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Mom, Alzheimers and Cannabis

It is Skunk PharmResearch's policy to let patients tell their own story, but in the case of mom, as her daughter and 24/7 caregiver, I will speak for her.  She is in the late seventh and final stage of Alzheimer’s and would want her story told.

Mom was diagnosed as late stage six when she came to me from Seattle four years ago.  She was given six more months to live. She began displaying symptoms before 1998, but she wasn't diagnosed until 2001, following her first husband’s death.  It took that long to resolve other health issues and get her to a neurologist. Just the thought of Alzheimer's frightened her so, that we eventually had to trick her, to get her to a doctor for testing.   Once tested and diagnosed, they put her on Aricept, which brought back cognitive skills, with slow decline for the next seven years while my step brother cared for her in her own home.  Along with other western meds, this was her medical course. When Mom's Alzheimer's progressed to the point that she became combative and personal hygiene became an issue, my brother planned to put her in a nursing home, but I quit my job to look after her.  I moved her to Portland with me and took over her care, to focus on the quality of her remaining life. For five months prior to her arrival, I immersed myself into learning as much about Alzheimer's as possible, researching and joining The Alzheimer’s Association, as well as the Online Alzheimer's Support Group, spending as much time as possible conversing with patients and caregivers alike, to prepare myself for the task. When Mom arrived, besides being on five over the counter drugs, she was on three inhalers and a pill for asthma, blood pressure meds, allergy meds, anti psychotics that made her angry, anti seizure meds that made her delusional, plus three others I have no idea what they were used to combat. We got her an OMMP card immediately upon her arrival.  She had smoked cannabis recreationally with me for over thirty years, but never medically until she came toOregon. Cannabis was my only means of mitigating her despicable behavior (psychotic). For the rest of this article see: /alzheimers-mom-and-cannabis/

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  1. Greg

    How can an ejuice that works be made then? Connoisseur concentrates makes a solution that claims .3ml to 1gram concentrates. Holy terp makes pure, same. Which would presumably make a more potent ejuice than 1:1 liquidizers. Are terps any safer to vape than pg or peg? Does that e juice work? Seems No one is looking for the answers but consumers. Also if the concentrated isn't decarbed how can an ecig decarb it? It's not 400 deg like a flower vape is it? I plan to make 1g dry ice hash, then decarboxilate it. Then add CC .3ml. If it doesn't work last try. I've used wax liquidizer 2 times. But pg peg scares me. And it only kinda worked. More like if you were already lifted it would easily keep you up. But wouldn't really Lift you up on it's own. Hope Someone figures it out.

  2. Jason L

    Maybe try forming the "deep eutectic solvent" glyceline by mixing 1 mole of choline chloride or trimethylglycine with 2 moles of glycerol and heating/stirring for about 2 hours at about 80 C until a clear liquid is formed. It will be less viscous than glycerol and its solvent powers will be increased dramatically, like an extraction requiring less than 2 hours rather than days or months. It would be hard to recover the cannabinoids from the DES, other than by adding a lot of water, but it could be used as it, since choline chloride or trimethylglycine are non-toxic like glycerol. In fact it would probably aid in absorption. The deep eutectic solvents are similar to DMSO as solvents, polar aprotic. Adding water at 10-30% reduces polarity and makes it work better for most extractions. BTW menthol forms DES at room temperature with camphor and other substances, including various organic acids, lactic, pyruvic, lauric etc. I think a DES could be formed between menthol and THCA, making it a liquid at rt and more absorbable. Don't know if liquid THCA would be desirable or not, but should be possible at least. May have more medical benefit.

  3. Patimah

    If I do glycerin extraction using cold maceration for a week then, I want to centrifuge it. so, what suitable temperature and rpm should I use?

  4. emac757

    Shelf life is definitely limited. Iv had hot extracts that knocked your head of with 10 drops. Few weeks later, not so much. 2 months later, nada. Cannabinoid degradation is a study i would love tof read one day.

  5. emac757

    Defintely skip the EJmix or anything comparable. All garbage imo. Iv tried it all and using the one set of lungs we are given to test vaped plastic is not where its at. Flavrx makes a GSC cart that hits harder then anything Iv ever had. Its a terpene infused distillate that is highly effective after 1 low voltage (3.7) hit. Aside from that, dont waste countless grams of extract trying it at home unless you have an endless low cost supply.

