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Oil Vaporizer review

_____________________________________________________ Hee, hee, hee, , snicker, snark, snort, ahwoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!1 We were donated some equipment to try out, and are having bunches of fun testing it! Check out our new Vaporization Oil tab above for details, but we have begun a general test of available equipment, starting with the Agnostic Taoist Oil Well and wand system, the renown HMK curve with Ti Skillet, and the KO Domeless Ti Nail. Not only do we test them ourselves, we subject them to volunteer patient test panels for their evaluation. We will follow up with other systems, and hope ya'll will continue to find the thread interesting enough, to continue to follow it at /vaporizing-oil/ .

Skunk Pham Research $50 DIY D-Lighter 

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  1. Andre

    this is a cool article! Thanks... I was always wondering about the temperatures when vaping, since I got this new vaporizer. I'm writing about vaping CBD, if you want, check my web

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