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Turning Goo into Gold: Refining THC

Dennis Parker AKA RedTurtle984 was kind enough to share another video with us. This week Dennis delves into experimenting with left over residue combined with dispensary extract and some green goo from a whole plant extraction.

In Dennis' words:

Nothing goes to waste here. The importance of this particular lab was to see how well things processed out with everything left in except terps and low boiling volatiles.

It works great! 

Using this technique, anyone can scale the quantity up to an unlimited degree. What I mean is, visualize an aluminum glass vacuum chamber. There is a glass lid and an aluminum body. Now visualize: instead of the chamber being several inches high, rather it is only an inch and a half from the bottom to the glass lid inside.

If you then put a bowl of ice water on top of the lid you would have essentially the same rig set up but for WAY more than just a few grams.


We are sorry for the inconvenience, the following videos are temporarily down. We will repost as soon as they are available. 


Watch his process of refining THC in this video



A continuation and more indepth look at Dennis' process for Delta 9 THC Refinement. Enjoy!


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