is left in the collection flask still has plant properties, such as the TCH in it post distillation? Is there a setting you suggest? My equipment is advanced, so I can remove, say just the ethanol from the maceration/tincture and it will distill through low temp and low pressure (tricking the boiling point for said setting) which then does not “cook” the plant material during the process. Does the ethanol that is pulled off from the tincture and remains in the collection flask have THC in it AND does the water left with the plant material in the rotary flask also still have the THC in it? Thank you.


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