Alzheimer’s, Mom and Cannabis

It is Skunk PharmResearch’s policy to let patients tell their own story, but in the case of mom, as her daughter and 24/7 caregiver, I will speak for her.  She is in the late seventh and final stage of Alzheimer’s and would want her story told.

Mom was diagnosed as late stage six when she came to me from Seattle four years ago.  She was given six more months to live. She began displaying symptoms before 1998, but she wasn’t diagnosed until 2001, following her first husband’s death.  It took that long to resolve other health issues and get her to a neurologist.

Just the thought of Alzheimer’s frightened her so, that we eventually had to trick her, to get her to a doctor for testing.   Once tested and diagnosed, they put her on Aricept, which brought back cognitive skills, with slow decline for the next seven years while my step brother cared for her in her own home.  Along with other western meds, this was her medical course.

When Mom’s Alzheimer’s progressed to the point that she became combative and personal hygiene became an issue, my brother planned to put her in a nursing home, but I quit my job to look after her.  I moved her to Portland with me and took over her care, to focus on the quality of her remaining life.

For five months prior to her arrival, I immersed myself into learning as much about Alzheimer’s as possible, researching and joining The Alzheimer’s Association, as well as the Online Alzheimer’s Support Group, spending as much time as possible conversing with patients and caregivers alike, to prepare myself for the task.

When Mom arrived, besides being on five over the counter drugs, she was on three inhalers and a pill for asthma, blood pressure meds, allergy meds, anti psychotics that made her angry, anti seizure meds that made her delusional, plus three others I have no idea what they were used to combat.

We got her an OMMP card immediately upon her arrival.  She had smoked cannabis recreationally with me for over thirty years, but never medically until she came toOregon. Cannabis was my only means of mitigating her despicable behavior (psychotic).

Her physical health was also poor, so I changed her diet, eliminated dairy, wheat and gluten. I prepared and feed her home cooked meals, using whole organic ingredients, supplemented with quality vitamins and minerals.

I’ve continued to work with her doctor to straighten out her mishmash of meds.  He started with large doses of anti psychotics to combat the behavioral issues (with potential seizure/death side effect), and we systematically took her off as many of the other drugs as possible.  Meanwhile, I started trying the different forms of cannabis concentrates.

The first extractions were cannabis essential oils using hot grape seed oil, but she didn’t like the flavor and refused to ingest it.

Given that unused meds are 100% ineffective, I next tried honey elixir, thinking she might go for the sweetness of the honey, but no luck.

No luck with fudge either, even though she loves chocolate.

I quickly determined that the only way to get substantial doses into mom would be via concentrates, so after experimenting with bubble hash combined with coconut oil as a menstruum, I focused on hash oil in an effort to improve consistency and homogeneity for consistency in dosing.

More specifically I began to experiment on my version of the Holy Anointing Oil from Exodus, using coconut oil instead of olive oil, and brewed from essential oils, as opposed to using the biblical perfumer’s extraction practices.

More on that medication at:

It worked beautifully!  The flavor of the cannabis was concealed by the remaining essential oils in the ingredients.  She loved it, and to my delight, she became happier and less combative.

Mom transformed from aggressive and angry to the cheerful woman I knew from childhood.  Instead of slapping my cheeks, she caressed them tenderly and moved my hair from my face as she told me she loved me.  From her isolation came the interaction and humor required to joke with us.   From frantic shuffling and hiding of objects she began offering them for my use.  Rather then kicking, biting and hitting, she became happily compliant, even cooperative.  She literally became a social butterfly!

Mom also suffered extensively from muscle spasms, particularly in her legs, typically relieved by dancing the night away together. But one night I thinned some HAO oral with coconut oil, to reduce the cinnamon oil below topical TLV as an irritant and to improve penetration.  After slathering her leg with the modified HAO, the cramps went away, allowing her to go back to sleep.  She woke 20 minutes later complaining of the other leg.  Again, HAO topical and back to sleep! HAOT was born.

It took nearly two years working with her doctor to get her medical care stabilized and a permanent “Primary Care Practitioner” (PCP) established.  We were able to get her off of most of the original drug regiment, and determined that her psychotic episodes were directly related to urinary tract infections, for which she is susceptible.

