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ISO-3 by D Gold

Some of ya’ll mature brothers and sisters will remember D. Gold’s ISO-1 and II Isomerizers from the 70’s, and some of ya’ll young researchers may have cast eyes upon one or at least a picture. Starting with  the ISO-1, here is a picture from a brochure.  First concept, direct and utilitarian:


iso-ii-by-d-goldFollowed by the ISO-2, Super Flower Tower, which was both functional and elegant in design: Imagine our joy and amazement, when D. Gold announced that he has now whomped up an ISO-3, and presented us’ns with SN-0001 to have our way with. Clearly an evolved design that has moved from direct and utilitarian, through elegant, to KISS.  The sort of thang that happens, when you continue to mull over a concept for half a century or so……………….. ready-to-roll-1 More at: /iso-3-by-d-gold/

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