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A Pharmacist Walks Into a Skunk Pharm...

Hello, brethren and sistren readers of Skunk Pharm Research, LLC. My name is Kate and I am thrilled as all-get-out to have been invited to contribute some knowledge based on my own particular area of expertise here in this little blog garden amongst the incredible collective resource of intelligence, experience and talent that the Skunk Pharm Research Power Trio has already grown. I've established a space to the right of this screen amongst this site's "Pages" called "Pharmerkate's Pharmacy Corner" where you can go to read more and where I hope to post regularly about all things pharmaceutical in the world of cannabis. I hope you will find something useful, and I'm looking forward to working with you all!   Dr. Kate  

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  1. SpaceshipNelson

    Why is there no listing for N-Butane included? I find it very difficult to get credible information on this subject in the food industry, yet every can of spray-oil is using it as a propellent! they demonize it in public forum, and continually keep useful scientific research and information out of our hands. . .(not that I'm surprised)..

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