With cultures and medications, we were able to get the UTIs in check which eliminated the need for the anti psychotic, Seroquil.  We determined that it was medicating the behavioral issues related to UTI’s, rather then psychotic behavior associated with dementia.  Since Seroquil has black box warnings (death) for the elderly, I was more than pleased to eliminate it.

She had begun having seizures after starting seroquil. a potential side effect even with anti seizure meds.  The pharmaceutical consultation revealed anti seizure meds also cause seizures if doses are missed, late or low dose was taken.  Once on anti seizure meds, one must stay on them.  He warns that it permanently lowers the resistance to seizures, although other pharmacists suggested a slow taper is possible.

The delusional side effects of Dilantin, her original medication, are ill advised for a demented patient.   It took me nearly two and a half years to talk the doctors into letting me try a slow wean off the Dilantin, hoping the fact she had not taken Seroquil for over six months and that her cancer doses of cannabis might stop potential seizures.  Although her cognitive capabilities were notably and significantly improved, she still seized, even with using a slow taper and cannabis.

We next went to Depekote, which gave her diarrhea.  We weaned her slowly, as it is also an antidepressant.  That took nearly three weeks.  The diarrhea kept her in constant battles with UTIs, which tend to promote seizures in demented patients, a vicious downward spiral.  We began feeding her Metamucil cookies.  It seemed like that was all she ate.

We then put her on Lamotragine.  When she seized, the dose was increased…..which gave her diarrhea.  Back to that vicious cycle.  More cookies and holy root balm to rescue her poor little raw butt! I used MU’s recipe with my twist (thanks MU!).

Next we tried Gabapentin, hoping that she would acclimate to the initial drowsiness.  Again she seized on the dose, so we increased the night dose to compensate.  The results were diarrhea….more cookies.

Keppra is well accepted for seizures, but it too gives Mom diarrhea.  Opium tincture is the last choice drug for its control.  Dosing is easier and we have more time and room for nutritious/delicious food.  It was time for closer supervision; she was placed on in home hospice care.  Weekly she gets visits from health care, social and spiritual sectors.

I don’t know what we will try next; perhaps, if Mom had never gone on anti seizure meds (off label for muscle spasms), she would only be on cannabis today.  She has never had seizures until now, nor have there been any record of seizures in our family…ever!  She was given Dilantin for muscle spasms, when western medicine quit prescribing Quinine, deeming it damaging to the body, and seizures are not?  But, perhaps the seizures are caused by Alzheimer’s itself, an unusual but occasional occurrence.

The good and interesting news is, with all of what has been happening to mom, I began a mega dose (two plus grams/day) to try and alter her mood.  We dose her every two hours (or our life is hell).  During that period of time, I increased her dose to between .3 and .5 grams.  That is six or seven doses a day or on the light side, 62 grams per month….more then a cancer cure…in one month.

The results were quite unexpected.  The cognitive changes were unmistakably positive.  She began to interact appropriately, become more animated and loving, and appropriately reactive, choosing short phrases.  In short, her cognitive thinking had improved!  She even played jokes on us. When Dino came to visit; she hugged him and kissed him and said “it’s been so long since I seen you.”  Then demanded another round of hugs and kisses!

Even her doctor, whom does not normally sign for medical cannabis cards, noticed the dramatic improvement, saying, “I wish all my Alzheimer’s patients were on cannabis.  Look at her quality of life!”  She signs Mom’s renewals no questions asked.

Where everyone I know (even those with huge tolerances) would be stupid, asleep or puking on two plus grams of cannabis oil in ten hours; mom has gained cognitive capacity!  Who’d of thought?

I read that CBD’s are the anti seizure cannabinoid, so I grew some plants with balanced THC/CBD to see if they can save Mom from seizures and I can add mitigation of seizures, to the list of ailments for which she no longer takes western medication.  To date, those include asthma, arthritic pain, agitation and anxiety of Alzheimer’s, sleeplessness, blood pressure, and muscle spasms.

