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Potential Fire Hazard Emulsifying Alcohol

Whooop, whoooooop, heads up for potential hazard!!! The following caveat from the folks at CAT Scientific: Hi JD! I’m getting quite a few reports of folks using our Homogenizers to dissolve Absolute Oil in Ethanol. Our homogenizer drive units have brushed motors and the device is positioned right over the Ethanol. Given the temperature of the Ethanol while dissolving/homogenizing, 65°C, I think there is a possibility of a flash fire. Our R20 Overhead stirrer which has a brushless motor, is a safer device for dissolving. Bob and I we’re wondering if you could post something on the Skunk Pharm Web Site letting folks know the potential dangers of using a brushed motor homogenizer and the benefits of an overhead stirrer, the R20, with a brushless motor for this application? Steve

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