Centuria Foods CBDA Decarboxylation Research

The folks over at Centuria foods have been generous enough to share their data on process scale CBDA decarboxylation. They used our article on THCA decarboxylation as a starting place and were nice enough to send us the data they recorded on CBD to share with our readers!

The data is of 90 kg batches in a open 200 liter mixing tank at different time points and temperature parameters.

CenturiaFoods_Update (4).xls – Decarboxylation


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  1. I decarboxylated a few grams of dispensary extract in full sunlight this morning. I placed the extract in a vacuum chamber in a centrifuge tube. The chamber was pulled to vacuum until the needle touched the 30″ line. The video was time lapse taken from iPad Mini 4 set on top chamber for about an hour. Product continued to decarboxylate after video stopped as chamber was left in sunlight under vacuum. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0Vf4p-4U1o&feature=em-upload_owner


  2. It is a shame that academics still seem to have little incentive to publish in this field as there is so much low hanging fruit to be had, so its really pretty wonderful of private interests to fill in for the professional knowledge seekers in this case. As with all interesting experimental results, this spreadsheet answers some questions which lead to new ones. Specifically, what are the degradation products of CBD are are they medically active in any way?


  3. […] I wonder were they protecting the invention from other business owners taking it? but then why never release it to the public, whilst retaining the patent? CBD research should be shared, so much has been already, there is little chance on patenting in the area of cannabis medicine.  So skunkpharm distributing updates like this is incredibly helpful, centuria-foods-and-phasex-cbda-decarboxylation-research […]


  4. The lack of hard numbers in this industry is frustrating to scores of people who are each trying their own methods of perfecting this medicine back to the benefit for mankind that it has been for millenium. Erik The Healer of Rome, founder of modern medicine, used these extracts verifiably in at least a third of his medicines. These people were not stupid, and were not unsophisticated. In several thousand years of usage, men and women have had this stuff figured out, and the potency hey achieved was no less than our arts can achieve. Then greed and prohibition that sent thousands to prison destroyed the chance at learning again what was forgotten. The art was lost mostly to men of our era.

    My gratitude that you have shown the good qualities that men are born with. Thank you for sharing what you know. In Oregon, this industry was built upon a single key notion; Charity. My first med ever at advanced age was gifted to me the day I got my OMMP card. When I tried to pay for the medicine, I got a full body hug by a cute chick and a stranger whom I had never met who looked me in the eyes and told me to just “pay it forward” when I got better.

    There was a brotherhood, and operating in a gray area of the draconian prohibition was a common uniting bond. Information was never withheld. I asked my benefactor that first time if I could at least just pay a little to compensate, and the response? “You are a human being. You do not have to pay for medicine.” And then I was gifted a pill box with each little drawer filled with a different vatiety of trimmed bud and labelled.

    I have a wonderful life now. At the time I applied for my OMMP card I fit tightly into size 58 pants. I wore size 6x shirts. The first year on OMMP medicine I began to walk briskly. Our newspaper here in Eugene reported on me one year later – I had lost 17 pounds per month for 13 months. I went from 375+ to 175, and later to 165, my high school weight. I have maintained height and weight proportional now for over 5 years.

    The medicine relieves anxiety for me and untreated anxiety (PTSD from Marine Corps) manifests in wierd ways, but morbid obesity is certainly one of them. The willingness for you to share data makes my heart glad. It is data that has been misplaced by humans and we need it badly. My hearfelt thanks to those who contributed their knowledge, and those who made the knowledge available.


  5. I’d like to do a second test of this procedure to verify that the results are accurate.

    If anyone would like to donate 89.97 kg of high grade bud, please contact me.


  6. Posted by colin on May 13, 2016 at 2:46 PM

    Hot damn that is a lot of weed!


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