Mom lost another ten pounds from diarrhea trying the different western meds, but I have Hippie Chicken hanging and will be extracting her soon.  Hopefully, mom will eat then.  (It has become obvious that high CBD strains induce appetite.  She eats well after anti seizure cannabis medication. Hopefully others can watch that tendency to see if this is an isolated response.)

After getting Mom on the high CBD medications, we took our time weaning her off anti seizure meds, ten days on each reduction, with four total reductions.  She did fine during the reduction, but the balanced CBD cannabis did not give her the needed behavioral change of psychotic effects of THC, so we backed her off to .1 mg per dose in balanced CBD/THC oil and the rest of her cannabis dose in high THC strains.

Once off western anti seizure meds, she faired well for nearly three weeks before she seized, at which time we adjusted the dosing to try and compensate for the lowered level of CBD in her system.  Just prior to bed we gave her a full gram of balanced CBD/THC oil, then again as she slept in the morning such that it would wear off by the time she woke.    Six days later she seized again, so we put her on immediate doses of Lorazapam, then back on Keppra, with liquid Opium to combat the diarrhea.

Next I’d like to try Betane Hydrochloride to aid in digestion for the diarrhea.  Although Mom’s life is limited in length, it would be nice if she did not have to take the opiates.  Updates will follow.

For now, she is on anti seizure meds, opiates for diarrhea, cannabis for asthma, blood pressure, muscle spasms, arthritic pain and sleeplessness, anxiety, aggression of Alzheimer’s.  She weighs 86 pounds at 5’4” now.  She eats and drinks but not enough to sustain.  (Even hippie chicken didn’t work as well as i had hoped.)  But, fourteen years after initial symptoms, she is mostly happy and loving….as long as she gets her cannabis dose!

Here are a couple of pictures that are a hoot!  Mom met Matt, the worlds most tatooed man and at first was open mouthed and wide eyed, but then walked up and hugged him.

Here’s some pictures from Mom’s 83rd birthday party!  We gave her two cakes, three hours apart, so that she didn’t remember the first!

Pat gets new dolly

Pat greeting visitors

Pat interacting

By Eloquentsolution

We are sorry to announce that Pat passed yesterday morning, 7-12-12, holding hands with Eloquentsolution, after smiling and mouthing, “I love you.”

We will all miss her and consider it a privilege to have known her.  “Full sails and following seas, sweet lady!”

Our deepest condolences to Eloquentsolution and family.



Whoop, whoop, lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Science just discovered how cannabis combats Alzheimers:

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  2. […] daughter tells the arduous caretaker story of helping her mother’s final stages of Alzheimer’s by getting her on medical marijuana and […]


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  4. Posted by David on January 28, 2015 at 8:04 PM

    Thank you :-)


  5. Posted by SwiftySift on January 5, 2015 at 12:49 AM

    One of the most touching stories I have read, truly. It struck home. I will try to spare you the detail. But my Mother realized that my Grand mother had been getting worse, having been very close; just as you. She immediately told her to pack up her bags to move in with us, where she originally just moved away from for warmer weather. She was the definition of an independent woman. That was until we saw her in person, she was crippled emotionally, physically, cognitively. It was really hard to see Skunk.. For everyone, for the next two months, we tried our best. She was so skeptical of everything. Seeing such odd things.. Like cats on the wall, people in her bed. After a quick googling, Mother and I felt it was ‘Lewy-Body Dementia’, give it a search if you can. She was an original hippie, for more than a good portion of her life she was medicated on some of her own cooking. I have the capabilities to get these kind of ointments for my Grandmother, I would absolutely admire you if you could give me a bit of a dose chart? For the lack of a better term. But a quick run down on what you introduced her with, when to add more, so on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this information already given.


