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E-cigs and portable vaporizers

This is actually round two of our portable E-Cigarette tests, with profoundly different results.  In round one, we tested an E-Series e-cigarette using glycerin tinctures and subsequently with cannabis acetate oil.

Our E-Series was of insufficient watts to vaporize oil directly, and required a carrier menstruum like glycerin or propylene glycol.  We conducted our experiments using glycerin, which we directly extracted the cannabinoids with, as we were never able to directly mix glycerin and cannabis oil concentrates.

That limited the potency that we were able to achieve, and while the E-Series produced medicinal effect, it was not impressive, so we switched to cannabis acetate, suspended in enough ethanol to allow saturating the wick, which we then allowed to flash off. E-Series Test panel members frequently used the word, "Wow" to describe their experience, because although the cannabis acetate is probably no more potent than the oil it was made from, it passes the blood brain barrier so much more quickly, that it just arrives, instead of the effects coming on. We were pretty happy with the medicinal effects produced by the cannabis acetate, but as not many folks can produce it or lay hands on any, we decided to put the project on hold, until someone came up with something with enough wattage to vaporize straight cannabis oil extracts, or we had more time to devote to developing our own. For the rest of this article see: /vaporizing-oil

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