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Mind Candy: 420 Extract

This week Dennis Parker, Redturtle984, gives us an overview of all the pieces of equipment and glass that are used during his extracting, and what that really means for the clean up process as well. Take a look at his set up. process, and great looking end product in his latest video.



We are sorry for the inconvenience, the following videos are temporarily down. We will repost as soon as they are available. 


In his own words:

A licensed producer friend stopped by recently to chat with me about his upcoming purchase decision for refinement equipment. He showed me things from folks that sell stuff like that and we talked about the different sites that he was interested in. 

He is a clever man but he is also busy. When given various options and claims by the various suppliers of commercial gear he does not yet have enough background to judge what impact any given option or claim will really have for him. He wanted my eyes to look over his choices that he narrowed it down to. 

I realized in my brief discussion with him that perhaps a view of the "dishes" to be done after a small lab would give him a better hint as to the routine involved as to how I do it. I figured that all of us humans can relate to doing dishes and most can probably glance at them and judge how much time it might take to clean up, and sort of in reverse fashion see how much time it already took (man hours, not waiting hours) to make the pile. My friend wanted an idea of how much time one of his employees would need to devote in a day to tend to a process like I use.

His visit coincided with the cold finger on my sublimator loading up (the goal) of this months medicine run for me. So I had not yet begun to clean up from this months effort (as a bachelor I have refined the art of putting off chores to high purity....). In fact he watched me harvest the last bit from the sublimator off of the cold finger, and since it was the final run (multiple passes are needed) I was able to show the final product beside the residue still left behind in the boiling flask of the sublimator.

Those dark orange and brown substances left behind at that point act like cannabinoids and substantially change the nature of the effect when I have dabbed little parts of them into the purified THC and vaped. Tiny amounts added alter the effect greatly. I prefer to leave them out.

Technical Info:

The temperature used in the final pass product shown on the mirror was 135C as measured under the boiling flask (nominal). The pressure indicated was .00075 Torr (¾ of one micron).  As for potency, I have never vaped more potent 420 extract than that which you see on the mirror in the video. I once heard somebody call 420 extract "mind candy". I guess you could call that dab on the mirror in the video some pretty damn good mind candy!

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