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Extraction Craft Source Turbo Ethanol vacuum recovery unit

Whoop, whoop, lu lu lu lu lu lu lu!  Ah just loves new toys! Ya’ll brothers and sisters looking for support extracting or winterizing with ethanol, will be delighted with Extract Craft’s recent offering of their Source Turbo, vacuum assisted ethanol recovery system. It is a counter top vacuum assisted refluxing still, about the size of a blender, that uses vacuum to reduce the temperature necessary to boil away the ethanol, so as to preserve more of the monoterpenes, as well as limit changes in their properties. Hee, hee, hee, they sent us a unit to torture and our preliminary testing supports their enthusiasm. Eloquentsolution just happened to have several choices of winterized BHO handy, so we selected about 150 ml from a mixed flower extraction for the trial. let-the-magic-begin More at: /extract-craft-source-turbo-ethanol-vacuum-recovery-unit/

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