Caveat Emptor! (Buyer Beware)

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I have been traveling around the country helping folks get set up in the extraction/formulation industry. I have seen my share of Terpenator knock offs; some better set up than others. Other than some minor changes; most have been ready to go and fairly safe. Some other styles of extractors have also needed modifications to be safe. My latest trip to Colorado inspired me to “call out” some of these manufacturers.

Top on my list of safety violators is…..

1) Isolation Extractors

This company has no regard for the safety of the operator or the quality of the meds being produced. This ass clown put Viton TRI-CLAMP gaskets on the sight glass; between the glass and the flange. The assembler cut the ridge down on one end with a razor blade but didn’t bother on the opposite end. That shows that they knew what they were doing was bullshit but continued without a care. The glass was also not stock and was replaced by an improperly annealed (egg shaped) piece.

There are no gauges on the machine whatsoever. The manufacturers excuse was that a Promax RG6000 has gauges on it….. First, let me say that the Promax RG6000 is not rated for Butane. Second, what if I close the valve on the column to soak? I cant see that the pressure is building against the sight glass and…..Boom!

That is also the only valve on the system! How are you supposed to purge the system of atmosphere? There isn’t even enough ports to connect a vacuum pump. Maybe they didn’t know you had to vacuum the air out… it doesn’t end up in your cheesy ass tank.

That tank is a 6×36″ spool with some flat sheet stainless welded on top. Which is rounding as any engineer would expect. Gas filled tanks have hemispherical ends for a reason. Oh but it has a pressure relief valve right….

Speaking of sheet stainless… the collection pot has it welded to the bottom and its un-polished. Which makes it nearly impossible to clean.

Edit 8/24/14

One thing I forgot to mention was that this machine was sold to my client with single pin butterfly style clamps. We only use high pressure type bolt on clamps for 2″ and larger tri clamp fittings.

2) Any company that has quick connects on they’re machine. If you have a machine with quick connects; replace them with gas suitable fittings if you value your safety. I don’t care what B.S. line they gave you….. they all will leak! ETS and many other companies use these.

3) In house welds are a joke… Go to an ASME certified shop! You may think you can weld but, I don’t trust you with my life. Sub Zero, BHOgart are admittedly in this camp, and obviously Isolation Extactors paid someone in an alley to do their welds.

Also sanitary welds are on both INSIDE and OUTSIDE faces.

4) Any company who sells you a recovery pump, that isn’t a Haskel pneumatic, and claims its safe for butane. Appion openly admits that their pumps are downright dangerous to use.

I currently use a CPS TR21 that isn’t rated for but, is designed to recover flammable refrigerants because it has a sealed main bearing and no vapor condenser. I have used it since December 13′ without replacement or issue and it will smoke an Appion or Promax any day.

Please inspect your equipment and remove any dangerous components! We don’t need Closed loopers to start falling in with the BHOtards as a danger to our neighborhoods. We generally have a lot more gas around as well; so the intensity of a closed loop explosion could potentially be much worse. It would only take one to start a campaign against us and throw us in with the open blasters.

If your name is on my list and you’re interested in changing your design to be safe feel free to email me.

If you think I am not justified in pointing out your design flaws in a public medium you can email me to bitch about it as well.




A Pharmacist Walks Into a Skunk Pharm…

Hello, brethren and sistren readers of Skunk Pharm Research, LLC. My name is Kate and I am thrilled as all-get-out to have been invited to contribute some knowledge based on my own particular area of expertise here in this little blog garden amongst the incredible collective resource of intelligence, experience and talent that the Skunk Pharm Research Power Trio has already grown.

I’ve established a space to the right of this screen amongst this site’s “Pages” called “Pharmerkate’s Pharmacy Corner” where you can go to read more and where I hope to post regularly about all things pharmaceutical in the world of cannabis.

I hope you will find something useful, and I’m looking forward to working with you all!


Dr. Kate


Announcing Dr Kate, Pharm D

Hee, hee, hee, thangs just keep looking up!  Dr Kate, Pharm D, has also joined our research team, and will be sharing her thoughts and insights with us on this Skunk Pharm Research blog site.  We’uns are particularly pleased, because Dr. Kate has extensive background in formulating, vis a vis just counting out ready made pills.

She has also been consulting with Specialized Formulations, where her efforts are elevating their products to the next level.

Please join me in extending her a warm welcome  to our group and stay tuned for her personal thread!


Announcing Dr Mark A., MD

Announcing Dr Mark A., MD

Whoop, whoop awhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!1 Hee, hee, hee, things just keep looking up here at the Pharm!

Announcing two more volunteers adding useful insight to our research, useful content to the site, and answering reader questions and comments in their field.

One area that we’uns here at the farm have been woefully lacking in, is any formal medical training, or insight beyond Red Cross training and personal research, so I’m especially pleased to announce our first medical professional on the team, Dr. Mark A, MD.

Dr. A is retired and will not be practicing medicine from our site, giving diagnosis, nor signing physician statements for OMMP cards.

He has agreed to offer periodic blog entries on different subjects from his medical perspective, and will do his best to answer medical questions presented to him.

We will also be using his training and insight to guide some of our own research endeavors, which we believe will add to the quality and value of Skunk Pharm Research’s public offerings.

Watch this space for the start up of his new blog, as well as the announcement of the identity of our exciting new team member Number 2, with a Pharm D.

Comments are now open!

Hi Folks,

We have finally gotten so much wonderful feedback and comments that we are no longer able to keep up. For this we apologize; we just keep getting busier and y’all’s thirst for knowledge is incredible! We are so lucky to have such a large following and you rock for being so enthusiastic!

Lately we have been receiving close to 100 comments a day and the three of us just cant keep up; SO……. I have now opened the comments completely!  I will still be removing inappropriate or offensive comments so please be patient if you see them.

 The flood just too much to keep up with and the majority of our readers would like the opportunity to help each other.

Please no more ” I know this is probably answered already but……..” comments. Find out if your question is already answered first!

If you have an urgent question; have read the ENTIRE post or page AND all of the previous comments but, still need an answer, email one of us.

Joe: for chemistry/ biology/ consulting

JD for engineering and other GW topics

Carla: or for formulations, potions and MKIII kits





R-600 Refrigerant Source

For those brothers and sisters looking for a source of 99.9% n-Butane or Propane, consider R-600 Refrigerant from Eco Green Industries at  .

$240 for Lp-5 tank of 99.9% n-Butane, and they ship.  Hee, hee, hee, hee, awhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Here are the Gas Chronograph/Mass Spectrometer results from a nationally certified third party forensic lab, which shows the usual green alligators and long necked geese at the parts per billionth level, but not at levels of health concern by any current standards.

Ecogreen R-600 analysis 001

Ecogreen R-600 analysis 002Ecogreen R-290 analysis 001Ecogreen R-290 analysis 002

Booming BHOtards The Explosion of Explosions

Time for action brothers and sisters!

In I shared a few tips on how to extract using flammable solvents like butane, without immolating yourself.

A thread that was shared on half a dozen forums, and even made a Sticky on PIF and IC Mag , and sanctified by the serious professionals as being both common sense and good advice, but leave us not forget about the ignorant, and the pathology in the populous.

We are all ignorant on some subjects, and this thread, like the previous one, is directed at education for those with ears, but just like repeat drunk drivers plague society, the same mental pathology plagues our cannabis movement in the form of BHOtards.

More at


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