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Goodbye 2012, hello 2013!

Wowza; 2012 made me tired, but it is good to look back on it and assess what we accomplished, before looking at what we covet doing in our fiscal 2013. We actually opened Skunk Pharm Research and registered with the state of Oregon late in 2011, but our efforts were on setting up banking and merchant accounts, with most of our tangible progress being made in FY 2012. This year we designed and built the new skunk shack lab, which occupied the bulk of our efforts, and it is now complete and in operation.  Not only a major improvement from my garage lab and home kitchen, but a delight to Grayfox, who tolerated us with good humor, as we constantly trashed our kitchen and rear courtyard. This web site was also done wholly in 2012, with all of its present content, and it has had 164, 264 visitors since opening, from all over the world.  We are currently averaging about 503 hits per hour, with our best day at 2199 hits.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive and the site well received. Fulfilling a dream, we acquired, installed and brought a new used Perkins Elmer gas chromatograph on line.  Gas chromatography plays a significant role in our plans for 2013. Our class presentation suffered in 2012, with our only public class being at National Green Friends, which covered different extraction methods, included student sampling of the differences in the product produced , and was well received. We designed and built the fully automated Mk II Terpenator and leased it out to Specialized Formulations, as well as designed and built the Mk III and IIIA Terpenators. We licensed use of our manufacturing network and designs to Specialized Formulations, who has sold a number of Mk IIIA kits, and paying us licensing fee. That brings me to the favorite part, and that is that we now have income, instead of being an expensive money pit, and draw on our personal resources.   Lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu!!!!!!1 Our review and implementation of nail and skillet vaporization, as well as our portable e-pen development was all done in 2012, and we completed the unsuccessful ultrasonic dry sieving experiment, using the Grinning Reaper as a test sled.  More on that in 2013, experimenting with music and a sub woofer seat shaker. We completed the design and build of a laminar flow hood for use in tissue culture, which works slick.  Joe will write up and post the results in 2013. We advanced our design for a DYI CO2 SCFE system, and developed a network of commercial SCFE operator resources, so that it is a viable 2013 project. Lastly, we completed the designs for an alcohol fractionating still, a dual drum rotary evaporator, and a forced air evaporation chamber, which we will build shortly. I would be remiss if I didn't reveal that we are ecstatic that building a new lab is no longer the long pole in the tent and off the project list.  I can confidently speak for all of us in thanking everyone whose volunteer labor made the new lab possible.  Whoop, whoop, ahwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!1 Having it off our backs, also brings us to our plans to utilize our new found time in FY 2013.  Hee, hee, hee, snicker, snark, snort.............. Our FY20013 new project list is as follows: 1          We will resume teaching classes, at the rate of one Saturday a month, and one   week day.  Schedule and content to be announced. 2          We will start producing videos and posting them on U-Tube. 3          We will develop our GC process and compare different process results. 4          We will commencing using our volunteer test panel, which we previously set up. 5          We will further develop the Lil Terp and Mk III Terpenator processes. 6          We will expand on extracting product specifically for vaporization. 7          We will complete the acoustical dry sieve experiment. 8          We will build an Evaponator, a rotary drum thin film vacuum purge system. 9          We will build a forced filtered air evaporation chamber. 10        We will complete the Mk IV Terpenator prototype. 11        We will build a CO2 SCFE test sled. 12        We will build an Enabler, compound alcohol fractionating still. And from all of us at Skunk Pharm Research, wishing you a stellar pain free new year!

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