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Cannabis Tissue Culture

Until 2007 there were no published reports of highly successful methods for culturing Cannabis sativa. Hemp was successfully cultured in China but at a success rate of a mere 85%. Then Ole Miss published “Thidiazuron-induced high-frequency direct shoot organogenesis of Cannabis sativa L.” in The Society for In Vitro Biology which detailed how they achieved a 95% success rate. We found this paper and started making the medium. We were able to get great results with the vegetative propagation medium which utilizes hormones TDZ and gibbrellic acid. We used this medium to multiply and expand our library. The rooting medium calls for half strength MS salts and the exchange of hormones to only IBA and with the addition of activated charcoal. We had problems initially with the medium being watery after sterilization but we have since linked the issue to our gelling agent and have moved forward. Synthetic seeds During our research we also came across another paper published by Ole Miss on synthetic seeds. These same scientists were able to develop a formulation that consistently would regenerate 100% of these synthetic seeds under greenhouse conditions. Impressive statistics, but not an original or groundbreaking discovery; synthetic seeds have been around a while and are underutilized technology. We have also been tooling around in our spare time with synthetic seeds and have some preliminary observations on their implementation. [caption id="attachment_590" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Our first batch of synthetic seeds.[/caption] For the rest of this article see: /tissue-culture/   Pharmer Joe

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  1. The Captain

    Hey there folks @ Skunk, much respect- I really enjoyed this. Being a machinist, I went to the shop and grabbed some 1" ID chrome moly tubing and some 1" OD cold rolled steel and 30 min later, had a nice pressing device for our 20 ton press. Followed your guidance, I was making nice 1/4" slugs of canna-buttons shortly after. Going to try making the various versions to test and pass around. This was a nice discovery as I have not really thought about why trim and leaf was harsh, the analogy makes perfect sense. Thanks for taking the time to present this us. Warm regards, The Captain

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