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New Security System

Lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  Thangs continue to get better and better here at the skunk shack! We'un's have accumulated enough expensive toys in the skunk shack that we were ecstatic when Waywardwolf, aka Son I, donated and installed a complete security system in it for us. He is no longer in the security business, so don't go hitting him up for bids, but do give the lad some applause and a big hug for such a nice gesture. Whooooop, whoooooop, awhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, snicker, snark, snort!!!!!!!!!!!!1  

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  1. redturtle984

    Respectfully, I do not understand why you mention chlorophyll is a hydrocarbon? It has oxygen in the molecule I believe. A hydrocarbon only has hydrogen and carbon, hence the name. Terps are hydrocarbons, specifically volitile organic hydrocarbons (VOC). This is why when you burn the material to ingest, as in a bong or joint, that even really heavily terp strains are usable. Most of the VOCs present are combustable easily with a flame, but I would say THC is not because 1) if it did combust we would not get high and 2) it is not a VOC or even a hydrocarbon. I use activate carbon in my oil pot adapter on my dab rig. Pellets of it, pure AC. I use a torch to "activate" the thc in it whic provides an extremely smooth vape. The VOCs burn off and the AC holds anto the high temp VOCs very well. There is a,chemical way to,easily remove anything more polar than not - select a highly non-polar solvent, disolve extract in it, then select a solvent more polar but in between the first and water. Add and mix. Now add water slowly to the mix. Layer on top is most non polar and bottom two have the rest, including the green stuff. I use a seperatory funnel then and use a fan to evap the solvent on top. Then a few boils in a hihhly polar solvent, H2O, and into the vac chamber. It will take a lot of the terps yu get in first run short path distillation with it as well. This makes me wanna vape. Thank you for the sight SkunkPharm!

  2. redturtle984

    Removing terps is a good idea. Try boiling your extract and take a good whiff of the first vapors,that begin to rise at about 280 F - 300 F. It is absolutely repugnant. When terps are not in marijuanna products, people call them industrial solvents. I believe a good solvent helps the med penetrate the mucous layer in the lungs thereby delivering the med quicker, but ling term inhalation of industrial solvents causes me to have a constant hacking cough. So i remove a good portion and in the process the vapor becomes sweet and fruity.

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