Attacks on Instagram

Wowza, imagine my surprise when someone forwarded me Instagrams from Summit Research, where two brothers and a sister presented as gospel, things about Skunk Pharm Research that taint so.

Specifically that us’n Skunk Pharmers filed Chapter 11, and took a lot of people’s money without delivering, as well as other malicious charges.

Taint so of course, and as you would expect, our attackers are hiding behind avatars.

Doesn’t matter as it so happens, between the two I recognize and the two Joe recognizes, we know exactly who all three are.

Because I believe truth is not only shorter than fiction, and that it puts things in perspective, I challenge ya’ll three misguided brothers and sisters to discussing this in public, using our correct names.


This is JD Ellis aka Graywolf speaking, and the other two Skunk Pharm Research founding partners are Carla Kay aka Eloquentsolution, and Joe Oakes aka Pharmer Joe.

Our names as equal partners are of course a matter of public record at Oregon Corporation Division filed by me as business agent.

As background,

Joe also owns Oregon Medical Growers, and conducts a consulting, and for hire processing service, converting raw oleoresins to Clear distillate, as well as extracting the THC-a or CBD crystal for other labs.

Carla, currently on hiatus awaiting regulations to stand still, owns Specialized Formulations as her own private company, where she extracted and formulated for hire.

I was formerly part of WolfWurx with my son, but traded that IP to Pharmgold.

Joe and I were both minor partners in Pharmgold, and served in technical capacities.

As minor partners, not only did we not run or control the company, neither of us ever receive a penny from them as of this date, other than actual expense reimbursement.

Pharmgold was operated by James Davies, and all questions regarding them should be directed to him or one of his attorneys.

Let’s start by asking you to identify yourself if you want to be taken as more than just someone running off at the mouth and saying anything on public media, just because you can.

That and because if you continue dialog without doing so, I will unmask you myself on this international blog.

After TJ aka Category-5-research, JA aka Brilliant-extracts, and EK aka Summitspd have identified themselves, lets discuss their following posts:


summit-2-1 summit-3-2summit-1-1It couldn’t be clearer that Category 5, Brilliant Extracts, and Summitspd are calling us’n Skunk Pharmers liars, charlatans, and thieves, but since when the pick pocket meets the saint, he sees only his pockets, let’s discuss both the facts surrounding Skunk Pharm, as well as those making charges.

First the facts:

Skunk Pharm Research was founded about a decade ago by Carla, Joe, and JD as an LLC to be run at cost as a hobby, but it has proven to be a financial black hole, that has consistently run at a loss.

Primarily because during that time we’ve sold no income producing product.

We’ve  provided free medical cannabis information to the public.

We’ve provided free meds to end of life and other high dosage patients at our expense.

Skunk Pharm Researches gardens that we made those meds from are pesticide free, and we use organic fertilizer.

We have charged folks the actual cost to take classes and share lunch.

We charged brothers and sisters money for tickets at our cost to present guest lectures by international quality PhD’s.

Our only product is public information related to medical cannabis.

Skunk Pharm Research has never had any creditors, because we financed the black hole as a hobby out of our own pockets.

How could we be in Chapter 11 with no creditors, no assets, and no liabilities?

Skunk Pharm Research hasn’t closed, it is Pharmgold who closed their doors, and which isn’t run by any Skunk Pharmers.

It is a matter of record that as of this writing no one is suing Pharmgold.

Category 5 research, aka TJS

TJ aka Category 5 research’s is a former SPR student, but has conducted no other business with Skunk Pharm Research.

My last contact with TJ was him reassuring me that we were friends despite any conflict with Pharmgold and Joe, but his post suggest otherwise.

TJ, aka Category 5, contracted Joe at Oregon Medical Growers, not Skunk Pharm Research or Pharmgold, contracting him to turn raw oleoresin supplied by TJ into Clear.

When TJ received the end product, he claimed Joe had switched it for material that was contaminated with pesticide.

Joe denies that claim as ludicrous, and says garbage in, garbage out.

The controversy is that TJ says it was pristine material, and Joe says that it contained everything from floor sweep to cigarette butts and dog hair.

He believes that TJ got it cheap, because it was of such poor quality, that no one could sell it otherwise.

He also has in his possession voicemails of TJ threatening him with physical violence against him and his home.

The floor is open to proof that a switch was made, and now would be the time to present it, if it exists.

The salient point is it had nothing to do with us’n Skunk Pharmers, other that Joe is one.

TJ then becomes involved behinds the scene in Brilliant’s issues with Pharmgold.