  6. emac757

    The internet can be a powerful tool for furthing ones knowledge prior to asking questions. QWET- Quick Wash EThanol SCFE- Sub Critical Fluid Extraction CO2 - Carbon Dioxcide GW- The one and only graywolf OG!!!

        1. ganjagrynch

          Start with a pure extract in the form mentioned above and then add either an emulsifier like EjMix or get pure monoterpenes to reduce viscosity (make it thinner). EjMix does have something of a plastic taste especially if used at higher ratios than 1:1. Monoterpenes are expensive and will give your juice a citrus or pine flavor. There are products out there that use a mix of terpenes and claim to replicate well known strains. That's the only way I know to get truly potent ejuice from cannabis

    1. Skunk Pharm Research,LLC

      SCFE could also be Super Critical Fluid Extraction. The world is probably isn't ready for another Tattered Old Graywolf, but GW could also be GW Pharmaceutical! LD-50 Rat means 50% of the rats died at that dosage and PEL means Permitted Exposure Limit. TLV is Threshold Limit Value and OW means Oh Wow, with OMG meaning Oh My Gawd! GW

  7. emac757

    Cannabinoid distillate is really the only potent vape juice. I've had some luck with using a little bit of PEG to keep a winterized extract separated then adding 150° VG and whipping it with my CAT scientific emulsifier. But then you have adding liquid plastic to your mix which I don't trust, food grade or not. Terpene infused distillate is really the only pleasurable vape juice iv experienced thus far ie Flavrx GSC carts give great medication with 1 average hit with a great taste. Aside from that, I can't honestly say what's left as a viable method. Best of luck.

  8. Jamie Werner (@JNWII)

    If I were to do a VG tincture based on primo material, would it be less potent, as potent, or more potent than as if I were to vaporize or combust the same primo raw material?

  9. Rezman

    Hi, Thanks for this great info! I was wondering what is more potent, the hot or cold method? I have heard that a hot extraction loses potency over time (as little as 2 weeks) but a cold extract gains potency with time is this true? I have also heard that adding pure orange oil can increase thc potency? Would you recommend maybe adding some drops of orange oil? I just started two weeks ago with a cold extraction, but I dont think I want to wait another 4-6 weeks, especially if a hot extraction is more potent. Would I mess it up if I took whats been there for a few weeks soaking in glycerin and did a hot extract? Thanks!

      1. Rezman

        Not OJ, but D-Limonene is actually what I hear to combine with a tincture/extract to increase potency. Orange oil is 90% D-Limonene. TetraLabs makes their PureGold with 5% d-limonene, so I figure a few drops of Organic orange oil may increase potency and add a nice flavor? Does something with the terpenes. I haven't done extensive research on this so let me know what you think...may be beneficial to this recipe.

  10. Brooke

    Hi there! I have been working with my chemist friend on trying to come up with a healthy and clean smoke to put into e pen and also for dabs we have done hexane, glycerin, bho and ethanol but are having a hard time finding the right consistency for the mix that tastes right. I have read glycerin tincture can be mixed down to the right dilution fairly easy but we now how to make great hexane and ethanol extracts already. Trying to brake away from bho. Do you have any advice? Your page is really nice by the way!

      1. Brooke

        So we have been making the hexane honey oil and then trying to add alcohol, glycerin and PG to get the right consistency for epens. The hexane wash seems like a purer way to extract large quantities. But we are having problems with adding the PG/ VG combining at the end between flavor and consistency. DO you recommend these additives for a good smoke or just diluting with alcohol?Alcohol seems to burn quickly and not produce enough bulk? Thanks!

        1. skunkpharmresearch

          I haven't had any success with VG blending. I never tried any of the other glycols so I dont have any experience to speak from.I found just thinning a little with ethanol worked in keeping a high concentration at a workable consistency. The viscosity needed to work good in pens varies by brand and model. Its also quicker and easier than blending with other liquids. Just from personal experience.

          1. MyxedUpMike

            So you thin wax(s) with the ethanol? I'm trying to figure how to utilize thicker bho in a tank style (wick to element) ecig and believe this is what you're referring to..? Great site!! I absolutely love it and it has exponential improved my weed geek!

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