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SRI 8610V Gas Chromatograph On Line

Lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As fate would have it, our new used Perkins Elmer 8500 never operated reliably, so Graywolf purchased an SRI 8610V Gas Chromatograph and ancillary equipment from an analytical lab that closed in southern Oregon and leased it to us for $1.  He also leased the spare capacity out to Specialized Formulations to analyze their own products, as well as to analyze for hire. The former owner was kind enough to tutor in its use, as part of the deal, and we've done analysis with it already, but are still playing with carrier gasses and will need to recalibrate when we are done.  We have the standards for the three major cannabinoids, and six of the major terpenes, which we will start with initally, and add more terpenes as we go, at $160 per terpene standard.GC results-1-1GW Hee, hee, hee, let the fun begin!

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