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The Generic Terpenator Operators Manual

The Terpenator closed loop essential oil extraction system invented by Graywolf, was donated to public domain, insuring that it can never be patented and that the prices will stay in check. As a result, the basic Terpenator design now has numerous manufacturers world-wide that copy or emulate it, though not builders are scrupulous, nor do all meet ANSI/ANSI design and build requirements. Because the industry is unregulated, that means caveat emptor. This general guide is intended as a straw-man starting point, for a general instruction guide that can be used by all Terpenator design close loop system users, to select, assemble, test, and run their system. I simply took a Mk IVB operating manual and reworded it, removing valve number reference and brand name hoopla, because it is about Terpenators in general, not a specific brand. There will be some differences, as not all Terpenator style systems offered are bi-flow, nor do all offer dedicated column recovery, so if your system does not, skip those steps. Many of the same issues apply to systems designed and built by others, but some are enough different that they will have their own unique operating criteria, so a separate thread dedicated to those systems may be called for. Because the backup reference file is large, I will post it in multiple bits. I also encourage all operating Terpenator systems to take this opportunity to toss in their own thoughts and questions. More at:  /the-generic-terpenator-operators-manual/

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    Thank God! someone made all the incredibly confusing instructions at least somewhat clearer and established a baseline to go forward, my only suggestion is,those people who write instructions already understand what they are talking about but often those reading the instructions may not get it as they have often not had the opportunity to practice, so personally I prefer tremendous and redundant detail.

    1. skunkpharmresearch

      The generic thread is an ongoing work, to which I will be adding embellishments, some already planned as time permits, but also edits based on reader input. I already have edited the original post to include more information about loading and vacuum distilling butane. As time permits, is the key phrase here, and it was only by starting with existing material, that I have been able to share the kind of detail I have here, and will continue to share as a side benefit of my efforts supporting my son's WolfWurx, Inc, offering turnkey systems, in which the package includes hands on training, so that there is no question what the manual data detailed here means. This is also Skunk Pharm Research, LLC, not WolfWurx, Inc, and we sell no equipment. We do research, and provide public education on a time available, pro bono volunteer basis, and though not a non profit, we have as a matter of record consistently been not just non profit, but a money hole. This thread will never be suitable for a rank novice, with little to no technical background or skills, to safely build and operate their own Terpenator closed loop extraction system and produce museum quality extractions. To encourage such a person to do so, would be negligence on my part, cause I can't possibly tell them everything they need to know to stay safe, in a thread they may or may not understand. It is meant to provide a standard we can point to and modify as necessary. A standard that you can also deviate from correctly, if you understand why it was written the way it was in the first place. It is easy to ask for more and deeper explanations, and as time permits I will elaborate to answer arising questions, but some of the onus is on the reader and unless you're starting with applicable technical background, your best option for detailed hands on explanations of the nuances, would be to purchase a turnkey system from someone providing training like, or if you are building your own, take a class from Carla at, or Joe at Peace, and stay safe, Graywolf

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