  6. Posted by Valerie Norlund on December 25, 2014 at 8:14 PM

    My dad has Alzheimer’s and would love to see if medical marijuana can help him. I do not know anything about marijuana, would love some info on where to get it and what kind of dose would help him. Mostly he has lost his appetite and does not socialize as much as he used to. He also is easily agitated and gets frustrated. I don’t think he would be comfortable smoking it because he has never used it recreationally. Would love to see him get some of his memory back, and become more social. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,



  7. Four years ago I was diagnosed of diabetes, as if the pains of diabetes wasn’t bad enough Last year I was also diagnosed of cancer which was more critical in my case because of the diabetes which I already had. It was as if my world had come to an end cause the doctor told me that it was only by the grace of the almighty that I was alive to receive their diagnosis. As usual I was given few weeks to live but the pains I went through made each day feel like my last and I was so scared cause I wasn’t ready to leave this world yet, I had a lot of things that I wanted to do that I hadn’t done yet and I knew the almighty wouldn’t call on me before I started my mission on earth. My little niece told me about Rick Simpson cannabis oil when she came visiting, she told me she heard her friend’s mom talking about it and she persuaded me to look it up, I watched some of his videos and read some comments online and I was pleased with what I saw so I gave him a call and sent him an email We talked and I was convinced that he was my ticket to my new dawn. I purchased the oil and I have being following the prescription that I was given for the past two months and there has being rapid improvement in my health, I no longer feel pains and I wake up each morning feeling revived, energized and rejuvenated.If passing through this pain, please contact Ricks on


  8. Posted by Catherine on September 6, 2014 at 8:57 AM

    How my daughter Epilepsy was cured with cannabis oil

    My daughter Maris have suffered from epilepsy from the past 7 years but no cure until i heard about cannabis oil and its fast curing effectiveness,I was directed by someone who have used the cannabis oil to cure her epileptic son to get the cannabis oil from the cancer centre London and she gave me an email to contact the centre ( ) and i did immediately and i bought the cannabis oil and instruction on how to use it was given to me, I started the medication for my daughter and after she had taken the oil as prescribed, the seizures stopped and was cured and healthy again. I so happy now for the new development in my family.


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  11. […] daughter tells the arduous caretaker story of helping her mother’s final stages of Alzheimer’s by getting her on medicalmarijuana and […]


  12. Posted by john on August 20, 2014 at 2:33 AM

    great info its magic thank you


  13. […] daughter tells the arduous caretaker story of helping her mother’s final stages of Alzheimer’s by getting her on medical marijuana and […]


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  15. […] daughter tells the arduous caretaker story of helping her mother’s final stages of Alzheimer’s by getting her on medical marijuana […]


  16. […] daughter tells the arduous caretaker story of helping her mother’s final stages of Alzheimer’s by getting her on medical marijuana and off […]


  17. […] daughter tells the arduous caretaker story of helping her mother’s final stages of Alzheimer’s by getting her on medical marijuana […]


  18. Posted by Aaron on August 5, 2014 at 4:18 PM

    My condolences to you for your mothers passing, How blessed she was to have you as a child. Someone to take in hand such a monumental task to provide such devotion to ones care and quality of life.


  19. […] Let’s hope so.Sources for this article include:[1] [PDF][2][3][4] http://www.truthonpot.comhttp://science.naturalnews.comAbout […]


  20. Posted by Maricel on July 16, 2014 at 10:20 PM

    My name is Maricel Mark from Holland,my daughter who was suffering from epilepsy from the age of 5 years was cured with CBD and THC cannabis oil from cancer centre London i contacted via email The cannabis oil was supplied to me here in Holland with prescription on how to use it for treatment of seizures/epilepsy.After 3 months my daughter was cured and free from seizures.


    • What a wonderful story, Maricel! Thanks for sharing. I wish it had worked out for mom, but she needed the psychoactive effects of thc. I’m so happy for both you and your daughter. Does she need to take maintenance doses? Please give details.



  21. Posted by Carole on February 22, 2014 at 12:37 AM

    Firstly, I admire your care and commitment to your mother. Then I would appreciate your comments re my situation.

    My husband (formally a scientist) started a mild form of epilepsy known as Temporal Lobe seizures in mid 2000. Reasons not found, and on average, happened monthly. Over the years his orientation, then memory were severely affected. He has needed full time care for the last 7 years. He was given 200mg anti-epileptic for about 5 years. Knowing him well, and the type of care available, we left the west and came to Asia three years ago. I slowly stopped this med over many months with no visible effects. Here I met some brilliant women who help me care for him, and the 24 hour care and respect he receives is truly amazing.

