Lil’ Terp

Lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All ya’ll that have been watching our Passive Butane Extraction and Recovery thread,  here is some even more exciting breaking news!  We just completed our first pilot run and it went slick!

Details at

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  1. Posted by cmackhack on July 30, 2012 at 12:03 AM

    Looks like this could become popular technique for those who can get it built and does the cost of butane make this a feasible alternative. I guess it would depend on the amount of oil that you make. I think this would be a good investment maybe some more R&D is the butane recollected been tested in the gas chromatigraph to see if it is identical which I think it would be. But I have a question for you guys and I am not sure where to ask as I live in northwest oregon as well as I believe I read you do I am Interested in buying some chemicals from Nurnberg Scientific am I was wondering if you know if I can purchase Acetic Anhydride ACS 500ml
    legally and for medical cannabis research…If you know for sure please advise.


    • We’ve never purchased chemicals from Nurnberg Scientific, so have no insight as to their policies. As a legitimate licensed business, we purchase our acetic anhydride from American Scientific without issue.
      There are no laws that I am aware of against purchasing it, only using it for illegal purposes, and it continues to be used for any number of legitimate purposes as well, so it remains legal.

      As two of the illegal uses includes manufacturing illegal drugs and explosives, it is on a watch list, so you might expect to be scrutinized. My guess is that 500ml occasionally would draw less attention than a drum of the stuff, or steady consumption. I would just give Nurnberg a call and ask!



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