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Cannabis Hyperemesis

Given the growing interest in cannabis hypermesis, I ran across the following article that I found interesting and would like to share.

For ya’ll brothers and sisters who haven’t heard of it yet, in a nutshell it is a condition by which chronic cannabis consumers develop ongoing nausea and a desire to stand in the shower.

The article draws the conclusion that pesticides may be the culprit.

My purpose for sharing, isn’t to promote this specific theory, but to point out that residual insecticides have been demonstrated to be an issue by the Oregonian survey, and that they all produce effects as well.

One key point was brought up, and that is that is that azadirachtin is a natural plant created Terpenoid itself.  The plant world makes terpenes and terpene based terpenoids for a plethora of reasons, ranging from attracting pollinators, to killing predators, to attracting predators of predators, with many other functions in between, but in concentrated form we use them for everything from tooth paste flavor and medicine to sterilizing toilet bowls and stripping paint.

In the case of azadirachtin, its Rat LD-50 is 3540 mg/kg, so it is generally considered one of the least toxic, but how about chronic exposure to any of the terpenes or terpenoids?

From my perspective, whether you spray the insecticides on the cannabis plant, or concentrate them from their own natural terpenes and terpenoids, they all have physiological effects, so are worthy of study with regards to hypermesis.


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