    Having never used, therefore thought about medicinal cannabis, when I needed to keep everyone safe and help manage his daily bouts of angry frustration mostly when he realised he was not independent, I sadly and very slowly, started him on an anti-psychotic called Haloperidol. He immediately had his first Grand Mal seizure, so he had to go back on an anti-epileptic and slowly start sleeping meds at night.

    Now for last 18 months, he has been on 1mg a day of anti-P, 200mg anti-E, and 2mg sleeping pill. His seizures are infrequent but very disturbing; he has spasms and body jerks; he has lost most of his speech; he now walks bent over from the waist all day and some nights due to psychomotor agitation, a result of anti-P med as confirmed by the Doctor here. This agitation affects his eating and his bowel movements now, as he can’t sit still long enough to relax. He is super cautious (has good and bad results), and becomes very sad at times for no apparent reason.

    His physical health, vegetarian diet and appetite is very good and eats his crushed bitter tasting meds with little complaint (he may take a couple of hours to finish a meal though, due to the constant getting up and down). He’s very strong, stiff in his body, climbs stairs with relative ease, walks in the garden, and appreciates his music and constant interaction with us all. His anger has definitely abated, but shouts occasionally to show his displeasure. We don’t take things personally, distract him in some way, change the subject, then forgets and joins in with the giggles and laughter. He rarely complains, wonders around quietly and is generally quite easy and a joy to be with every day. I would like to slowly stop his anti-P meds if possible.

    The doctor here couldn’t help me with my query, except to offer me another variety of anti-E drugs agreeing I should get him off anti-P stuff. As I know almost nothing about Cannibis, CBD /THCs or anything else, I found your story, Rick Simpsons oil with THC, and others. They all inspired me to write to ask your opinion as a starting point. I live in a country where cannabis abounds but don’t know anyone who knows how to make the oils etc.

    I hear there may be an effects mixing cannabis with anti-P and judging from past experiences regarding his medication, it seems he needs very little of anything to have some effect, good or bad.

    My aim is to help him relax more, reduce the constant need to move or shuffle, and find a mild un-intrusive way to keep the smiles coming and a little more joy in his life.

    Maybe this is a dream of mine and a tall order, but thought I would ask anyway.


  22. Posted by KB on February 1, 2014 at 5:13 PM

    God Bless you , you will be with her again ! my grandma passed ,
    and she proved to me she lived on , no visions or anything
    just inexplicable real world events .that only her and I knew


  23. Posted by Lewis on January 29, 2014 at 4:59 PM

    Thank you for sharing this… I have been trying to get some answers regarding the effects of CBD and THC on Alzheimer’s and have been unable to find any answers. As I live in the UK it is illegal so Doctors do not want to discuss it as a possible option even though it seems it could be much more helpful than any available medication.


    • Posted by doerenee on July 7, 2014 at 6:18 PM

      come to colorado. message me ( if you think you can do this.
      or want to talk options. trying to get my grandma in Turkey to colorado as we speak for Dementia


      • That is a difficult situation, Doerenee. But I understand and agree with what you wish to do. Your options are limited depending upon her condition. I know of a demented patient bringing down an airliner!

        Perhaps some anti psychotic or anti depressant western medication for the trip, although, they carry black box warnings (death potential is increased dramatically) for the elderly and demented. You may not wish to risk the possibility. I chose to use them when there seemed no other choice so please feel no judgement. Do email me at or better yet, we can communicate here and perhaps help others.


        • Posted by doerenee on July 25, 2014 at 8:55 AM


          Thanks so much for your contact. I will also respond on their to help others ;)

          She thankfully only has mild dementia, its never been horrible. Just recently found out she has late stage cancer so it could be her ‘dementia’ symptoms were from that as well. Her docs aren’t giving her long, but I am going to go be with her in the present moment, not as if she is dying. I see in this hard time that Love is one of the most important medicines.

          I am going out to Turkey Monday. If I am able to come back with her, as I am using other natural techniques and energy techniques to raise her vibration– then I will contact you :)

          your story was so inspiring it helped to convinced my dad, who used to be very fearful of cannabis.

          that is a possibility for the travel back to Colorado, thanks for the advice :)

          I am a cannabis activist in Colorado and I am very grateful for your contributions, mine, and all people. We can do this.


