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Successful morphine withdrawal after 8 years!

One of our associates and students successfully withdrew from 8 years of heavy opiate dosage over a 90 day period on QWET oil , to become opiate free. He initially tried reflux extracted oil, but the concentrated chlorophyll turned his digestive tract inside out. We extracted his first QWET oil and it worked well for pain, so he attended one of our skunk pharm classes and learned to make his own so that he was self supporting. Here is his thank you letter to us and may I note that he stayed opiate free and subsequently successfully withdrew himself from the oil as well? ______________________________ ___________ I want to thank the people whom taught me to be healthier today. Graywolf, Eloquentsolution, Joe, Growgeek, you are just awesome. You taught me to make the oil in Nov. and as of then, I was able to reduce the Morphine intake from three, to one 60mg a day by months end. In Dec. I returned the script for 90- 60mg. Morphine and asked for 30's instead. The Dr. does know of my oil intake. I used 24 of the 90 pills 30mg. this month, and for the last 10 days I have been RX free. I had my Dr. appt. today and was able for the first time in over 8 years, to not get a refill. I am for the new year FREE of the Morphine. Thank You: The 4 Amigos Southpaww

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