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  1. tashiherzmark

    Hey Skunkpharm, this post, while interesting, is contradictory and confusing: first you say: "...After it has separated, bleed off the water and emulsion layer...), and then: "...After carefully bleeding off the bottom layer of water, we continue to replace it and repeat the wash process of both the emulsion layer and the hexane solution, until the emulsion layer disappears..." Which is it, and why? Thanks for your efforts.

  2. joe

    Hi, I've been winterizeing my b.h.o. for some time now with everclear 175. In search of a cleaner product I tried ISO 99% and everclear 190 .Both gave me similar worse results, first when pouring my higher grade alchohols into my butane/oil solution (I let the tane burn off almost completey but not enough to get hard) ,when using the 175 everclear there is an instant seperation of butane and alchohol and once all butane is gone there will be debris in the alchohol solution. This doesn't happen when using the ISO or the 190 everclear..the poduct comes out WAAY DARKER . The only thing I get in my filters when filtering the higher grade alchohols is a very white slime, .I usually freeze my soultion 14 hrs before filtering..any thoughts would help ..thanks

    1. skunkpharmresearch

      I would freeze for at least 48 hours before filtering and take it down to -18C/0F. I've still had waxes precipitate out after 24 hours. Using heat will darken the solution. If you can cold boil it in a vacuum at 115F, it will stay light colored.

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