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Centuria Foods and Phasex CBDA Decarboxylation Research

The folks over at Centuria foods, in conjunction with Phasex Labs, have been generous enough to share their data on process scale CBDA decarboxylation. They used our article on THCA decarboxylation as a starting place and were nice enough to send us the data they recorded on CBD to share with our readers! The data is of 90 kg batches in a open 200 liter mixing tank at different time points and temperature parameters. CenturiaFoods_Update (4).xls - Decarboxylation Enjoy!

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  1. Tony

    I have a question for you. Why do you filter after purging as oppose to winterize and filter before purging in the qwiso methode?

  2. ganjagrynch

    One thing I would like to know is the saturation point of ethanol. How material can be 100% extracted per volume of ethanol. I'm just asking for an estimate based on ideal conditions.

  3. redturtle984

    I am betting that alcoholism rates are much lower too. Alcohol is great at relieving anxiety but obviously destroys health when used for chronic anxiety. Reduced alcoholism rates lower the doctor bill for everyone in a country that requires all to pay for healthcare.

  4. Jack

    If you are using 151 proof ethanol, do you need to increase, decrease, or not change the extraction time of 3 minutes in freezer to maximize yield on first extraction and second extractions?

  5. skunkpharmresearch

    Electrical conductivity would increase proportionally with metal concentration. I would use a multiple stage water filtration system. Which is generally a carbon prefilter, cationic and anionic resins.

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