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Short Path Distillation Cannabinoid Purification

Dennis Parker, a friend of SPR and frequent commenter, known as redturtle984 on here, has been doing some experimenting and he wanted to share with all of us. 

In the video below, Dennis does an excellent job of naming the equipment and hardware that he is using during his process of Short Path Distillation* to purify cannabinoids and yield the purist THC possible. Dennis states that close monitoring and control of the temperature is how he obtains nearly pure THC.


Watch below and visit his YouTube Channel for more instructional vids!


We are sorry for the inconvenience, the following videos are temporarily down. We will repost as soon as they are available. 


Charts and additional information:

At such deep vacuum judging precisely when the accumulation on condensate constitutes a boil is subjective. However at 120C and one micron the accumulation slowly grows so I chose this as a value. Using the Pubchem boiling point of Delta 9 THC of 200C at 20 microns I was able to compute a boiling point pressure curve based on two known points.

The enthralpy of evaporization is computed at 57.9 kJ/mol. The chart represents a crude estimate of boiling temperatures. One chart is just a zoomed in version. Even if these points are off by a bit the curve itself gives a good idea of what happens with small changes in pressure. 

Boiling Point Pressure Curve

Boiling Point Pressure Curve. 2

*Short Path Distillation: A technique for distillation where distillate travels just a short distance at a lower pressure in order to lose as little product as possible during the process. 

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