Hi ya’ll!  Graywolf here to welcome you to Skunk Pharm Research LLC!

Our new start up company and this site are just starting to come together, so please bear with us and we will do our best to make your time worthwhile, by sharing our research with you for free.

We derive our income from leasing equipment of our design to local OMMP service providers, and spend it researching new equipment, processes, and potions for use by medical marijuana patients.

We started the company because our cannabis research hobby was eating up all of our mad money allowances, and we will be happy to break even after taxes, so that we can again use our mad money for personal fun and games.

As part of our research, we supply pro bono potions to volunteer patient test panels with a variety of different medical complaints and to end of life patients requesting support to attempt a cannabis cure with gram a day doses.

We periodically conduct hands on extraction classes of our own, that thus far have been well received, and have agreed to start teaching show and tell extraction classes at other local groups.

We neither buy or sell cannabis products, and all of our donations come from our own strictly compliant garden, or from material donated for that purpose by other skunk pharmers, who meet our organic growing standards.

In our own garden, we are focusing on developing high CBD strains to make high dosages tolerable to more people, when delivered in a sublingual or oral format.  We currently have Cannatonic and another no name strain that look promising and ES will keep you up to date on that progress.

Skunk Pharm Research LLC was formed by us three equal partners, from the local skunk pharmers group, with no medical credentials beyond Red Cross first aid to any of our names.  We include one each retired electrical and manufacturing engineer, plus a bright young biochemistry student just getting started.

We have no illusions of any of our results ever being accepted by the medical profession, and in point of fact, that is not our goal or intent.

Our intent is to dramatically increase the number of MMJ patients running through the streets waving their arms and shouting out their miracle as they see it, and to send more to the voting place, with their eyes open, so that they can no longer be lied to.

The group made me Technical Director, because being older than dirt, I know enough to be dangerous on a wide range of subjects, though alas, I am the resident expert on absolutely nothing.

I mostly handle equipment and extraction process development.  I will freely share my progress on those projects with ya’ll, both here and on other forums where you see my Graywolf sobriquet.

Joe, is our R&D Director, dragging us old farts (or fartess) kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  He has not only helped us immeasurably with chemistry, but is leading our charge on tissue culture, synthetic seed development, and DNA sequencing.  He will be keeping ya’ll up to speed on his page as he progresses.

Eloquentsolution is our Marketing director in charge of purchasing, and our lease programs. She is also our master dirt pharmer, consistently pumping out our fat bottomed girls like clockwork and will be keeping ya’ll up to date on our master garden.

She also likes to play in the lab and developed both our Holy Anointing Oil oral, and topical medications, as well as other potions she will share with you.

More to come, so hope ya’ll will keep checking back.

Kohst ah Wa ya, aka Graywolf

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  1. Posted by Aaron Abgar on May 19, 2015 at 12:33 PM

    Was looking for some consultancy. if you guys provide those services. Please let me know


  2. Have you guys ever thought about developing simple effective ways to extract other plant medicine such as sage or cedar of copal or mimosa hostiliss? I do realize that there are already established ways of extracting the medicine from these plants but what I like about your method is that it is essentially a one step process and if your carefull there should be little to contact with volatile and/or toxic chemicals. With out going on and on for ever with nerd talk it seems to me that a simple, safe, and pretty much turn-key set up would greatly empower the patient which is what this movement is all about!! Think about it guys…. Marijuana is a great medicine but so are many other plants. Imagine if we could offer something to the world were a patient could make there own medicines at home!! That would greatly empower them and increase their experience of freedom. We are all totally free but our experience of freedom can be affected by outside sources. Umm any way I know I babble a lot. Plz reply to my e-mail because I will not remember to check this website every day. My email address is crazynate386@gmail.com but for some reason your website dose not recognize this as a valid e-mail adress


  3. Posted by Matt Wadding on April 14, 2015 at 4:45 PM

    Hey guys, just started up a lab and would love to see things from another’s stand point. Plz contact me with class schedules at your earliest convenience. Thx Matt


  4. Hey there, I don’t want to spam your page, but I just wanted to let you know that our company creates plant tissue culture media, and specializes in custom media for companies, from startups to giant micropropagation labs and research facilities. I just wanted to send a friendly message your way and see if there was anything I could provide for you to make your research go more smoothly. We have quite a few cannabis oriented customers, and I just wanted to reach out and see if you would be interested. I love your blog and everything your doing is very interesting. I look forward to seeing your future posts. Feel free to contact me with and questions or feedback. Keep up the awesome work!


    • Posted by Von on April 20, 2015 at 11:39 AM

      Cat’s Meow, I am the science management director for multiple New York based surgery and wellness centers. Our corporation includes a renowned cancer research team in the process of applying for a New York State Registered Organization License. Medicinal compounds will be limited to five different strain extractions, using CO2 and Alcohol only. Although the New York State strain limitations are too restrictive to include tissue culture research, other states we are involved in, need to development methods for those laboratories. At present, when I broach the subject of tissue culture pertaining to this industry, I feel as though I am speaking Latin. How can I contact you for information about your tissue culture media and other science that may be pertinent, and of value to our organization? Thanks!


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    circuit en certains 12 couvre duquel saillent


  6. Posted by Paul P Jensen on March 25, 2015 at 6:09 PM

    Great work!
    After losing a loved one to mental illness, I am on a mission to locate people who may have had success with cannabis treatment of various mental disorders. GW pharma has a cannabis strain in the pipeline, but I’m sure will be pricey. Any info would be so appreciated. My motive is compassion towards others’ suffering.



  7. I just have to say what you guys are doing here is amazing. Actually, that is an understatement, this is life changing! From the bottom of my heart, and from the patients in the New York who have benefited from this research, thank you. From the HAO thread to DIY CO2, we have learned so much. I can’t thank you guys enough.
    Currently, I am battling the worse bacterial infection I can remember; I probably have to go back 22 years since I felt this sick. Last night I mixed HAO with bath salts and a ACDC ethanol extract and peppermint oil. The results were so amazing I repeated today. Lymph nodes are 50% less swollen and my lungs feel much better. In combination with probiotics from Russia and Japan, I am finally beating this bug; something I could not do without you guys! I have seen two doctors and all said just let it pass. I will keep experimenting with the cannabis oil to see how this goes. I am refraining from ingesting for now because I need to keep an eye on my pregnant wife and baby. Tomorrow, I may start one drop of ACDC extract under the tongue and will go from there.


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