The Bad Boy is in Town

The essential oil extraction market using LPG solvents, has grown up around recovery pumps that get the job done, but are actually designed for refrigerant recovery, which is typically a much higher pressure process, so consequently the available pumps are designed for higher pressure than is required, which limits their volume out put at any given horsepower.

Many of ya’ll know the king of the hill, which is the Haskel EXT-420 pneumatic, which competes with 550 psi pumps like the TRS-21, 600, and CMP-OL electric pumps, but will recover up to 1145 psi and is rated at NEMA 7, Class 1, Div 1.

For larger, or multiple pot systems, the Class 1, Div II, 2 Hp CMP-OL-6000 is available at 2.9 cfm free air, and capable of 550 psi.

Soooo what about something seriously bad ass and more directly focused on our application??????????

Hee, hee, hee, enter the bad boy in town!  Pharmgold has coupled a Welch V-Twin BRP-1 hydrocarbon recovery pump, with a 2 horsepower NEMA 7 motor and control switch, to produce a NEMA 7 Class 1, Div 2, 6 cfm free air pump, which they protect with an inlet cyclone filter drier as part of the package.

Whoa, twice as big as the$12,000 CMEP-OL and about $2,000 cheaper, aside from the consideration that the Welch pump is built in the US of A, as is the motor and Swagelok fittings!!

If’n you’re running multiple pots, and have a system designed to run under 60 psi (100 psi max), check out these bad boys by Pharmgold at vaporhawg-at-assemblyvaporhawg2016-10-03-21-14-47

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  1. Posted by John Dolphin on February 4, 2017 at 3:49 AM

    Has there been any progress, or a possible time frame, for anyone to manufacture the illustrious VaporHawg? If not, when do you intend to publish plans, or if not, the exact model number of the pump itself, sans motor & ancillary items? Thx!


    • Alas, Pharmgold owns the IP and built the VaporHawg, but has since closed their doors and so far no one has purchased their intellectual property. I understand from Welch, that others may offer a design based on it.

      The VaporHawg used a Welch BRP-1 pump, and last time I checked, it is available one off from Welch, for about $1,995.00.



  2. Posted by redturtle984 on November 15, 2016 at 1:54 PM

    Years ago I was an R&D engineer for a machine manufacturing company. My boss decided to build an LPG machine that I was to design. It was for treating saw blades.

    The design was staightforward, cost effective, pre-ordered because it worked great – and we had to shut down that line. Reason: not only are there state fire marshal rules, but often county and local regulatory rules regarding ANY LPG appliance. We discovered that just to be a manufacturer and supply into a particular state that our staff had to have certain certifications according to which state. Furthermore, anyone turning a singlewrench on anything connected to LPG must be licensed within the state that the work is going to be done.

    This is not a complete list of the rules I ran into during “due dilligence”. The list essentially is a living thing because everyone, right down to landlords who rent space seem to have a need to control the installation of any LPG appliance.

    Companies like GE fast track appliances at enormous expense of maintaining an ISO 9000 rating for their manufacturing facilities, plus they lay a whole lot of cash around Washington D.C. which cannot hurt…

    I wanted to share the enormous regulatory challenge involved with attempting to become a manufacturer of ANY appliance (machine) that itilizes LPG in any form.

    Tyranny is not the fire breathing dragon on the hill,
    Tyranny is the beaurocrat that promises to regulate the dragon.
    Semper Fi


  3. Posted by Matt Farmer on November 4, 2016 at 2:40 PM

    I was thinking about constructing my own… Now, not so much. I want to purchase one but cannot get to It doesnt want to load. How can I get my hands on one?


    • Well I’m sad to say that timing is the essence of all things and Pharmgold has since closed their doors, making that tougher.

      You can wait and see if they sell their intellectual property to another manufacturer, for someone else to pick up on the idea, talk one of the current proud owners out of theirs, or build your own based on the same Welch pump.



  4. Posted by Scott Warner on October 4, 2016 at 1:50 PM

    How much?


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