Brilliant Extracts, aka JA aka JK aka JA:

As Skunk Pharm Research’s founding business agent I haven’t conducted any business with Brilliant under our name or implied we were doing business under that name.  Carla and Joe haven’t either, nor am I aware of anyone else doing so.

JA ordered a Mk IVC from Pharmgold’s manager and their project manager assigned to their project.

Carla, Joe, nor Skunk Pharm Research were involved at all.

As Pharmgold technical support on the Mk IVC, I attended an early meeting which I was invited to explain the Pharmgold (WolfWurx) design features, as well as later to explain to her architect what was required for an extraction booth, and at the end when I stepped in to support finishing their machine, installing it, and training them to use it.

I visited Brilliant about a week before it was due to insure that when the Mk IVC was ready for delivery, its space was ready for it to be quickly set it in place and hooked up to the mechanicals.

When I arrived, I found that they had yet to build the extraction booth to receive the Mk IVC, because of delays, so there was no way it could be run safely or legally.

In addition they failed to order and install their compressor and chiller, or even the electrical power to support their new operation.

The Mk IVC was almost a week late, but still sat in the Pharmgold shop once ready, because Brilliant wasn’t ready to receive it.

Even after they agreed to receive it and it was delivered, the facility still wasn’t ready to install it.

At that point conflict arose between Brilliant and Pharmgold, on issues that did not remotely involve me, so  my official position was that it was up to them to resolve those issues with the appropriate Pharmgold manager, James.

I continued to make every effort to support their efforts at a temporary solution meeting good practice standards, until they had a certified facility built, and while they sorted out their issues with Pharmgold management.

I also advised them that if they wanted a VaporHawg, that they should get their name in immediately, because WolfWurx’s original purchase was only 10 pumps from Welch, and 5 had already been ordered.

I did that for a number of people who had expressed a keen interest in a VaporHawg, and told them the same thing.

Everyone who ended up with one are pleased with its performance.

I understand that Brilliant didn’t, because thought they put a down payment on one, they demanded further discounts and failed to pay the balance before Pharmgold closed.

That is only here say, easily disproven by JA with a copy of a signed paid in full receipt, should one exist.

I didn’t make the suggestion on the part of Skunk Pharm Research or Pharmgold, but as a friend because they made it clear they wanted one and I knew the current supply was coming to and end.

Though I made every effort to support Brilliant, regardless of what happened in their negotiations with Pharmgold on who shot the duck, I gave up when I received her voice mail, threatening to have me arrested if I showed up there and calling me everything from a con man to a thief and wishing a painful death upon me.

I’ve saved the voice mail if there is any question regarding what JA said, as well as her state of mind.  I infer she obviously knew it was being recorded, so it should be legal to share.

Between the time I hugged her the last time I saw her and she wished me death the next contact, I infer something happened in the middle that I’m not privy to and would be delighted to know what?????????????

That leads us to the side issue, where she claims to have received concentrates from a Skunk Pharmer that had residual solvent.

She didn’t get anything from Carla, Joe, or me, so not sure who she is including as a Skunk Pharmer, but there are only three of us.

She states that Pharmgold has lawsuits all over its bones, and I just checked and so far the records show zero lawsuits as of the moment.

Please present any evidence to the contrary.

She charges that we Skunk Pharmers are thieves.  What did we steal and where is your proof?

She charges that we are blasting pesticide laden material in our back yards, yet we are pioneers in eliminating blasting in lieu of closed loop systems, and we don’t use pesticides.

Easy to say anything, but such statements are not only untrue, but malicious, unkind, and beyond even hyperbole, saying much more about her that us.  I challenge her to show us any proof !

One additional point remember, and that is that TJ entered into the conflict between Brilliant and Pharmgold, stirring the pot and influencing Brilliants perceptions.

Summitspd aka Jon Brown Valentine aka EK:

Joe continues to have online debates with EK and feels he makes ludicrous claims, and attacks against others, without being able to back them up with anything beyond BS and bluster.

I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting EK, but I do know what the facts are here and given the lack of veracity and quality level of this claim, ostensibly there can be no doubt that he creates his own factoids as he moves along.

Since he is representing Summit, it couldn’t be clearer that anyone dealing with Summit is subject to running afoul of his willingness to say anything, even if it isn’t true.

Sooooo, if any of ya’ll three, have evidence that contradicts the above, let’s hear who you are and what it is.

Option 1        Identify yourself, state your case, and present your evidence.  That means clear concise evidence, not more blasts of unsupported charges and recriminations.


Option 2         Stop posting lies about Skunk Pharm Research and walk away.  Take the BS off Summit’s site or identify it as BS.


Option 3         Guess??





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