Oil Vaporizer review


Hee, hee, hee, , snicker, snark, snort, ahwoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!1

We were donated some equipment to try out, and are having bunches of fun testing it!

Check out our new Vaporization Oil tab above for details, but we have begun a general test of available equipment, starting with the Agnostic Taoist Oil Well and wand system, the renown HMK curve with Ti Skillet, and the KO Domeless Ti Nail. Not only do we test them ourselves, we subject them to volunteer patient test panels for their evaluation.

We will follow up with other systems, and hope ya’ll will continue to find the thread interesting enough, to continue to follow it at



Skunk Pham Research $50 DIY D-Lighter 

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  1. Any chance you might take a look at vaporizers for flowers rather than concentrates?


  2. Posted by tylerdurden71 on May 26, 2012 at 9:47 AM

    It seems like it is fairly easy to find the 90 degree skillet, but the body of it similar to yours, not so much :/

    I do appreciate the tremendous wealth of information you guys on the Pharm share… thank you so much!


  3. Posted by tylerdurden71 on May 25, 2012 at 5:23 PM

    where can one get the HMK setup… seems like he is sold out in most places 😦 does he sell direct?


    • Sorry I don’t know! HMK gave us ours as a gift and I’ve never shopped for them or seen pricing.

      I have heard that the demand frequently outstrips the supply, but I’ll ask him if he has any insights and report back.


  4. If you find anything that would work for a guy with one arm for oil and won’t cost me my other arm to buy please post info , Thank you for a great site


    • With a stand to hold the pipe, the nail or skillet could be operated with one hand, but loading becomes a pregnant issue with the Oil Well.

      An E-Cig could easily be vaporized with one hand, but filling and tending the cartridges would be a problem.

      I’ll give that some more thought and run them past “The Claw”, my resourceful and gifted “Right Handed” disabled vet brothersan.


    • Posted by dabbindreams on May 17, 2012 at 7:11 PM

      John, I have one arm as well and a Ti Skillet rig is the easiest way I have found to smoke oil. Get the oil on the dabber, torch Ti pad with torch lighter, apply dabber and inhale. I leave my oil rig on a table, so only 1 hand required to dab the hit of oil.

      You just need to find a skillet that’s level. If the ti pad is angled (in some water pipes it almost has a 45 degree angle) the oil will drip off the pad and be wasted.

      Ti nails are good too, but pose problems with one hand. The dome that covers the nail gets filled with resin, and the frosted part of the glass (the glass on glass connection) becomes very sticky and tough to remove. Risk of breaking a dome / rig.

      The first picture (the skillet with “skunk pharm” on it) is similar to my set up. Easy to use, and you get to clean it out when it is dirty to makes cookies/capsules/hot chocolate. Good way to maximize medicine.


  5. Sounds so fun wish I was involved but thinking now I wont get that call back. Have fun all you that did get in on this….woooo hooooo


    • Not to worry Marlene, this was an impromptu panel signed up on the spot at a 4-20 birthday party for our longest term patient, an 83 year old Stage VII Alzhiemers patient.

      Some applicants are still getting their paperwork verified, but we will follow through shortly with the panel that you signed up for.



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