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Flax Seeds contain CBD

A recent study in Poland discovered that Flax produces CCD!  Thank you Granny Stormcrow for the heads up!

Getting the Flax Straight about Cannabidiol (Photos)

A research team based in Poland may have discovered that CBD is a major component of the flax plant. The Cannabis plant also makes CBD (Cannabidiol), a miraculous plant compound that demonstrates the potential to treat a wide range of diseases with virtually no side effects. Interestingly, the researchers discovered the presence of CBD in flax accidently. They were analyzing genetically modified flax plants and comparing them to natural flax plants. The team noted that the production of several compounds was slightly enhanced in the GMO plants and decided to identify them. The rest of the article at:

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  1. RickSimpson1

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  2. Skunk Pharm Research,LLC

    Linda, I know this is a tardy response but felt compelled to add my experience. Mom's dementia caused anger and fear responses though not brain damage induced. I used a THC dominant formulation for mom. Because she had seizures, I did search out grow and produce a CBD formulation for her. The results were less than desirable. She became a fearful, angry obstinate child. The THC seemed necessary to help her forget she was dying and to mitigate mood issues. Dose is another issue. Every individual is dose different. I suggest starting with a light dose tincture at night, in case there are issues. Find whatever combination Tincture you feel comfortable dosing to start, perhaps a dominate THC with maybe a 20% ratio of CBD. If tolerated, repeat in the am. Consider starting doses from 5 to 10 mg. If you see no effects, four hours later, double the dose. If that proves to be too much, split the difference four hours later. You get the idea of the binary search pattern. I always made a nice cup of tea for mom to take tincture. I found concentrated doses easier to administer (she could not spit them out), so pressed that as soon as she was able. Mom experienced great benefits from large doses (began speaking again) . Most of the research I have read calls for 1-5mg with little to no effect. Mom’s doses rapidly increased to 3000mg per day. The more she took, the better the results. Again, all beings respond differently, be attentive and observant, particularly if the patient does not speak. My best to you, Carla aka ES

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