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We have finally gotten so much wonderful feedback and comments that we are no longer able to keep up. For this we apologize; we just keep getting busier and y’all’s thirst for knowledge is incredible! We are so lucky to have such a large following and you rock for being so enthusiastic!

Lately we have been receiving close to 100 comments a day and the three of us just cant keep up; SO……. I have now opened the comments completely!  I will still be removing inappropriate or offensive comments so please be patient if you see them.

 The flood just too much to keep up with and the majority of our readers would like the opportunity to help each other.

Please no more ” I know this is probably answered already but……..” comments. Find out if your question is already answered first!

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Joe: for chemistry/ biology/ consulting

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Announcing Dr Mark A., MD

Announcing Dr Mark A., MD

Whoop, whoop awhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!1 Hee, hee, hee, things just keep looking up here at the Pharm!

Announcing two more volunteers adding useful insight to our research, useful content to the site, and answering reader questions and comments in their field.

One area that we’uns here at the farm have been woefully lacking in, is any formal medical training, or insight beyond Red Cross training and personal research, so I’m especially pleased to announce our first medical professional on the team, Dr. Mark A, MD.

Dr. A is retired and will not be practicing medicine from our site, giving diagnosis, nor signing physician statements for OMMP cards.

He has agreed to offer periodic blog entries on different subjects from his medical perspective, and will do his best to answer medical questions presented to him.

We will also be using his training and insight to guide some of our own research endeavors, which we believe will add to the quality and value of Skunk Pharm Research’s public offerings.

Watch this space for the start up of his new blog, as well as the announcement of the identity of our exciting new team member Number 2, with a Pharm D.

R-600 Refrigerant Source

For those brothers and sisters looking for a source of 99.9% n-Butane or Propane, consider R-600 Refrigerant from Eco Green Industries at  .

$240 for Lp-5 tank of 99.9% n-Butane, and they ship.  Hee, hee, hee, hee, awhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Here are the Gas Chronograph/Mass Spectrometer results from a nationally certified third party forensic lab, which shows the usual green alligators and long necked geese at the parts per billionth level, but not at levels of health concern by any current standards.

Ecogreen R-600 analysis 001

Ecogreen R-600 analysis 002Ecogreen R-290 analysis 001Ecogreen R-290 analysis 002

Booming BHOtards The Explosion of Explosions

Time for action brothers and sisters!

In I shared a few tips on how to extract using flammable solvents like butane, without immolating yourself.

A thread that was shared on half a dozen forums, and even made a Sticky on PIF and IC Mag , and sanctified by the serious professionals as being both common sense and good advice, but leave us not forget about the ignorant, and the pathology in the populous.

We are all ignorant on some subjects, and this thread, like the previous one, is directed at education for those with ears, but just like repeat drunk drivers plague society, the same mental pathology plagues our cannabis movement in the form of BHOtards.

More at

Skunk Pharm Research in May High Times

Just got advance copies of the May High Times, where Skunk Pharm Research was featured on pages 52 through 60.

Hats off to Elise for being gracious and kind in her writeup, and for being a good student in the bho and alchemy classes.

Some pictures of the Skywalker and Greencrack that Joe and I extracted specifically for the project, but alas the clear shots I hoped for didn’t make the cut. I had a bad camera card that day and missed all of the pictures.

Both were extracted using denatured alcohol and dry ice for the recovery tank and the Skywalker was almost transparent, while the Greencrack looked like electric yellow stained glass. On a scraper, not so much…………….

Anyone interested in the details might pick up next May’s copy and crack it to page 52, plus check out the rest of the articles and advertizements. One of the other articles is a list of strongest strains.

ZHO Extraction


Greetings Folks!

We have some exciting news. We, at Z Air Inc. developed yet another great product called MZ 12X. MZ 12X is an organic gas that is engineered to be stronger than PureZho. While MZ 12X is flammable it is NOT explosive like butane. Like any other compressed gas caution should be taken when using MZ 12X.  We are confident that you will not be disappointed.

While we are working with potential distributors in different regions we are launching a special web promotion, so be sure to check out our website for more info. Launching of this product is scheduled to be on or before Feb 20th.  Also check out our YouTube video at :

Once again we thank you for all your continuous support and enthusiasm. Have a great week and email us with any questions/comments.


Staff at Z Air, Inc.



For me to use your product, or indeed to even take you seriously, you must provide me with MSDS’s sheets, which are also required by law.

I’ve requested those, as have others, but thus far to no avail.

 Please supply me with those documents, if you plan to continue to sell your product in the US, because I will draw your failure to do so to the attention of the proper authorities.


PS:  Nothing personal.  That law is there for a reason, and if you care to research court cases of those who thought they didn’t have to comply, you will find that they uniformly lost.


MSDS is listed on our website.

Thank you.


 Thank you!

That also puts things in perspective, although your MSDS doesn’t reflect it.

