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The Mk IVA Phoenix Terpenator

 Behold the Mk IV Phoenix, risen from the ashes of the Chimera and embracing everything that we've learned to this point.

This prototype has a 10" X 12" lower spool and a 4" X 36" column.  I put that size column on it for a January shoot out in Seattle, but it will accept anything from a 2" X 24" column up to a 4" X 36" column.

One of the things that we've learned and which has been addressed in the Mk IVA, and that is that stainless to stainless threaded fittings can be problematic, so the IVA uses welded manifolds, rather than manifolds assembled out of pipe fittings.

 It has two sight glasses to monitor what is going on, and has a thermocouple in the tank, to monitor the internal temperature during processing.

Read more at /the-mk-iva-phoenix-terpenator/:

Mk IV Prototype-1-1Mk IV Prototype-1-3

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  1. Tbone Pickens

    Hey there, I recently got the .9 cubic foot across international vac oven and a robinair vacumaster 8cfm pump. I am at 10500 feet and am having trouble understanding how to properly vac my extracts. I know that I am only able to pull around 540 mmhg max and was wondering what temp I should run at. Am I able to pull enough vacuum for low temp extractions or would I be better off setting it up at 5000 feet?

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