  24. Posted by Brad on December 17, 2013 at 2:34 PM

    My mom has dementia and I have been trying to research CBD as a medical alternative. Does anyone know what a normal dosage would be per day and also the best place to buy it? I greatly appreciate the help


    • Hello, Brad,

      Caring for an AD parent is a brave and endearing experience. It brings you closer to them in the most unusual ways.

      As for CBD strains and Alzheimer’s, one needs to consider what we are medicating. CBD’s provide a body experience. THC is a psychoactive experience, as is Alzheimer’s. I searched out, vegged, bloomed, harvested, cured, extracted, formulated and dosed mom for seizures with high cbd, only to find out that she was intolerable without the psychoactive effects of THC. We had to take her off day use immediately. I would dose her with heavy cbd at night, then sneak in and dose her with THC strains before she woke! Personally, I would forget going to the effort and expense of cbd stains. I believe your mom will benefit from taking what is readily available everywhere. Forgetting that she is dying and enjoying the here and now is her best medicine. The key is, DON’T WAIT!

      Please give it to her as soon as you can. After the four and a half year experience with mom, I feel it is inhumane not to give cannabis to Alzheimer.s patients. I saw the mom i knew growing up, daily, with the help of this miraculous medicine.

      No one knows enough to give you accurate dosing for a particular patient. In western medicine, there is a certain amount of educated guessing with respect to dose. It is why we are given overdose symptoms and told to contact our doctors for dose adjustment. Cannabis, as a medicine, is no different. Each patient must pay attention to potential side effects for dose adjustment, bot up and down.

      Mom needed to adjust for the suspicion, aggression and anger of her disease. That takes THC. And of all the AD patients i have helped, all had different doses, mom’s was the highest at 3 grams of hash oil per day. Others are good with a cookie or two and a cup of tea.

      If your mom has never used cannabis, I suggest you begin with a cup of tea containing 10 mg of active cannabis tincture (THC), in the the evening before bedtime. If there is an adverse reaction, sleep is the best cure. If that is well tolerated, add a morning cup of tea. If both are well tolerated, follow that regime for five days. Add a mid day dose if needed for mood alteration. From that point, dosing and delivery method can be adjusted as needed.

      Do come back for more information if needed. I wish you only the best with your mom.



      • Posted by rudy on October 16, 2014 at 2:59 AM

        i would like to know how to treat my grandmother with cannabis, she has Alzheimer s and not sure how to start, can i e mail you


    • Hey towdawgs here,
      Sorry about moms passing ! It really sucks when we lose a loved one!
      Thank you to mom. My dad is 90 an also has the big “A”,and it’s getting
      pretty bad.
      Damn it’s really when a loved one loses every thing that made them your parent
      or what ever. My dad is not the man that I called my father anymore!
      But thanks to you, I might be able get some of him back!!!!
      Thanks ever so much To mom an of coarse you Bro!!


  25. This is very interesting. Im from Brazil and live with my grandmother and grandfathers. He has alzheimer and takes some of the medications you mentioned. Also, he has diabetes, which is well controlled.

    This led me here and it is great to see your case. Good job!


  26. Posted by C on March 1, 2013 at 12:37 PM

    thanks again you guys! i have had good success with trichrome extracted red oil stopping seizures from Lupus. It is an amazing plant. This story is so much like so many that never make it out to the public. Thank you for flying the flag at the top of the mast. The world IS watching us you know. tearing up now,peace


  27. Posted by Marisa Martinez on January 29, 2013 at 2:33 PM

    Is anyone making the blends mentioned in this article and are they available for sale?


  28. wow, what a story!


  29. Posted by April on December 28, 2012 at 12:54 PM

    Just in curosity, do you think cannabis oil would help other neurological diseases as well? Ive has Epilepsy since I was 12, after 20+ years of having seizures it takes a toll on a person’s mind and spirit….


  30. Posted by amy " with Alzheimer’s" in michigan on December 25, 2012 at 7:19 AM

    thank you.
    I feel to sad, now I c what I have done to my family.