Methylene Chloride MSDS sheets by others show it to be a Class 2-B carcinogen.  Perhaps you might update your MSDS sheet to include that data?

Peace, Graywolf


Hello Graywolf,

If you read our MDSD carefully it says dichloromethane formula….not Methylene Chloride.

By US MSDS & CAS guideline when it is trade secret formula we don’t have to disclose exact

ingredient once it passes EPA review.

We appreciate the information but you can be rest assure that MZ12X is not Methylene Chloride.




And MZ12X is not carcinogen gas.  Period.

You should have noticed the health hazard guideline on our MSDS as well.

It is proven to be non-carcinogen and no known threat to human health.



Ummmmm, Dichloromethane CH2Cl2 is Methylene Chloride.

If you are talking about a different chemical, perhaps you should add the CAS number to alieve any confusion.  Right now, you only show the CAS# for the CO2 propellent and call out Dichloromethane, aka Methylene Chloride.

You are right that you don’t have to give the exact proprietary formula, which I most certainly have not asked you to do, but you do have to tell what is in it and so far you have listed Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride) and CO2.

You are of course free to play a cat and mouse game with the MSDS sheets, but it only adds to the public skepticism and doubt about you and your product.


Dr Z was kind enough to supply us with a case for testing, the first can of which went to the forensic lab for analysis to look for evil spirits. Here are the lab results.

At the parts per billionth level, there are the usual green alligators and long necked geese, but for all practical purposes, the compounds at high enough levels to be of concern are Dimethylether and CO2.

Neither are particularly toxic but aren’t listed in the Guidance for Industry from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,
Food and Drug Administration Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)


Here is a MSDS:



TOXICITY DATA: The following information is for Dimethyl Ether:

LC50 (inhalation, rat) = 164,000 ppm/4H
LC50 (inhalation, rat) = 308 g/m3

TCLo (inhalation, rat) = 2 ppb/6 hours/30 weeks-intermittent
Probable LD (oral, human) = 0.5-5 g/kg



ACUTE INHALATION EFFECTS/ CHRONIC INHALATION EFFECTS FOR ANIMALS: Toxicity demonstrated in animals exposed by inhalation for short-term exposures include anesthetic effects, and depression of arterial blood pressure. Cardiac sensitization occurred in dogs exposed to concentrations of 20% in air and greater.

Toxicity experienced in animals from repeated exposure by inhalation include changes in white blood cell counts, anesthetic effects, increase in relative body/organ weight ratios for liver, spleen and testes and weight-gain suppression.

Toxicity demonstrated in rats upon log-term, repeated exposure at 200, 2000, 20000 ppm by inhalation include liver-weight reduction, and alterations of liver enzymes level in the high group.

In a different study in which rats were exposed to concentrations of 2000, 10000, or 25000 ppm observations include decreased red blood cell counts, spleen changes, decreased survival of males at the two higher exposure levels and hemolytic effects at 25,000 ppm.

Tests in animals demonstrate no carcinogenic or developmental toxicity.

EYE IRRITATION: No studies available for Dimethyl Ether.

SUSPECTED CANCER AGENT: Dimethyl Ether is not found on the following lists: FEDERAL OSHA Z LIST, NTP, IARC, CAL/OSHA, and therefore is neither considered to be nor suspected to be a cancer-causing agent by these agencies.

Tests in animals demonstrate no carcinogenic toxicity.

IRRITANCY OF PRODUCT: Dimethyl Ether is not irritating; however, contact with rapidly expanding gases can cause
frostbite to exposed tissue.

SENSITIZATION TO THE PRODUCT: Dimethyl Ether is not known to cause sensitization in humans. Cardiac sensitization has been noted in clinical studies involving test animals exposed to relatively high doses of Dimethyl Ether.

REPRODUCTIVE TOXICITY INFORMATION: Listed below is information concerning the effects of Dimethyl Ether on the
human reproductive system.

Mutagenicity: No human mutagenicity effects have been described for Dimethyl Ether. Dimethyl Ether does not produce genetic damage in bacterial cell cultures but has not been tested in animals.

Embryotoxicity: No embryotoxic effects have been described for Dimethyl Ether.

Teratogenicity: No human teratogenicity effects have been described for Dimethyl Ether.

Reproductive Toxicity: No human reproductive toxicity effects have been described for Dimethyl Ether. Tests in animals
demonstrate no developmental toxicity.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS AGGRAVATED BY EXPOSURE: Individuals with pre-existing diseases of the central nervous system or cardiovascular system may have increased susceptibility to exposures to Dimethyl Ether.

As there were no evil spirits found, we will proceed with extraction.

Here are the test results:




zho6-1-1 butane ads

Skunk Pharm Research, LLC has no connection with the folks who decided to take advantage of our reputation and sell Lucienne butane on the internet using as the address.

Skunk Pharm Research, LLC and are not remotely related, nor do we sell butane.   Someone is just cleverly taking advantage of the fact that we didn’t also reserve


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