Mk IIIA Kits

Lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Heads up for interested extractors!

As previously noted, we are not a commercial site, nor do we manufacture equipment to sell.  We have however now licensed Specialized Formulations to build and sell Mk IIIA parts kits, from which a complete Mk IIIA Terpenator can be assembled with simple tools at a reasonable price.

They are using the aerospace quality manufacturing network set up by Skunk Pharm Research, and meet our quality and customer service standards, but are a separate business from SPR.

Their first five piece pilot run ran flawlessly, so looks like it is safe to announce to those of ya’ll who have been asking me to build a Terpenator for you and those of ya’ll who lack mechanical resources or abilities, that a simple option is now available.

Specialized Formulations reports that four of the five piece pilot run, sold before completion, and multiple potential buyers are circling the fifth, so it looks like acceptance is high and they are already planning their next production run.

Here is a picture of the first two kits, loosely assembled, and ready for taping and tightening the screw joints by the proud new owner.

Those interested can contact Specialized Formulations at their website:

Those of ya’ll who had rather just do it yourselves and eliminate the labor and business overhead costs, you will find the design drawings, part sources, and prices at,  What could be simpler?

Bon appetite!  Awhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  1. Posted by john on June 9, 2013 at 12:31 PM

    I just received my Mark III kit from Specialized Formulations and I was wondering if there are any instructions for building and/or usage posted anyway online or in a printed version. Everything looks good, but I am totally new to these self contained extractors and i don’t know where to start.

    I did find links to the Appion, recovery tank and lines/hoses but I also read where some people are getting their tanks contaminated on the first run from maybe the lines/hoses or from the vacuum pump. What are the best type hoses to run on all the fittings? Also are there special filters needed anywhere inline for the vacuum pump or before the recovery tank and which filters will I need?

    I basically need help assembling and getting it up and running and I will need layman terms to understand it.


    • Hi John!

      Yes, you can find step by step operating instructions on our Mk III Terpenator thread at

      There is also a list of other equipment needed and some sources for them.

      Don’t know where you are located at, but you could also attend one of our BHO extraction classes in Portland, Or, for hands on instructions both assembling and operating a Mk IIIA.

      Good point that all hoses are not created equal, and we are currently using US made Kobra hoses for our own equipment. They have an inner thermoplastic liner which they list them as compatible with propane and butane refrigerants.

      I’ve contacted the Kobra distributor, as well as Goodyear and asked for more information on their inner veneer hoses, which I will supply when received. Typically a nylon veneer thermoplastic hose is rated excellent up to 120F for butane service, according to

      The seals are actually the first thing to wear out and the Kobra hoses use Neoprene seals, which are also rated excellent in butane service by Cole Palmer. We also buy replacement seals, for when they start to leak.

      It was never really established where the oil came from, so I don’t know that Yellow Jacket hoses were the source. I do know that we haven’t had any problems with the Kobra hoses by JB Industries.
      , which we get at RSD refrigeration supply locally.


      • Posted by john on June 12, 2013 at 11:35 AM

        OK thanks for the reply and Carla has since been in contact with me to help as well.

        I was also Planning on using a hydraulic thread sealant instead of teflon tape just because it works better and is much easier. I use it on all of my compressor and air tool fittings with success, but I wanted to check in and see if there would be any problems using it on the fittings with this machine?

        It is loctite (henkel) 545 and here is TDS on it. It isn’t really a threadlocker so you can break parts apart easily but it seal very well.


        • I wasn’t able to find any information regarding its suitability for food grade applications, so I will reserve comment.

          300 Series stainless to stainless fits are prone to galling, so my inclination is to stay with the heavy Teflon tape.


  2. Posted by Curbside Service on May 17, 2013 at 7:38 PM

    GW, you are the man! Thanks for the endless inspiration. My first visit to Skunk Pharm Research. Wont be my last.
    Curbside Service


  3. Posted by Ryan on December 3, 2012 at 7:04 PM

    Hi GW,

    Is there any reason why you moved to manufacturing your own refrigerant recovery tanks instead of continuing to use the mastercool 50lb tanks?


    • I actually went the other way. The original Mk I and Mk II used a 50# refrigerant recovery tank, but I built the recovery tanks for the Lil Terp and the Mk III. I went back to using a 50# refrigerant recovery tank on the Mk IIIA, because it is not only cheaper, but has more surface area and condenses the butane vapors more rapidly.


      • Posted by Tech Buddy on January 8, 2013 at 8:03 PM

        Hey GW, just to confirm here: you need liquid butane to go into the column, right? With your original MKIII diagrams I see that there were 2 standpipes: the in (recovery line) was short, and the out was long (which would draw the liquid butane from the bottom of the tank). How would this work with a normal 30# or 50# recovery tank? Doesn’t it only have one valve that’s on top? Or do you need to add something to it to get the long standpipe for the output?


        • Posted by Tech Buddy on January 8, 2013 at 8:40 PM

          Nevermind, answered my own question. There are connectors on most storage tanks: One VAPOR Connection (BLUE) & One Liquid Connection (RED).

          I assume since you mentioned that you’re only using 4 pounds of butane that we could get away with a 15 pound or 30 pound tank?


          • We use a 50# tank with 4 to 5 pounds of butane in it, so as to maximize internal condensation surfaces, to cool down the incoming compressed butane.

            When Sean tried to run his Mk II with a 80% fill on a 50# tank, his recovery time was dramatically increased.

            When Mk IIIA owner X, purchased a 30# tank, instead of a 50# tank, his recovery time was also significantly increased.

            Besides storage, what is happening in the tank, is that you are getting rid of the heat applied to the butane from the hot soup pot, and from the added heat of compression, so that the vapors once again become liquid.

        • The long 1/4″ tube to the bottom of the collection tank, is the down tube from the top of the column. That is to minimize splashing and liquid being pulled directly into the adjacent pump port.

          The 3/8″ port, that only penetrates the lid, is the one that you will be pumping vapors from.


          • Posted by Tech Buddy on January 9, 2013 at 10:08 AM

            Yup – thanks. I was referring to the storage tank, but your points make sense. Quite conveniently a 12 pack of the butane canisters is $50 and contains 4.4lb of butane, so we’ll probably go with that. I’m trying to put together all the parts now so just making sure 🙂 Thanks again!

          • Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!1

  4. Posted by Ryan Pendergast on November 13, 2012 at 6:57 PM

    I have been following your site since April. You guys are really paving the way in extractions and have come along way since that short period of time! Thank-you for all the valuable information, it helps more than you know. I am pretty mechanically inclined and very close to building a passive Terpenator using your plans from the Mk III. I can always add a pump later. I am building this with the intent to perform better quality “no contaminants” and less costly extractions when complete. My patients will love it! However, I will also need to have the machining/welding farmed out. So on to my question. Would Specialized Formulations sell and ship the Mk III lid assemblies by themselves in lue of the whole kit? If so, it would be another great option for individuals who feel competent to save even more money and take the hassle out of finding a shop to do the work and do it right. What do you think?



    • Specialized Formulations will have to speak for themselves, so I suggest contacting them and asking at

      Last I heard, they were selling either full parts kits, or just the necessary modified parts for those wishing to create a Terpenator of their own design.



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