  31. Posted by Val on December 4, 2012 at 4:13 AM

    I currently care for my 91 year old grandmother with advanced alzheimers. I woke in the middle of the night with the thought that I had never seen an angry or agitated pot smoker. Googled the idea and came across your story. Please help me! I am your stereotypical good girl, I don’t drink, smoke, gamble, and I couldn’t possibly know less about marijuana but I really think this could help her. Can you get me started on where to go and who to talk to. Can you send links to or tell me about the oils you used and how / where you get them? Thank you, thank you for helping me and so many others in this situation.


  32. Very touching story indeed…to bad your mother had SO MANY years of Western Med’s all those liver toxic poisons never do a body good..and there is so much to say about the POISONS we eat on a daily basis..My God, unless you really educate yourself on PROPER NUTRITION and are NOT going to stay healthy..its impossible. DIEt Soda..aspertain MSG…the list is so long and they all cause disease..and they have that crap in EVERYTHING..and eating out of a MICROwave…everyday occurance in this country..yet it is POISON. God will bless you in many ways for doing what you did for your mother..the best thing to do EVERYDAY is to educate the masses..we have our work cut out for us..but if given a chance to work BEFORE the human body gets poisoned to the point of no return..the Cannabis Hemp Plant preforms matter how young or old. It truly is a wonderful plant that needs to used like our Creator intended us to use it for..FOOD FIBER FUELS and MEDICINE!


  33. Posted by Steve on November 15, 2012 at 6:04 PM

    This is amazing. I was drawn in when the discussion turned to the effects it had on mood and anxiety. Although my father is in latter stages, a deep seated anger has only manifested itself of late. I googled Alzheimer’s Marijuana and came upon this site. I had just been curious as to whether cannabis would relieve or promote bad behavior? Anyway, I was moved by this story, not so much because of the cannabis aspect, but by the way the author took charge of her mother’s care and was bold enough to try other things that were far more organic than the meds that her mother had been prescribed. Very brave and extremely inspirational for those of us who are still fighting the good fight.


    • Thank you, Steve, for your kind comments on my care of mom. She made me a better person.

      My heart goes out to you. it is a difficult situation for both patient and caregiver, that is relieved by cannabis. those that watched the transformation from evil stepchild to beloved grandmother were no less then amazed. she went from hitting and kicking to stroking my face and saying the words “I love you”! So, yes Steve, it relieves anxiety and aggressive behavior.

      Her health care professionals said she had the best quality of life of all of their Alzheimer’s patients; that she was the only on cannabis. They attributed her high quality of life to the use. It was as though she forgot she had Alzheimer’s and could enjoy her here and now.

      My best to you in your journey with your father and his struggle with Alzheimer’s. I hope, for the sake of all, that you also choose this natural route.



  34. … and comparing your mum’s early photo with her later ones – what a cracker! Bless! You both are an inspiration. Thank you.


  35. I am a full time carer for my parents, both 90. Mum has dementia and a great deal of pain due to her bone marrow being non-productive. Dad has Alzheimer’s and gets lost going the the bathroom. I take my hat off to you.


    • You, Dean are the man traveling the road today. You have my respect, caring for both. I hope you have help and that you live where there is compassion for the demented. Cannabis would help the pain as well. My best to you, Dean. Please let me know if i can help.

      Best wishes,


  36. Posted by hilary connaughton on November 10, 2012 at 10:27 PM

    I’m gonna try cannibals for my granny now.


  37. Posted by Rich on November 10, 2012 at 8:41 PM

    Thanks for your story and I would like to add my 2 cents to this discussion. I have Parkinson’s disease and have suppressed it naturally using scientifically tested supplements: tyrosine, coQ10, magnesium, iodine, DHA Omega 3s, Foti, Ling Zhi mushroom. Of these supplements the most beneficial is magnesium. Magnesium calms the mind and acts as anti seizure medication. One doctor eliminated the seizures from epileptic patients with 450 mg a day. For best effect I take 450 mg of liquid magnesium orally (3 x 150 mg) a day and magnesium oil on the skin (trans-dermal application). In my research on magnesium I discovered that if a person has low serum magnesium and calcium levels anti-psychotics will not be effective. So if you need to take an anti-psychotic first make sure your magnesium and calcium levels are nominal. Here is a good link and there are many more online:

    Best wishes.


