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Talk Radio

Joe was invited by the Pheonix Tears foundation to do an online radio show with Rick simpson and Dr. Robert Melamede. Its called "HIGH Noon" and its 1 & 1/2 hours all about extractions. It starts Febuary 2 at 9 am Pacific Time. Here is the Link Its a call in show so feel free to call in and ask your extraction questions! If you dont catch the live broadcast it will be available online after the show.  

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  1. OldOyler

    Lots of peace to the skunk pharm! Here is a nice, very peer-reviewed study from the wine-making industry: The conclusion of the study was: "Complete inhibition of all fungal spores in our work occurred after exposure to 30% (v/v) ethanol at 40C". They were using a 30-second wash (which was the industry standard for existing machines, i.e. - nobody was going to like that study if " additional capital investment" was part of the conclusion. ;-) These guys were cool as crap - they actually *cultured* at the end to see if anything even *might* still be alive (hence they discuss "everything dead as crap" with the science-ey term "inhibitory effect". Ha! I *wish* I was always that serious. Peace and good things to all! -OldOyler

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