Mom, Alzheimers and Cannabis

It is Skunk PharmResearch’s policy to let patients tell their own story, but in the case of mom, as her daughter and 24/7 caregiver, I will speak for her.  She is in the late seventh and final stage of Alzheimer’s and would want her story told.

Mom was diagnosed as late stage six when she came to me from Seattle four years ago.  She was given six more months to live. She began displaying symptoms before 1998, but she wasn’t diagnosed until 2001, following her first husband’s death.  It took that long to resolve other health issues and get her to a neurologist.

Just the thought of Alzheimer’s frightened her so, that we eventually had to trick her, to get her to a doctor for testing.   Once tested and diagnosed, they put her on Aricept, which brought back cognitive skills, with slow decline for the next seven years while my step brother cared for her in her own home.  Along with other western meds, this was her medical course.

When Mom’s Alzheimer’s progressed to the point that she became combative and personal hygiene became an issue, my brother planned to put her in a nursing home, but I quit my job to look after her.  I moved her to Portland with me and took over her care, to focus on the quality of her remaining life.

For five months prior to her arrival, I immersed myself into learning as much about Alzheimer’s as possible, researching and joining The Alzheimer’s Association, as well as the Online Alzheimer’s Support Group, spending as much time as possible conversing with patients and caregivers alike, to prepare myself for the task.

When Mom arrived, besides being on five over the counter drugs, she was on three inhalers and a pill for asthma, blood pressure meds, allergy meds, anti psychotics that made her angry, anti seizure meds that made her delusional, plus three others I have no idea what they were used to combat.

We got her an OMMP card immediately upon her arrival.  She had smoked cannabis recreationally with me for over thirty years, but never medically until she came toOregon. Cannabis was my only means of mitigating her despicable behavior (psychotic).

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  1. It’s no small wonder that ES was at her Mother’s side when she passed. When ever I seen ES she was always doting on her Mother. We were all at Patricia’s last Birthday party. She was there with us and always seemed cognitive. EloquentSolutions dedicated her adult life to finding a cure for her mother. I have never met a more dedicated woman. And I am very proud to know ElquentSolutions May God Bless you with a long life.

    Your studies of Alzheimer’s are second to none. Your words above and your continued study of this abhorrent disease and other illnesses is great appreciated.

    My family passes on their condolences to you and yours. ♥


  2. Posted by Grammabear on July 13, 2012 at 10:07 AM

    My prayers are with you Carla your mom was a sweet beautiful soul and the world has lost a treasure


    • Thank you, Grammabear. The sweet treasure is forever embraced in my heart. ES


    • Submitted on 2012/07/14 at 1:49 PM |

      Thank you so much for joining us in the celebration of mom’s 83rd birthday. She loved the celebration with all her friends.

      It is my privilege and responsibility to live to the potential and morality of my own spirit; to make this world a better place for having been here. it is the same for each, and we each do it in our own way,

      The pain in my heart softens with each prayer. Thank you, ES


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