  38. Posted by Love on November 10, 2012 at 6:51 PM

    Do any of you who had a person with Alzheimers know if they regularly used aspartame , such as a diet soda ?

    Yes anti-psychotic meds, first, don’t heal mental illness, second can definitely cause seizures or neurological damage. Western medicine is not medicine, at all, and I love this statement
    “Even her doctor, whom does not normally sign for medical cannabis cards, noticed the dramatic improvement, saying, “I wish all my Alzheimer’s patients were on cannabis. Look at her quality of life!” She signs Mom’s renewals no questions asked.”


    • Yes, my mother did use aspartame regularly, diet soda and the like. She also drank from and cooked on aluminum and was a heavy user of prepared (thus processed) foods. So in the end who knows which or what combination of elements that may have contributed. thank you for bringing up one of many potential causes of Alzheimer’s.



  39. Posted by BioJoe on September 12, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    Thanks for sharing your loving story. Wish I had known of this cure for my Grand mother and Grand Father. It would of made my moms life some much more enjoyable. I know this will help so many and doing what I can to pass the info. along to others. Our state TX doesn’t look to kindly on its use but who cares if it works. Its about quality of life. Thanks


    • The kudos are well appreciated. I miss her dearly.

      Though the time is too late for your grandparents, you are doing the next best thing….spreading the word. It is a crime to deny this medicine to those that need it, no matter the state. I’m sorry for Texas, however, you, the citizens have a voice to change what is. my best to you in that end.


  40. Posted by bloyd on August 4, 2012 at 9:04 AM

    I have followed your treatments from afar but it was really touching to read this story and see the smiling the face of your mother in pictures. You are a very special person for striving so hard for happiness and health of your mother in such trying times.


  41. Posted by luc336 on May 13, 2012 at 12:11 AM

    GW, My 92 yr old Dad has Alzheimer for several years now, he use to have an excellent memory and spoke 7 languages. Now he has a hard time remembering my brother and occasionally my 85 yr old Mom. He occasionally asks her who are you and she replies “your wife of 55 yrs”, he smiles then raises his hand and says “Heil Hitler”. Mom can be a bit of a ball buster and a Princes. Dad was a POW in France when Germany invaded, and was treated better as a POW than a husband. ;-)

    My Mom refuses to have anything to do with cannabis for herself or my Dad. Her friend told her “it may help at first but will make you go crazy”, probably a reefer madness educated old lady. Mom complains of insomnia, arthritic pain, anxiety and is starting to get dementia. If I even mention cannabis she gets mad and won’t listen.

    My Mom is so afraid I will poison her with cannabis that she will not eat anything I make for her. It started when she saw me put virgin coconut oil in her delicious fruit smoothy.

    I will try to get her to read this great article, but she will probably refuse because it’s about cannabis.

    Thanks GW


    • Thanks for your good thoughts Luc! Good luck with your mom and dad!

      It is gut wrenchiong sometimes to watch ignorance and prejudice block possible salvation, but after you have done what you can do, there is nothing more to do! Once my mom has decided something, it is counter productive to try and sway her.

      As has been observed, sometimes you can’t change the fixed minds of the establishment, common practice will change naturally as the old order passes on.

      Sometimes that sort of leaves us with loving them the way they are and letting them make their own bed.

      I know of one old cast iron matriarch, whose children put two drops of infused Almond oil in her Insure every morning, so that those around her can stand her. Before they started, none of her grand children would visit her and they couldn’t keep care givers.

      Her doctor signed her paperwork, but she would never, ever, consider smoking a joint, so we tried the oil. They still have the last caregivers that they hired and the grandchildren now visit regularly, so I count it a success.


      • You have a difficult situation, Luc. beyond complete deception, as GW mentioned, i have no other recommendations. Drilling a whole in a truffle with a heated poker, adding a dose, then sealing with a chocolate drop made for an easy application with mom. She dearly loved her truffles!

        My best,


  42. All the info I wanted to ask about . Thanks for helping me with my therapy.


  43. Thanks for sharing. I have used one third of this Post to promote this article.


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