Cease & and Desist

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Dear Loose Gear,

Thanks for the warning.  If you would be more specific about what patent we violate in our classes, that you have never attended and I have never detailed on line, I will pass it on to our attorneys to review for appropriate action.

Just so you know that this site doesn’t operate the same way that the forums you post erroneous, misleading, and inflammatory  information on do, we have to approve your comments before they are public, not afterwards.

I simply deleted your second post because it was erroneous, misleading, and a personal attack on me, as well as on this site.  I will continue to do so, so take your attacks back to the public forums, this blog site is about science, not resolving your own personal problems.

You have made it more than clear that you object to what we are doing on this site, so there is no need to continue to waste both of our time attempting to drive that point home.  We accept that is how you feel, just don’t agree.

In case we haven’t made our point clear, unless you have something worthwhile to share with us and our readers, you are wasting your time and efforts posting it here.

We look forward to your actual patent details, and hope you find the peace you seek brother!



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  1. I’m finding this thread very late, but it is really interesting because “gyrogearloose” was the name of a member of the long-defunct site “The Hive” and back in about 1999 he posted a post describing how to do open blasting with butane (using, sadly, PVC pipe). But his lack of writing skills made it virtually impossible to follow his method.

    What made that interesting then was that it was the first mention I had seen of extracting cannabis to obtain “hash oil.” In fact, it was the first mention I had seen of hash oil anywhere since it disappeared practically overnight from the black market in the very early 1980s.

    Under the name “Indra,” I rewrote his information in proper English that could be understood (I regret not knowing at the time that PVC was a no-no and propagating that information). This document was put up on Erowid where it still is today,

    That post marked, for me, the beginning of the return of oil. So he might have a little bit of logic behind his feeling that he was at the forefront of it, but unless he can make some sense it will be hard for him to make any point.


  2. Is this the same person who wrote a similar threat last year? keep up the good work. Your handling it well. 🙂


    • Same post, it was just bumped by a new reader.

      They actually never came back under the same name, though we have had some folks with secondary agendas attempting to disrupt us. Alas, as hard as we try and as much as it means to us, none of us heah, or our MMJ cause are uniformly popular.

      On the other hand, you can tell a lot about a person or organization by their enemies, as well as their friends.

      Thanks for the good thoughts!



  3. What happened with the cease and desist?


  4. Posted by Karen Fessler on December 3, 2012 at 7:20 PM

    Keep up the excellent work, and don’t let the SOB’s try to ‘scare’ you! We patient’s, are behind what you are doing, and although we have not ever met yet, I so appreciate all your research, help, and compassion. THANK YOU and KEEP UP the great work!


  5. Posted by Matt on August 9, 2012 at 5:43 PM

    Classic scare technique. Such Bullshit. This is important information, extracts are the only way we are going to prove this can be used as an effective medicine. Keep up the good work. Sick people appreciate You.


  6. You gotta love jealous people who don’t want information freely shared. Especially when they claim patent infringement without stating a patent number or what the [alleged] patent is supposedly for. Threats from profiteers – how typical.


    • Possibly a hunger for attention! Some folks get their esteem of self, from esteem of others.

      They know what they are inside, so esteem of self without the praise of uninformed others is not possible.

      Often they are just regurgitating missinformation from others with an agenda, who use their stupidity, ignorance and gullibility for their own personal gain.

      I suspect that to be the case with “loose”, as he was even making up new words, suggesting little previous thought or investigation. His/her inability to formulate a complete sentence or spell, also suggests little carryover from even grades 1 through 6.

      The real question is not what or who these village idiots are, but who is pulling their chains and why.

      There are course commercial interests, LEO, misguided zealots, jealousy, etc, to choose from, so I mostly just lump them all together as misguided and pray for their enlightenment.



  7. Posted by tylerdurden71 on June 28, 2012 at 1:20 PM

    classic! i was going to send the same thing to you guys about all the information you are sharing to the masses… oh wait, i benefit from it too 😛


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